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Vintage silver ring by Steptoe1
Big NOT OLD Chinese jadeite, Chinese marked platinum butterfly kyratango
Gold earringby Steptoe1
Vintage silver Steptoe1
Vintage silver ringby Steptoe1
Cobalt necklaceby Mrstynd…
Incolay Centaur Belt Buckleby cameosl…
Old lapis & pearl bracelet by Steptoe1
Gold crucifix by Steptoe1
Opal & Bay Leaf Pin/Broochby eez284o
Antique Essex crystal/reverse painted intaglio gold brooch of a Jack Russell kyratango
Antique broochby Steptoe1
Loose stoneby Steptoe1
Gold earring by Steptoe1
Beau Sterling Broochby nutsabo…
Old silver crossby Steptoe1
Arts and crafts black opal long brooch part 2, close kyratango
Old silver damaged ringby Steptoe1
Old pendant by Steptoe1
Old ring by Steptoe1
Old band ringby Steptoe1
Old ringby Steptoe1
Old ringby Steptoe1
Arts and crafts black opal triplet long brooch, silver, gold leaves and kyratango
Old ring. by Steptoe1
Old ring by Steptoe1
9ct Gold with Ruby and Seed Pearl Victorian Broochby JFranca
Old earringsby Steptoe1
14k Gold Powder Puff Derby Pinby JFranca
Sterling Silver Buffalo Brooch/Pinby JFranca
14k Gold and Seed Pearl Pinby JFranca
Very old silver ringby Steptoe1
Very long pearl Steptoe1
Old enamel pendant by Steptoe1
Part of a necklaceby Steptoe1
Antique broochby Steptoe1
1930s Sterling gem set Ringby TassieD…
Australian Sterling Silver Marcasite Ringby TassieD…
Antique  photo locketby Steptoe1
More Mexican Jewelryby freiheit
Old ringby Steptoe1
Vintage silver ringby Steptoe1
Dirty loose stoneby Steptoe1
Old ringby Steptoe1
Scottish Sterling Montrose  Agate Broochesby Moonhill
Vintage silver pendantby Steptoe1
Cut Steel Earringsby Peaseje…
Cut Steel Chokerby Peaseje…
Silver Pendant 925by nutsabo…
Rare Victorian Scottish Natural Agate 14/15 K Gold Bracelet with Heartby Agram.m
14k Yellow Gold and Blue Spinel Ringby JFranca
14k Gold Hummingbird Pendant/Brooch with Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphireby JFranca
18K Yellow and White Gold with Natural Sapphires Broochby JFranca
18k Gold Auqamarine Pendant with Diamonds by JFranca
Tiffany Real or Fake?by abell7230
Piece of Blue Marbleby LaurenR…
Persian hand painted MOP Story Telling Pendant by KarenLR71
Vintage Aquamarine and Marcasite Silver Ringby KarenLR71
Vintage Silver Marcasite and Garnet Ring by KarenLR71
Amber & Sterling Silverby melaniej
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old cut stone by Steptoe1
Cut stoneby Steptoe1
Cut stoneby Steptoe1
Unusual cut stoneby Steptoe1
Old jade stone ?by Steptoe1
Old emerald stone or jade ? by Steptoe1
My Grandfather's Wedding Ring - Simple but sentimentalby KarenLR71
Gorgeous Mother of Pearl Pendant by KarenLR71
JJ Oroyoro…
mystery baroque pearl rat pendantby Newtimes
Vintage Garnet Drop Pendant necklace - Czech?by KarenLR71
Unusual old stoneby Steptoe1
Baroque Pearl Ring organic silverby carmeni…
Clear cut stoneby Steptoe1
Vintage Link & beads Braceletby mydanny…
Mexico Sterling Silver Vintage Pendantby freiheit
Indian tribal bangleby cowad001
 Grann & Lagyle Silver Large Pendantby Peaseje…
Grann & Lagyle Silver Braceletby Peaseje…
Peacock Ore aka Chalcopyrite or Borniteby fortapa…
Sterling Bracelet with Glass Cabochons - Mexicoby freiheit
Large Amber and Sterling Ringby freiheit
Unusual old stone Steptoe1
Contnential Airlines Medallion by finamore
Old pearlby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Gold itemby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old  stone by Steptoe1
Pearls by Steptoe1
Small carved stoneby Steptoe1
Hand made Silver and onyx necklaceby Behrinm…
Vintage single earringby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stone by Steptoe1
Old single earring , by Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stone by Steptoe1
Old stone by Steptoe1
Old stone by Steptoe1
Old stonesby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stone by Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old cameoby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stone or coral ?by Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old stoneby Steptoe1
Old cut stoneby Steptoe1
Millefiori pendantby lentilka11
Sterling silver and wood Italian clown boxby Mrstynd…
unsolved by yakavegas
800 Silver Pendant Flea Market Find 1 Euroby Efesgirl
Cherry Tone Large Slant Top Wood Jewelry Box With Large Metal Heart inlayby Jaybop
Australian 9ct Rose Gold Garnet set Buckle Ringby TassieD…
Cameo  Stone   Estate Sale by boysfarm
585/14K Gold Roll Over Ring Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.18)by Efesgirl
Korean Laquer Ware Jewellery Box - Najeon Chilgiby AdeleC
Mid-century sterling tigereye fish pin/pendantby valenti…
Question about bracelet?by iurules1
Gold Amid The Efesgirl
1960s Georg Kramer Germany 835 Silver Tiger Eye Modernist Ringby Efesgirl
silver alligatorby lovelyt…
Silver Filigree Ottoman Bracelet, Flea Market Find 1.50 Euro ($1.75).by Efesgirl
A stone soon to be set into a gold ringby Cpomedx
Tribal batik bone, quill, and metalwork necklaceby FunkAVintage
Mexican Silver and Turquoise Broochby nutsabo…
Navajo cuff bracelet but want to know the artist. by Toniel
Sons of Washington Badgeby als1328
Belgian Flea Market Find, 750 Gold Triple Heart Ring 1 Euro ($1.16)by Efesgirl
Vintage-Sterling-Silver-and-Gold-Aggie-Beynon-Earrings-1980s-Canadian-Jeweller  Vintage-Sterling-Silvby Audrasbrooc…
My gold and be-sparkled porcupine :)by Amber108
Chinese filigree pendantby Mvollette
Vintage gold pendantby Steptoe1
Collection of 9ct gold ringsby TassieD…
Help with vintage ring stamped sterling but looks gold after clean and polishby Jamief4337
18 k Gold Chain Necklaceby nutsabo…
Ginormous Silver & Pearls Bracelet German Designers Burkhard & Monika OLY, Gelnhausenby Efesgirl
Jewellery Find in my own Homeby spurslady41
Onyx and Marcasite Ringby nutsabo…
Sterling Hoop Earrings, Junk Basket Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
braceletby shellye
Antique Edwardian paste and silver lavalier kyratango
Antique tortoise 925 silver, turquoise, pastes brooch. The mysterious maker again!by kyratango
A single Art Deco cufflink, kyratised!by kyratango
Francescangeli Hardstone Cameoby cameosl…
Whiting and Davis Mother of Pear Bracelet - very intricateby KarenLR71
Silver braceletby lentilka11
HUGE Fossilized Coral & Sterling Ring Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.14)by Efesgirl
18k Golden Swan with a Spray of Diamonds and Pearlsby Treas_Cit
Antique Gold Sunburst Brooch / Pendantby nutsabo…
Antique Chinese Silver Broochby nutsabo…
Brooch with bottle opener???by Trofi
Pooh trinket box by Krististange
Vintage Mom's original Wedding Ring(s) - 67 years oldby KarenLR71
Antique Cameo Brooch?by AdeleC
1 Vintage Wedding Band (est 1920 - 1930) and 50th Anniversary 'replacement wedding setby KarenLR71
Black Hills Gold Ring - my Mom LOVED these rings (from early 70's)by KarenLR71
Silver Zuni earringsby Hel1
James Adler brooch possiblyby Clare814023
Vintage Psychedelic Haight Hippie Artisan Sterling & Polymer Ringby HippieA…
Vintage Portuguese Rose Quartz Braceletby nutsabo…
Aluminum necklace by valenti…
Ancient roman eye beadsby spnikolas
Flea Market Find For A Buck Thomas Sabo Pendantby Efesgirl
Antique Fly Micro Mosaic ring set in 14K yellow goldby Agram.m
Golden brooch- flea market find € 0,50by Hel1
333 (8KT) White & Yellow Gold Lever Back Earrings, Flea Market Find 5 Bucks by Efesgirl
Please could u Id this dziby spnikolas
Translucent Cherry Amber necklaceby Agram.m
Heirloom Victorian Micro-Mosaic Broachby Chrisnp
Small silver pendantby Steptoe1
1920's Art Deco Sterling Gemstone Broochby kryscio…
Antique 9ct gold photo locket and mourning locketby Bettyb00
Victorian  lavalier moonstone necklace in 9ct goldby Bettyb00
Pair of Earrings - Era/Time Period?by Roguero…
Zinzi Sterling Bracelet Thrift Shop Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Micro Mosaic Flower Brooch 14K  Etruscan style gold by Agram.m
Antique winged insect brooch, silver, pastes and blister pearls. Kyratised !by kyratango
Italian micro mosaic broochby EDM_KC
White Jade brooches pairby hibbers
Gold tiger brooch stamped 18Kby hibbers
Art nouveau Rose gold Peridot Pendent by Raritie…
Vintage Roadrunner Pin Enamel Mother of Pearlby cindyjune
Norman Grant Silver Enamel Swan Broochby Peaseje…
Antique Flower Micro Mosaic Photo Frameby Agram.m
Opalized Petrified Wood 6 Click on the Little Picturesby fortapa…
An old earingby Ester
585/14K & Cultured Pearls Brooch Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.12)by Efesgirl
Large Danecraft Sterling Broochby freiheit
Possible Ivory - Part of a cameo/pendant? I have questions!by Hamish
Scandinavian silver and aventurine pendant by Newtimes
Antique Meyle and Mayer unsigned silver enamel and paste pansy brooch. Kyratised !by kyratango
House of Faberge Franklin Mint Sterling Eggby kryscio…
Antique Silver Enamel Pendantby Peaseje…
Silver Glass Drop Pendantby Peaseje…
Austro - Hungarian Braceletby Peaseje…
Great Grandmother's Tiny Earrings brought from Revo, Italy (Austria) on ship by KarenLR71
Granddad's Ring?  No note....has 14K stampby KarenLR71
Sundial Pendantby Efesgirl
GORGEOUS ring but confused on mark! by KarenLR71
Star Sapphire Ring from Thailand - bought in 1967 (stamped 18K?)by KarenLR71
Just a fine Mr Otis ring by Dpw
Flea Market Finds - Gold & Diamondsby Efesgirl
Good Ol' Buckleby cameosl…
Large silver pendant / brooch with Dutch Lionby Hel1
Micro Mosaic Broochby nutsabo…
Large Full Body Cameo Belt Buckle my heart is melting!!by EDM_KC
This Time It Is a Geodeby fortapa…
9 ct golden ring with garnets and diamondsby Hel1
Vintage Simmons Sterling Cross Necklaceby KarenLR71
A riviere necklace with rock crystal stones - what era? I think it looks Art Decoby vintiqu…
Is this a "Book Chain" necklace? I think it looks Italian & Victorianby vintiqu…
Vintage Black Cameo in Silver (perhaps faux)by KarenLR71
Antique silver Plique-a-jour enamel paste stones pheasant kyratango
Antique Arts and Crafts cufflinks, silver, turquoises, enamel and kyratango
A Nice Little Geode But Not Hollow Actually a Thundereggby fortapa…
Gold and Jade Ringby Peaseje…
Earrings from USSRby tenshi
Venus & Cupidby cameosl…
Unusual Vintage Broochby freiheit
Mexican Sterling and Foiled Glass Ringby freiheit
Antique chrysanthemum enamel stickpin, part 2 after kyratango
Antique chrysanthemum gold diamond enamel stickpin. Part 1 before repair!by kyratango
Italian micro mosaic Crucifix by Gabriel.D
White and Gold Necklace by rednoel94
Double layered gold chainby rednoel94
Long Gold Necklaceby rednoel94
Purple beaded necklaceby ihutchi2
String of Pearls Necklace by rednoel94
Pearl Necklaceby rednoel94
Cameo of Roman goddess Aurora, heralding in the valenti…
Mexican Sterling/Amethyst Braceletby Litco2
Edwardian silver and paste flower pendant/broochby Newtimes
Sterling silver earringsby Mrstynd…
Turquoise nugget beads get a new lifeby valenti…
14KT Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Ringby kryscio…
Suisse Mark Silver Necklace - Vintage?  Fine jewelry vs. Costume?by KarenLR71
1950's Vintage Nephrite Jade brooch gold vermeil over sterling: Maker: Karen Lynneby KarenLR71
Beautiful Pendant, Belgian Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
Yard Sale Find...weighs 25 pounds.  by mrcolorz
Theodor Klotz Teka silver rose necklace + earringsby Hel1
Antique jewelry box with Godey printby capot1948
Vintage 1940s Persian Hand-painted Enamel and Silver Necklace Bracelet Earrings Brooch Pin full Parureby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Brutalist Jewelry Set Online Buy (cheap!)by Efesgirl
Fossil "Petrified Wasp Nest" ?by lougren
Micro Mosaic  14K Yellow Gold brooch depicting a Lady with Flower Basketby Agram.m
VINTAGE BAR PINby antique…
Vintage  14KT 585 Mabe Blister Pearl and Diamond Ringby kryscio…
Car boot sale findsby martika
Mexican jewelry" Cross" Pendant, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Silver ringsby Mrstynd…
Triumph of Wineby cameosl…
Mexican Hinged Bangle Bracelet with Rosesby freiheit
10K Vintage Gold and Carved Coral Ringby freiheit
Large Evil Eye Vintage Glass and Sterling Pendantby freiheit
My late grandfather’s gold ringby Victors…
My mothers wedding necklaceby Deemaria
 Antique prosthetic glass eye silver FredStarkey
If anyone could maybe help me with this one?  Just over it and it says star on the backby Lightworker…
Victorian multicolor stones butterfly kyratango
Antique Micro Mosaic  Pillow Trinket Box by Agram.m
My bone carved braceletby Master
Antique prosthetic glass eye silver brooch, Arts and Crafts Era?by kyratango
Antique silver and paste brooch/pendant, mysterious maker again!by kyratango
Silver Bracelet Figural by boysfarm
Famous Players Theatre Ring Montrealby boysfarm
Victorian Buckle Cuff Bracelet Arrived Today!by Efesgirl
An Unusual Find- Love Tokens!by LOUMANAL
Silver and Pearl Cross Pendantby nutsabo…
Was told it was a ww2 locketby saddle_m_up
Antique Victorian Scottish basket hilt broad shield and sword Brooch Dated around 1873by Agram.m
14k necklace -  thrift shop findby Hel1
My collection quartz by TiqueNs…
Is this a fossil ?by Phatbud…
What am I?  And how old?by Pigliese
Gilt Silver Filigree Brooch, Spainby katheri…
Swap meet silver buyby katheri…
S. Dickens Sterling earrings with Malachite stone! Beautiful! by Katyep27
Grandma passed down and also wants to know some info on it, pleaseby Mswain
Help me identify this rock! by moestuffmoe
Beautiful 835 Silver Filigree & Enamel Pendantby Efesgirl
835 Silver & Cabochon...What? by Efesgirl
Cameo,necklace ,pin,onby Vinthskin
Does anyone know anything about these?by Dai88
Cameo by boysfarm
Odd Silver Bangle by Efesgirl
Vintage Taiwanese Natural Salmon Coral Carved Rose  Pendant 14k Hookby mssue64
Micromosaic Broach Italyby boysfarm
Victorian Silver Moonstone Broochby Peaseje…
Can anyone identify this Hallmarkby finder57
Can anyone identify this Hallmarkby finder57
Fossilized Faviidae Stony Coral?by Politic…
Westclox ladies open faced pocket watch pendant 17 jewelsby dabond
Charms or coinsby Antqyuma
Vintage Jade or Jadite Necklaceby mssue64
Beautiful Necklace/Closonne/Carnelian/Lapisby mssue64
Interwar period Moonstone Jewellery Setby JeannieSmith
Silver Ring and Earrings with Malachiteby freiheit
Petrified Wood part 1 Full viewby Politic…
Petrified Wood part 2 Close Upby Politic…
Old Japanese/Chinese Painted on Stoneby mssue64
Native American Necklaceby mssue64
Old braceletby Steptoe1
Indian Tribal Meenakari Enamel Elephant Pendant?by artsushi
Latest Addition to my Mexican Jewelry Collectionby freiheit
My home-made ring, posted for freiheit to seeby pebble
Vintage bangleby Steptoe1
Mele vintage jewellery boxby marylou…
Is this a Springerle Mold?  Religious Madonna Holding Baby / Christby sunnyna…
Antique vine grape brooch Fonseque et kyratango
Hand Made 925 Sterling Crystal Pendant Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.09)by Efesgirl
Sterling Time Force Ring Flea Market Find 4 Euro ($4.36)by Efesgirl
Cameo Necklace---The Storm, by PostCar…
Amber braceletby Hel1
Airoldi earrings - Kingsday findsby Hel1
Danglerby hatpinjunkie
Cameo Lava Stone Silver Ring High Reliefby Agram.m
Carved Stone Pendantby ho2cult…
Victorian Gold Earrings by pinecone
Another Rock with Crystalsby fortapa…
 Cameo Stick pinby Angfree
Fun Piece of Petrified Woodby rnieder…
Luigi Rosi Maenad & Puttoby cameosl…
Gold cloissanae and lapis ringby cherman
Art Deco Mara site and enamel humming bird broochby Bauble
 Pyriet ====>>>> ( aka Fool's Gold ) ??by antique…
Flea Market finds 22-04-2017 part 1by Hel1
Vintage citrine pendantby Steptoe1
Sterling bird earrings - the perfect size!by valenti…
1930's sterling earrings from Mexicoby valenti…
Arts and Crafts silver plated necklaceby valenti…
Gold Ring With Unknown Hallmark On Outside Of Shankby kryscio…
Vintage 1960's early 1970's ( broken ) ONYX STONE by antique…
Marked Germany - lovely transitional silver buckleby valenti…
Sterling & Jade Spider Pendantby courten…
Some Silver Finds Efesgirl
thrift store ring wish I knew more about it!by moonkana
cufflinksby nybarb1211
Carved bone necklacesby Elisabe…
Antique rare victorian cut steel bracelet by Elisabe…
Arts & Crafts enamel and silver pendantby Kiwitaia
Cameo Pinsby clmason…
Robert Crerar Necklace and Earringsby Peaseje…
Robert Crerar Earringsby Peaseje…
Robert Crerar Necklaceby Peaseje…
Upcycled Gorham Spoon Pendant by Rachel221B
cameo pinby Jimmy2.0
Micro Mosaic Flower cross pendant by Agram.m
MINE  --  Vintage Young Girl's Necklace -- ( A Cage Necklace )by antique…
Silver ring with beautiful stoneby Karenoke
One Mystery Solvedby cameosl…
Flea Market Finds, but a Thrift Store BUY! by billret…
Gold pendant by BurchyB
Early Victorian brooch by BELLA212
Silver cufflinks with foxesby Hel1
Micro Mosaic Millefleur broochby katheri…
Antique Fahrner Jugendstil Sterling Chrysoprase Ringby Enamele…
Vintage Chinese export gilt silver pendantby katheri…
Torino pewter heart shaped box by Resa
My mystery Collectors59
Simple Sterling Ringby freiheit
Mexican Sterling Silver and ??? Braceletby freiheit
Pressed Amber Vintage Choker Necklaceby freiheit
Beautiful Sterling Amber Broochby freiheit
Puffed earringsby katheri…
Edwardian Gold Diamond Pearl and Opal Peaseje…
Micro Mosaic Doves Pair of Ladies Cufflinksby Agram.m
Vintage Brooch/Pendant, Circa 20 centuryby Alan2310
Jugendstil Theodor Fahrner Amethyst Braceletby Enamele…
Antique Blue Glass Beads with Chinese Charactersby Ilovepottery
Large Sterling Burkhardt (Birks?) Broochby freiheit
Art Nouveau repousse brooch, stone insert infoby VintageD_10
My collection of antique paste jewelry by Elisabe…
Edwardian lavalier paste necklace by Elisabe…
Victorian paste cross broochby Elisabe…
Early victorian paste broochby Elisabe…
Esprit silver earringsby Hel1
Modernist 1960s/1970s Finland Elis Kauppi-Kupittaan Kulta Sterling & Agate Pendant Flea Market Find 3 Euroby Efesgirl
Silver bracelet from Mexicoby Mrstynd…
Amber or Copal necklaceby Hel1
Looking For Goldby Caperkid
585 (14K) Gold Two Tone Brooch Thrift Shop Find 2,50 Euro ($2.65)by Efesgirl
Antique Meyle and Mayer dragonfly kyratango
Vintage Silver Cultivated Pearl Grapes on Branche Pendant Broochby Agram.m
Sterling Silver " Amethyst " Earringsby antique…
Antique birds miniatures in feathers on mother of pearl, gold mounted kyratango
Is anyone familiar with this piece or the Tishky
Denmark Bracelet Necklace?by boysfarm
Cosmic Colorsby Drayton…
Iron Berlin Plaque Cameo of a Classical Person or Godby Agram.m
Blackheart Ethiopian Opalby Sammyz
Antique 15 ct gold seed pearl and sapphire lyre broochby Bettyb00
Antique Australian 9ct gold opal sword & crescent brooch by Bettyb00
Micro mosaic broochby tenshi
Beautiful modernist piece by Ottawachap
Toucan broochby martika
Authentic Zuni MOP & Sterling Ring?by antvinfan
Necklace China Amethyst  by boysfarm
Miniature bird silhouettes on mother of pearl with real feathersby Katerino
Ornate Chinese Turkoois (Stone/Coral) beadby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Modernist Ring - With Chrysophase Stoneby antique…
Pandora Necklace & Troll Beads Thrift Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Silver Bracelet Cage charmby boysfarm
old? jewelryby Peterdr…
Unknown older jewelry / accessory?by F700
Gold Opal Butterfly Peaseje…
Combined Jewelry Haul Yesterday From 3 Shopsby Efesgirl
18K (750) Yellow Gold Chain & 14K (585) & Diamond Necklace Thrift Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Statue with a Geode addedby swampdogg
Hand Made Ring & Brooch Pinby melaniej
Beau B sterling broochby Mrstynd…
925 Silver & Amber Art Deco Necklace Thrift Shop Find Jewelry Lot Buyby Efesgirl
i do not know what this is// n2bmn123
UNKNOWN n2bmn123
Antique 18K Rose Gold Seed Pearl Brooch/Pendant Frameby Agram.m
Ivory colored elephant pendantby ihutchi2
Pretty earrings by MrsKee
Amber pendant, Russian "875" markby lentilka11
Florence Resnikoff sterling cat pendantby NellyBea
A Little Trinket From Saturday's Flea Marketby Efesgirl
Flea Market findsby Hel1
not sure anyvhelpby dennisonjdnn
Spanish 17th century coffin and skeleton mori snuff box?by SerBlvck
Hatpins: blonde turtle shell pair art deco and single butterscotch amber kyratango
Can anyone help with information about this brooch?by Bflerlage
victorian/edwardian  era mourning braceletby edkal65
POTASH  Crystals Lumpby antique…
Meyle & Mayer Sterling Silver Enamel Laughing Gull? Broochby Enamele…
Vienna gold broochby IVAN49
Two fairy broochesby martika
Art nouveau domed plique à jour wings hair ornament. Part 2. Kyratised!by kyratango
Marble Vintage Jewelry boxby JImam
La Peregrina pearl with Elizabeth Taylor/Burtonby Wandles…
WANTED! Cameo experts! by Kjane79
Fun treasuresby nittygr…
Georgan buttonsby Agram.m
At a quandry! Who is HM? Maker mark unrecognizableby CollectorJill
Help! Worth fixing?by CollectorJill
Aesthetic George W. Shiebler mixed metal Curio Etruscan Medallion Brooch 1880sby Morganm…
19s and Art Deco Silver and Gold Claspsby Agram.m
Winnie the Pooh Pendantby nutsabo…
Purple pink stone necklaceby goodeye…
Nice JG broochby Mrstynd…
800 Silver Lapis, Blue Cabochon Eyes, and Blue Enamel Dragonfly Broochby Enamele…
Wilhelm Hofmann 800 Silver Repousse Floral Brooch - Signed WHHby Enamele…
Theodor Fahrner Carnelian & Marcasite Necklace by Enamele…
Meyle & Mayer Jugendstil Silver and Garnet Brooch c. 1900by BelleEp…
Unusual double-sided A&C Silver pendant with boulder opal by BelleEp…
Braceletby Stevenlee
Vintage Brooch"ITALY"Circa 20 Centuryby Alan2310
.835 Silver Tulip Brooch Post 1953by Efesgirl
Necklaceby Jwegg
P. Pfeiffer Silver & Enamel Flower Necklaceby Enamele…
Opal & Fire Agate Gold Pendant by Enamele…
Victorian cameo on shellby Hetty
More Pearlsby freiheit
looking for some help with this hallmark or someone familar with this Bedouin necklace by charlestoot…
Vintage Mikimoto Pearls Sterling Broochby freiheit
Sterling Mexico by Jtw1313
Pendant with symbols?by Jtw1313
Micro Mosaic Forget Me Not Flower Brooch Meander Borderby Agram.m
Theodor Fahrner Eric Kleinhempel Amethyst Pendant / Necklaceby Enamele…
Silver and coral bracelet - a present for myselfby Hel1
Enameled Flower Silver Necklace - Fahrner/Hermann Haussler?by Enamele…
Chinese Carved Coral Cuff Braceletby wpj
Chinese Carnelian, Coral, and Turquoise Filigreed Braceletsby wpj
Art nouveau domed plique à jour wings hair ornament. Part kyratango
Arts and Crafts silver and ensmel hatpin Gourdel Vales & kyratango
Heat Treated Citrine Quartz....  :-((((by Efesgirl
Green Rock Chrysoprase Roughby fortapa…
ring and necklaceby Peterdr…
Sterling silver tennis bracelet red & clear stones marked R 925 CHINAby Morganm…
Old vintage Sterling silver turquoise dangle earrings Navajo Zuni styleby Morganm…
Meyle & Mayer and Two Enamel Pendantsby Enamele…
Silver & Quartz Necklace From The Thrift Shop, 1,50 Euro ($1.50) by Efesgirl
Small Sterling Cuff with Turquoiseby freiheit
Taxco, Mexico, Sterling Hinged Bangle with Malachite by freiheit
Mexico:  Sterling Necklace with Abalone Inlayby freiheit
Small Sterling Broochby freiheit
Meyle & Mayer Dragonfly Lady Fairy Enamel Broochby Enamele…
Large 10k Gold Coral Cameo Ringby Enamele…
Butterfly wings and silver antique dragonfly big kyratango
IDENTIFY my broochby silwerg…
Arts & Crafts Gold Opal Ringby Enamele…
925 Sterling silver amethyst stone bracelet unknown makerby Morganm…
Company For My Braceletby Efesgirl
Collection Antique Gold Garnet Jewelryby Agram.m
Ceylon blue moonstones and rubies vintage brooch, gilded metal (?).by kyratango
A Rather Unusual Rockby fortapa…
Silver enamel amethyst ringby Mrstynd…
Silver Swirl Ringby nutsabo…
Antique scrimshaw necklaceby Bikingbarb
Flea market finds - silverby Hel1
Grandma's ringby Ring
Fully Articulated Sterling & CZ Cross, Thrift Shop Find 2 Euro ($2.10)by Efesgirl
Vintage or Antique Norwegian 830 silver gilt & enamel dropper broochby lizzybi…
Fine Filigree Antique? Norwegian 830 Silver Lavaliere Necklace Maker?by Janeyd3
Queen Victoria Mourning Jewlery by cassikathleen
diamond and pink sapphire encrusted vintage belt buckle ring 18kt white goldby SpaceHippy
Wedgwood Silver and Marcasite Ringby freiheit
Metal chain ? Asianby Lls
Lot of two wooden musical jewelry boxesby Mrstynd…
New Zealand Arts & Crafts broochby Kiwitaia
turquoise coloured  silver  pendant by daddyda…
Silver Opal Necklace Signed HAN - Italyby nutsabo…
Wonderful 1940's Walter Lampl Sterling Locket with Keyby ReWindTime
Long and Heavy Pressed Amber Necklaceby freiheit
Wooden jewelry box by lheidorn
Strange pendant/brooch- any info appreciated!by MissMinnow
Avon hands and barrette by Mrstynd…
small scale gold refining by roland loewen 1980 project report 44/1by daddyda…
Antique stag beetle brooch, silver, enamel, kyratango
old 1930s silver cameo daddyda…
please help me !!!!by daniel35
585/14K Gold w/ Diamonds, Emeralds & Ruby Brooch/Pendant Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.06)$by Efesgirl
 My  gorgeous Black enamel and diamond bracelet by Carefree83
Art Deco, Cameo Brooch, Early XX Centuryby Alan2310
14k gold brooch with single pearlby Clare814023
New Addition to My Mexican Jewelry Collectionby freiheit
Grandfathers ringby Majah
Inheritedby SaraPK24
I am having difficulty reading the signatureby swanlake
Flower Broochby Tigra
Pretty Jadite bowl and green necklace!!by Mrstynd…
Karl Laine necklace and braceletby Hel1
Jewelry box iron shapeby Artisha…
My newest Micro Mosaic acquisitions; brooch - stickpinby Agram.m
1870s Tiffany Sterling Silver Pillbox Pendantby vjwithrow
Antique beetle bar brooch, silver and cats eye body. And Charlie cat, kyratango
Sterling Hatpinsby hatpinjunkie
Hand Painted Miniature Portrait Victorian Brooch Pin, Marked on Backby CuriousGeor…
Antique tussie mussie brooch, silver and half pearls naturalistic kyratango
Very Interesting Unique Ringby Storagegirl
Sterling Brutalist (?) Pendant Beautyby CrazyFinds
Jadeite Sterling silver pendant with amber stoneby lotsofoldst…
Navajo J. Woolsey inlay cuff from the 1960'sby valenti…
Antique ringby cheeenadoll91
Vintage Pearl and Emerald Ring Unmarked.  Silver? White Gold?by kryscio…
Sterling and Brass Bangle Bracelet - Mexicoby freiheit
David Troutman Silver Creations Onyx Cuff Braceletby Morganm…
Southwestern and  onyx cuff bracelet sliver by Tangoes
Silesian Iron Wire-Work porcelain Cut Steel Pendant, ca.1800-1820by Agram.m
Ear ear!   Lovely jade earring..but just for one!  by alwayss…
Cultured!  What a pearl!by alwayss…
Rare man Ring marked on the side 22 K and some words by ChristyT
Carved jewelry box (continued)by rpturtle
Edwardian Gold & Opal Crescent Broochby TassieD…
Unknown glass or Jadeite pendantby lotsofoldst…
Elis Kauppi Modernist 925s Finland Pendant by billret…
Antique beads?by lcirak
Silverby Mrstynd…
Silver Mexican bracelet with Tiger Eyeby Hel1
Large and Unusual Sterling and Amber Inlay Broochby freiheit
Big and beautiful Scottish Arts & Crafts broochby BelleEp…
Tibetan Braceletby Indepen…
Onyx-pearl earrings by Ajfind
Vintage Jewellery Drawers by Shakeely
Orb Brooch by Sandorby alwayss…
My grandfather ringby Staiku
Sterling Ringsby freiheit
Hat pin ? Can't make out stampby Marque
My first Pennanular brooch/pinby alwayss…
Two enamel brooches - who by?by racer4f…
1976  Gunther Mele ( Wall ) Jewelry Box with Etched Mirror by antique…
Silver pendentby Mrstynd…
1940's/1950's hand painted rose brooch 800 silverby Bettyb00
Antique Edwardian 15 ct gold paste stone & seed pearl necklace by Bettyb00
Cameo Brooch(pendant)with Erring set, Early 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Vintage cameo and ring setby Debbieg…
Hapin Holdersby hatpinjunkie
Black jet beads restrung from loose bag o'beadsby valenti…
Afghanistan Tribal Necklaceby Alicean…
Afghani Necklaceby Alicean…
African Loom Beaded Necklaceby Alicean…
Persian Story Painted Pendantby Alicean…
African Painted Bead Braided Necklaceby Alicean…
African Wrapped Beaded Necklaceby Alicean…
Jade 14k Chinese Happiness pendentby Mrstynd…
Grandpas Ringsby Pastime…
9K (375) Gold Vintage Cameo Ringby freiheit
Smallest Mexican Pin in my Collectionby freiheit
Little Gold Ring Marked "333"by freiheit
Persian Enamel Painted Tile Braceletby Alicean…
Carved jewelry box by rpturtle
what the heck is it..weighs a dustymcgee
Unusual Sterling & Marcasite Ring w/Gold Accents 8 Euro ($8.64)by Efesgirl
Old Ivoryby JoJo0576
Mexico Silver Pendant"Stone mask"20 Centuryby Alan2310
My Instant Cameo Collection by Junkman60
Amethyst Gemstonesby JImam
Antique French Crucifix Notre Dame de Lourdes Souvenir 4 Directions Crucifix Catholic Religious Basilica Lourdes Cave #redruthcby cornish…
Sterling Silver and Enamel Pansy Pendant Brooch....Before and Afterby TassieD…
Book indispensable for every serious MicroMosaic Collectorby Agram.m
Piece of Rock // Mineral ??by antique…
Norway Silver Cufflinksby greystreet
Large Vintage Sterling Ring with Marcasite and Onyxby freiheit
Arts and crafts silver, citrine, double shank ring. by kyratango
Silver ring w/unknown Karenoke
Mexico silver....Gainesville thrift store Karenoke
Help! Is this a silver or platinum necklace set?by Sadielou
Cameo broochby Mrstynd…
beehive charmby SpaceHippy
Sage & Silver Wedgwood Pins and Ear Clipsby beyemvey
Silver Marcasite Brooch- German madeby AdeleC
Large Turquoise Sterling Ringby freiheit
Taxco Sterling Braceletby freiheit
My moonstones, I have never seen any others like themby Rustlov…
Unknown British braceletby gardinerth
Religious Pendant found years agoby Littled…
585 (14K) White Gold, Pearl & "Diamond" Brooch Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.07)by Efesgirl
Back home part 2by fleafin…
My Rings! The Reason I Wear My 300 Ring, On A Neck Chain :^) by billret…
A 300 Game Bowling Ringby billret…
ENAMEL BROOCHby antique…
Woman's souvenir bracelet from WW2 Chinaby scottvez
My Great, Great Grandmother's engagement ring by Shakeely
Himalayan Gemstone Earringsby JImam
Arts and crafts? Carved jade? Sterling kyratango
Golden pendantby Hel1
Today's thrift shop silver findsby Hel1
Larry Bell's "Silver Bullet" Airacobra brooch -- Complex and Precise -- First Photographsby whlong
Amethyst Geode by Caperkid
sterling silver mark/.by were
Victorian Gilt Banded & Bullseye Agate Locket Back Pendant on Period Chain with Buckle Baleby TassieD…
Silver Kitty Broochby Karenoke
Taxco Inlaid Sterling Silver Necklace Flea Market Find 2,50 Euro ($2.69)by Efesgirl
Silver broochby Pepi45
Recently found Egyptian style pinby mytink03
Mateo Mexico Brutalist Sterling Ringby freiheit
Blue Diamond Ringby Kjane79
Ivory Gemstone Necklaceby lcirak
Jaques & Marcus Brooch/Pendant with Opal Intaglio by Wilhelm Schmidt, circa 1890by kiwipaul
Black Bead Elastic Bracelet, Sterling Ball & Tip AJ 925 Thrift Shop Find 95 Euro Cents ($1.02)by Efesgirl
Antique Religious medallion by Lamplov…
JUSTICE!by beyemvey
Antique 14k enamel beetle watch kyratango
Very very large Micro Mosaic crusifix, 5 buildings and Dovesby Agram.m
My little agate trinket dishby martika
14k amethyst ringby Lamplov…
Tanzanit and diamond 10k gold ringby Lamplov…
Vintage pin or brooch by Lamplov…
Ring With a shape Like Roddyq's,(On Here Now Too)  I feel This is Is OLD!   Please Identify What It Is Made Of. by PostCar…
Vintage stone jewelry by Lamplov…
1,000-Year-Old Cross by SpiritB…
Estate quality Baroque 15.5" knotted pearls with 14k Pendant Clasp and Tassels by gigisfa…
Snake Bracelet - Brass ?by the.kin…
Two Rings with Pink Stonesby freiheit
Italian AG925 Sterling Ring With Weird Unknown Maker's Markby Efesgirl
A Pretty Stainless Steel Scarf Brooch Thrift Store Find Today by billret…
Tiny Green Eyed Silver Turtle/Tortoise Brooch and Friendby TassieD…
An awesome piece of jewelryby littlejoe8338
Jerusalem/Jordan Crusader Cross with Blue Stoneby gigisfa…
Art nouveau 925 silver and pastes brooch, mysterious maker "urn mark".by kyratango
Antique garnet ringby Gemperry
Two vintage sterling silver broochesby martika
14k Gold Ring c1970 with a Lab Ruby - UV Test Illustratedby davyd286
Salt Water Test for Amber Necklace - It Floats!by davyd286
Georgian Rivière Silver Gilt Paste Necklace?by Peaseje…
Dorrie Nossiter? Silver and Blister Pearl Broochby Peaseje…
A big scam from India!by kyratango
Crazy 14k Gold Ruby Sapphire Spinel Ring HUGE!by Stillwa…
Georgian REPRODUCTION Cross and Ringby TassieD…
Cluster of emerald crystalsby martika
Baltic amber beads?by honeybaby2017
earrings, gold + spinelby lentilka11
Zeidell's Sterling Silver Broochby katheri…
Glass or garnet intaglio pendantby rayf
Amethyst Pendantby Caperkid
Art Deco Sterling Brooch, Early 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Vintage Gold Jade Braceletby KRocken…
Unique Antique 83ct emerald and diamonds set in a 18k gold pendant broochby zaka
585 Broochby JennyN
14k diamond earringsby Mrstynd…
Sterling vintage charm braceletby Mrstynd…
Different "etruscan urn" marks of the mysterious maker, part kyratango
Different "etruscan urn" marks of the mysterious maker, kyratango
An interesting necklace, possibly silverby lentilka11
Missing Link?by Sting
Tiny Tiffany Leafby Sting
Antique hat pins and holderby Mrstynd…
Amber Alert!by dmmtsm1
Clyde Duneier CID Sterling 925by bluewillow64
Jade Rose Gold Ringby Peaseje…
Archibald Knox for Liberty & Coby mcmcginlay
Turquoise Braceletby shareur…
Egyptian Silver Vintage Braceletby freiheit
Diamond and pearl brooch and kilt pinby Gransje…
Nanis silver necklace and braceletby Hel1
Whatever a Solje is...? by Kjane79
Not an Opal? by Kjane79
6-Sided Single Terminated Amethyst Pencil Crystalby jeneric
Pendantby Mandyda…
Charm Braceletby melaniej
Portrait Hatpin Holdersby hatpinjunkie
M. Kaye Modernist Braceletby dmmtsm1
One more Quickie for Valentino97by kerry10…
Stupid Mark: Silver & Crystal Bar Brooch, Silver Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Antique silver, pastes and faux pearls pendant, etruscan urn maker's mark!by kyratango
Art deco French silver, chalcedony, onyx and pastes jabot kyratango
Vintage MEXICO Sterling Silver Ring by antique…
Enamel by hatpinjunkie
Enamelsby hatpinjunkie
Lucille broochby Tigra
Variety of green stone and enamel hatpinsby hatpinjunkie
Variety of green glass, r/s hatpinsby hatpinjunkie
Turquoise bracelet - Zuni, Navajo? by valenti…
Turquoise cuff bracelet marked K S Sterling: Kirk Smith RIP 2012by valenti…
Just Andersen Copenhagen Sterling Brooch Vintage Shop Find 7 Euro ($7.29)by Efesgirl
Silver Overlay holders and a matching silver overlay hatpinby hatpinjunkie
A Collection of Jewelry found at the dumpby Phatbud…
 A  Collection of Bracelets found at the dump by Phatbud…
More silver overlay designsby hatpinjunkie
Cameo broochby Hel1
Silver Overlay Hatpin Holdersby hatpinjunkie
750 Italian Gold (18K) Tri-color Cuff Links Vintage Shop Find 7,00 Euro ($7.27)by Efesgirl
Thewa Work Deer Hunting scene bracelet by Phatbud…
Garnet necklace and bracelet with golden claspby Hel1
Silver Bracelet primosa 835by Hel1
Eskimo Etched Pinby Zilla
Mother of pearl sterling broochby Zilla
50% Off Thrift Shop Saleby Efesgirl
Thrift Shop Bargain 50% Offby Efesgirl
Navajo bracelet by Wilbert Benallyby valenti…
Favorite Zuni earrings and ring - not purchased togetherby valenti…
Zuni  flower ring and 2 channel ringsby valenti…
My Indian amulet??by Peytonleath…
Small, Old, Scottish Religious Pinby freiheit
New Zealand Greenstone Boxby freiheit
Mother of Pearl brooch by Exquisiteby lentilka11
Beautiful pink Giovanni Apa Cameo Ringby lindalou001
Zuni petti point turquoise ringby valenti…
Navajo cuff braceletby valenti…
Men's turquoise ringby valenti…
Navajo snake eye ringsby valenti…
Big turquoise ring - new?by valenti…
Oddball Necklace With Adjustable Chainby Efesgirl
MJ multi colored crossby ihutchi2
White and Rose Gold Diamond Ringby Caperkid
Modernist silver braceletby lentilka11
Just A Little Bling For The Holidays :^) Enjoy!by billret…
Large Sterling Silver Chain & Pendant, Thrift Shop Find 15 Euro ($15.68)by Efesgirl
My Merry Christmas Mysteryby Candysxtc
Turquoise silver bracelet. Hand made and initialedby mekel3
Angry little Robin bird  silver Toniel
Vintage Vivah Beetle Brooch, Canada, Circa 1970-80by Alan2310
Navajo Turquoise Necklaceby JoniF
The back side of my brooch from previous postby JoniF
Antique Lavalier Diamond, Gold and Silver Peaseje…
A few of my favorites by JoniF
Sterling Silver,Marcasite, and Lapis Lazuli Brooch by watchnut
Howlite bracelet for johiby valenti…
Ambrotype of young girls in green dresses and coral necklacesby scottvez
Meyle and Mayer Jugendstil/Art Nouveau calla lily 900 sterling enamel kyratango
Circa 1980's Opal & Diamond Cocktail Ring, mystery maker GDNSby kiwipaul
Micro Mosaic Venice Paper Weightby Agram.m
Australian Art Deco 15ct Gold and Two Opals Necklace circa 1920'sby kiwipaul
Meteoright or Meteowrong?by ho2cult…
A Sterling Silver ** PEACE ** Braceletby antique…
Is this turquoise?by johi
Roman Silver Braceletby beyemvey
WWI 15ct Gold Photo Signet Ring SWEETHEART PIECEby TassieD…
Cameo ringby Uphillnow
Heart Pendant w/ Encased Flower on 835 shareur…
Sterling Silver Signed Crucifix, Italy - Gift From Malvaby Efesgirl
Broach Silverby Honest2…
Vintage GOLD Earrings with Pearlsby Honest2…
Silver 925 pin with 3 Pearls and Stonesby Honest2…
#925 sterling silver earrings with a pale purple Catridl…
Stirling silver ring with green stone no identifying mark except no.925, by Catridl…
925 Cuff Braceletby freiheit
Vintage Mexican Sterling Braceletby freiheit
18k White Gold & Diamond Ring w. Colour Shifting Opal: Red - Green - Blueby kiwipaul
There's a Snake in Our Christmas Tree!by kiwipaul
Antique tiara comb, silver, pastes, turtle shell, mysterious maker kyratango
Sterling silver ( KBN) c we oven pattern ring another thift store find. Awaiting more info  on itby Catridl…
3 graces vintage brooch she'll cameoby Ianharris
Mid century reverse painted crystal intaglios of leaping trouts sterling kyratango
Unusual Sterling Silver Lapel Broochby Efesgirl
Bright Crystal Opal Ring with a Halo of Diamondsby kiwipaul
An Edwardian Aquamarine Necklace in 9ct Rose Goldby kiwipaul
Silver Scarab pendant on silver chainby TassieD…
Big Sterling Silver/Faceted Crystal Earrings Thrift Shop Find 12 Euro ($12.75)by Efesgirl
Taxco Mexico Big Sterling Cuff Bracelet Thrift Shop Find 12,50 Euro ($13.28)by Efesgirl
Pennino ladies wrist watchby Hallen
Silver Labradorite Ringby Peaseje…
Unusual Sterling Horoscope Pendant Thrift Shop Find 90 Euro Cents ($0.96)by Efesgirl
Native American pendantby Hel1
Turkish necklaceby Hel1
Antique large enamel on porcelain brooch, Neapolitan fisher boy after Gustav kyratango
Cufflinks Mother of Pearl Bethlehem by RayKay
Estate Tin Can and it's treasureby JImam
Earrings Studsby JImam
Earringsby JImam
Earringsby katheri…
Vintage Taxco Mexico Sterling Clip Earrings Thrift Shop Find 1,50 Euro ($1.58)by Efesgirl
Mexican Vintage Alpaca Braceletby freiheit
Vintage Earings, unknownby JImam
Vintage Mexican Braceletby freiheit
Brooch, unkownby JImam
Vintage Cameo Chokerby JImam
Silver brooch by Reggersby Hel1
is this a Vintage Ring, #3by JImam
is this a Vintage Ring, #2by JImam
is this a Vintage Ring, #1by JImam
Vintage Earrings GM 925by JImam
Vintage Ring(s) ?by JImam
Antique 18 ct ring part 2by Musicfan
Bond Boyd Sterling Necklaceby freiheit
14K  Gold Baby Ring / Liberty House / Honolulu, Kailua / Gift Card - 1950sby sunnyna…
Aquarius 835 Silver Mermaid w/Urn Pendant Flea Market Find 2 Euro ($2.16)by Efesgirl
Vintage Art Deco Sterling Silver and Onyx link braceletby Musicfan
Antique Cameo Broochby JImam
Handmade Native American/Indian Turquoise & Silver Pendent - Signedby BHock45
Hand painted Fragonard Broochby stigofthedump
Russian silver broochby Hel1
cameo shell necklaceby pcmadis…
Coloradoby Lmiller40
Marcasite silver braceletby Hel1
Onyx? Ring and Pendantby nosretep
Silver brooch, pixie in a shell.......Instone?by racer4f…
A new necklace for my girlfriend but with a Toniel
Marcasite braceletby Hel1
Navajo sterling broochby Hel1
A small antique round Micro Mosaic Plaque of the Famous Agram.m
Antique 9ct gold locketby Bettyb00
Bronze brooch by David Andersen????by Hel1
More pictures of sterling silver lilly bracelet per requestby Catridl…
2 bronze necklaces by Jorma Laine Finlandby Hel1
Vintage Carved Ivory Bangleby freiheit
N.E. FROM Denmark Sterling necklace show pieceby eli-bru…
Modernist HVDD hallmark mysteryby eli-bru…
Antique 925 silver and pastes swallow in flight brooch, "etruscan urn" kyratango
Antique 1840 pinchbeck swiss landscape miniature painting under glass kyratango
Art Deco Pendantby ArlieH
Vintage Sterling Charm Braceletby freiheit
Unusual Silver Filigree Braceletby freiheit
Silver, 22k and 18k ringby melaniej
Stone Coral Bead by platters
PLEASE HELP. Older jewlery box with red velvet!!?by Blakeaustin17
585/14K Gold Chain, Thrift Shop Find 3,95 Euro ($4.21)by Efesgirl
Sterling silver antic beacelet with two lilliesby Catridl…
14K Cameo Earringsby freiheit
VIVENTY Sterling Necklace w/Pendant Thrift Shop Find 1,25 Euro ($1.33)by Efesgirl
Button uknown from shoe or clothingby TheIndi…
Sterling Silver Brooch by Caperkid
Part 4 Japanese Shakudo Necklaceby Peaseje…
Part 3 Japanese Shakudo Panelby Peaseje…
Part 2 Japanese Shakudo Panelsby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Silver Broochby Peaseje…
Part 1 Japanese Shakudo Panelsby Peaseje…
Blue Evil Eye Bead Bracelet by JImam
Micro Mosaic Dove Stick Pin Broochby Agram.m
Vintage Opal Brooch by trapped…
This beautiful old ringby Michelledov…
Antique Cameo - Mystery Pieceby Myjewel…
Silver MOP Art and Craft Broochby Peaseje…
Gladys and Charles Mumford Silver and Blister Pearl Bracelet?by Peaseje…
14K  Sapphire Rings. Something Different from Meby kerry10…
Tiffany Elsa Peretti Silver Bracelet?by Peaseje…
The Silver Flower Version Of My Costume Flower Design  Necklaceby Efesgirl
 Belgian Sterling Silver Bangle, Flea Market Find 75 Euro Cents ($.079)by Efesgirl
Unsigned Blue Beautyby Drayton…
Antique pendantby Yvy1210
Cufflinks - Vintageby JImam
Cufflinks - Vintageby JImam
Need Help Identifying Gemstone in this 14K Gold Ringby LOUMANAL
Some closer pics. From "A Rainy Day Array"by billret…
800 silver plique à jour egyptian revival winged scarab kyratango
Old rosary beadsby Bettyb00
Antique photo locket with black glass cameoby Bettyb00
Vintage Silver pill box pinby Junkman60
Today's Estate Sale Matl silver earrings by Junkman60
9 ct rose gold buckle ring with sapphireby Bettyb00
H. D. S., 14 K Stamped  White gold  with a diamond ringby Tangoes
This is my second favorit piece 2 love Sarahopal
Skull hat pin!by kyratango
Mysterious maker's mark "urn", close-up kyratango
Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Signedby Dallibone
Beautiful vintage sterling silver setby Lissbear1
Unmarked Beautiesby Drayton…
Antique Victorian moonstone necklace & earrings in sterling silverby Bettyb00
Edwardian 15 ct gold dress ringby Bettyb00
Antique Arts & Craft 9ct gold opal doublet pendant by Bettyb00
Peruvian prayer box or poison box pendantby Emunroe1968
Tortoise shell bangle braceletsby valenti…
585/14K Gold & Pearl Omega Back Earrings Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.06)by Efesgirl
Tortoiseshell earrings and tourist braceletby valenti…
My new unusual Art Deco ring by jenniec… amjm2117
Antique 925 silver, pastes and opals brooch, MYSTERIOUS MAKER AGAIN!by kyratango
Jewelry A Rainy Day Array :^)by billret…
9ct Gold Ring set with "Goldstone Aventurine Glass"by TassieD…
Retro Sterling Rope Bracelet & Necklace Setby Efesgirl
Vintage Chinese Sterling Jade Broochby freiheit
Mourning ring: "Died by the Hand of an Assassin"by Bluboi
Vintage Mexican Yalalag Crossby freiheit
Antique french silver and paste frog brooch, Auguste kyratango
Sulphide Cameo Butterfly Wing Sterling Silver Earrings with 9ct Gold Screw Fittingsby TassieD…
African trade beads:"snake vertebrae" or pinion beadsby valenti…
Today's Thrift Shop Findsby Junkman60
Rose quartz vintage necklace with rhinestone claspby Medulski
1920 large 3 rows jadeite necklace, Art Deco kyratango
Parking Lot Find !/Tiny 2 Gram 10K White Gold "Peridot & Diamond" Promise Ring/ Circa 20-21st Centuryby mikelv85
TEKA 925 Silver ROSE Earrings and Pendantby TassieD…
Vintage Cufflinks London - Robert Tateossianby JImam
Ted Baker Cufflinks, Vintageby JImam
Vintage Cameo necklace and bracelet Id. helpby hawaiia…
Vintage Silver Plated Cufflinksby JImam
Vintage 10k gold Cufflinksby JImam
Early 19th century cluster ring - acrostic?by agritty
Pierced Half-Creole Sterling Earrings Flea Market Find 4,00 Euro ($4.36)by Efesgirl
Theodor Klotz 1950s Teka Sterling Silver Royal Rose Earrings Flea Market Find 4,00 Euro ($4.36)by Efesgirl
Unusual Large Silver Necklace by freiheit
A basket of agate eggsby fleafin…
Victorian Archaeological Revival pendant by Bluboi
Vintage Charm Bracelet, Sterling Silverby JImam
38 Inch Gold Tone Beltby moxie-jeweled
Vintage Signed Horse Hinged Velvet Lined Jewelry Box with Shelf by Kathystreas…
BUDDHATOBUDDHA Sterling Chain Rings, Job Lot Buy by Efesgirl
georg adam scheid G.A.S  bangleby paris1925
Greek Goddess Silver Cameo Broochby lee120275
Huge antique silver locket, mysterious etruscan urn maker's mark again!by kyratango
Antique silver and paste holly leaves brooch, mysterious maker "etruscan urn" mark again!by kyratango
Antique little paste and 935 silver tortoise brooch. Knoll and Pregizer?by kyratango
Identify Turquoise Ring Mark  TP Coby resfl63
Antique Italian Made Leather Covered Jewelry Boxby jscott0…
Eisenberg Sterling ring advertisement piece Eisenberg ice by Pohi
.57 ct miners cut diamond and 1.84 ct emeraldby Jackdan…
9ct Gold Belcher Link Bracelet with Amethyst set Padlock Claspby TassieD…
Men's Carnelian And Sterling Silver Cast Band Ring/Marked .925 12 Grams /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Georgian Wedgwood Jasper & Sterling Cameo Pinsby beyemvey
14K White Gold Rope Necklace Thrift Shop Find 2 Euro ($2.22)by Efesgirl
Small Butterfly Wing Silver Brooch + little glass elephant Market Finds!!!by TassieD…
Art Nouveau or Art Deco Amethyst Necklace?by Ladysalt
Blue pendant on silver chainby martika
14K/585 Gold Necklace Flea Market Find $1.65 (1,50 Euro)by Efesgirl
Birks Sterling Set - Mid-Century Modern?by freiheit
Birks Vintage Sterling Broochby freiheit
Sterling Garnet (?) Earringsby freiheit
Vintage pins handed down to me , cameo neckles handed down, breclets and metalby Kmarie
Ivory Cameo Pendant/Brooch In Silver Gilt Mount by Efesgirl
Another "etruscan urn" mysterious maker's mark piece, 925 silver and pastes kyratango
Gold Enameled Coral Garnet Blackamoor Brooch Pinby Agram.m
Just been given Jilliepip
Cameosby katheri…
New use for bead necklaces and brooches: lariat/neglige necklace!by kyratango
Unusual Sterling Necklaceby Efesgirl
Circa 30's-40's gold-wash bracelet from Mexicoby valenti…
Engraved Ada  or Aida gold-filled bangleby valenti…
Found On The Junk Jewelry Table....14K Gold Bracelet 1 Euro/$1.09by Efesgirl
Antique Native American Necklace by RosaLinda
Genuine Pewter horse head pinby jlitterio
Gold Jade Braceletby Peaseje…
 Mid-Century .835 Silver Gilt Rose Broochby Efesgirl
Enamel landscape sterling antique brooch, Thomas L.Mott. by kyratango
Marie georges-william Barboteaux - art deco broochby paris1925
Please help with the Egyptian hallmarks!by martika