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Antique Meyle and Mayer unsigned silver enamel and paste pansy brooch. Kyratised !by kyratango
Antique silver Plique-a-jour enamel paste stones pheasant kyratango
Vintage 1940s Persian Hand-painted Enamel and Silver Necklace Bracelet Earrings Brooch Pin full Parureby Agram.m
Art Deco Mara site and enamel humming bird broochby Bauble
Vintage Chinese export gilt silver pendantby katheri…
Antique Meyle and Mayer dragonfly kyratango
Meyle & Mayer Sterling Silver Enamel Laughing Gull? Broochby Enamele…
P. Pfeiffer Silver & Enamel Flower Necklaceby Enamele…
Art nouveau domed plique à jour wings hair ornament. Part kyratango
Meyle & Mayer and Two Enamel Pendantsby Enamele…
Meyle & Mayer Dragonfly Lady Fairy Enamel Broochby Enamele…
Vintage or Antique Norwegian 830 silver gilt & enamel dropper broochby lizzybi…
Sterling Silver and Enamel Pansy Pendant Brooch....Before and Afterby TassieD…
Meyle and Mayer Jugendstil/Art Nouveau calla lily 900 sterling enamel kyratango
Antique large enamel on porcelain brooch, Neapolitan fisher boy after Gustav kyratango
Enamel landscape sterling antique brooch, Thomas L.Mott. by kyratango
D'Orlan 2340 Articulated fish necklace pendant on a original D'orlan GeodeJem
Victorian 14k enamel, seed pearl, and opal ring by annachapley
Grandmothers Green Gold  Enamel Locketby SueMarshall
Bernard Instone Silver Enamel Necklaceby Peaseje…
Butterfly Broochby nutsabo…
Hawaii Coat of Arms Sterling Pinby Emme
Kyratised wounded enamel and gold pansies brooch, part kyratango
Wounded enamel and gold pansies brooch, part kyratango
Wounded plique à jour hair pin/comb, gilded kyratango
Vintage Gold Enameled Flower Pinby Junkman60
enameled sterling blue heron pendantby herennow
Vintage Silver handpainted Enameled on Porcealin Persian brooch and Semi-Parureby Agram.m
Group of the Meyle and Mayer enamel kyratango
Blue bird silver enamel Meyle and Mayer kyratango
Mexican Silver and Enamel Vintage Pin Marked JFby freiheit
My Best ever find to date ( cost wise ) Cartier 14K yellow gold and Jadeby davekelejian
Enamel and silver necklace most likely from 1920's to 1930's a mix of romantic and art decoby Elisabe…
Norman Grant Gold Enamel Necklaceby Peaseje…
My best ever wasp insect brooch!by kyratango
Meyle and Mayer enamel brooches kyratango
Meyle  and Mayer edelweiss flower kyratango
Another wounded kyratango
Enamel landscape of Tell's chapel, early Victorian kyratango
Enameled Silver Bressant brooch to complete my collection by Agram.m
Patriotic enamelled bracelet by Triona
Love Token Pendant -- mid 17th centuryby Bluboi
18kt Gold Native American Head With Diaming,Ruby,& Sapphire Jewelsby watchnut
Poor little butterfly!by kyratango
Enamel and Gold Ring with Rock Crystal c 16th centuryby Bluboi
Deco Plique a Jour Egyptian Revival Bracelet -- another one!by Bluboi
Huge Austro-Hungarian pendant St Georges and kyratango
German Matte Enamel Braceletsby Bluboi
A Guilloche Silver & Enamel Brooch by Gustav Gaudernack - The Dawn of Ragnarokby kiwipaul
#2677  Kabuki Kachina,  in crimson poppies... by EnamelArt
Kyratised Meyle and Mayer enamel pansy kyratango
Colorful plique a jour enamel diamonds gold kyratango
Victorian Mourning Pendantby Bluboi
Meyle & Mayer sterling enamel pansy kyratango
Carved moonstone and guilloché enamel pendantby Bluboi
Antique Enamelled Glass Earringsby Peaseje…
Another Thomae matt enamel sterling kyratango
Enameled chain and pendant Circa late 17th Cby Bluboi
My one off  enamel art jewelry incorporating antique pieces by EnamelArt
Handmade enameled Persian pin brooch (Quajar Dynasty) set in Silver by Agram.m
Victorian? Edwardian? - What is this style called?by Caigan
Second Charles Thomae matte enamel silver butterfly pin!by kyratango
Lucky Saint Patrick day, touch of green!by kyratango
A little touch of red! Art nouveau silver enamel cyclamen kyratango
Rare Pin, Tie Clip, or  Money Clipby Terris_Trea…
Pat Cheney Silver and Enamel Braceletby Peaseje…
My repair on Arts and Crafts brooch, enamel attributed to Charles Fleetwood VARLEY. by kyratango
Limoges (France) enameled 14K gold set Pendantby Agram.m
Art Deco Marcasite Sterling Enamel Earringsby TamaraB
Silver enamel brooch/pendant by Pat Cheneyby Peaseje…
 Thomae enamel Swallow in fly brooch, before and after kyratango
Salvage enamel on antique kyratango
Wonderful little silver and enamel brooch from Norway, at the latest made in 1927by Elisabe…
Enamelled pendant and ringby Peaseje…
Could someone identify the era of this ring and earrings set?by JKL
Bernard Instone Necklaceby Peaseje…
Silver enamel bracelet by Peaseje…
Small Sterling Clip/Pinby upstate…
Large Sterling Pinby upstate…
Part Of My Enamel Pin Collectionby upstate…
Touch of purple on enamel bow kyratango
Another repair! A touch of kyratango
Butterfly enamel pin as kyratango
Unusual shape 1900 sterling mate enamel butterfly pin. Update: by Charles Thomae!by kyratango
Bernard Instone Braceletby Peaseje…
Butterfly kyratango
Unknown maker for this cute kyratango
sword and sheath pinby getthat…
Poor little dragonfly!by kyratango
locketby enamel99
German Enamel Perfume Bottleby upstate…
Plique a jour enamel created on a Beau Sterling fly kyratango
Beautiful enamel brooch from Norwayby Elisabe…
Enamel miniature brooch P.Bonnaudby kyratango
Post nr 2 (enamel brooch stone)by Elisabe…
Small silver and enamel brooch from 1906 - part of Swedish Art Noveau by Elisabe…
Egyptian Revival Enamel Pinby upstate…
Enameled Silver Bressant ring to complete my mini collection by Agram.m
Vermeil deep green enameled silver 18K gold brooch made by Bressansby Agram.m
Sterling Enamel Pin, says "T B P K W WARNENCZYKA"by susanrose
Art Deco Limoges enameled pendant set in Vermeilby Agram.m
Art Deco Limoges Enameled 14 K Gold Ring by Agram.m
Early 20th century silver plique-a-jour enamel opal and red gem period_…
Limoges Enameled Pendant Rare Gold and Silver Setting by Agram.m
Levinger & Bissinger plique-a-jour enamel period_…
Levinger & Bissinger plique-a-jour enamel pearl period_…
Meyle & Mayer silver plique-a-jour enamel butterfly period_…
Janvier Quercia! More art nouveau plique a jour by kyratango
Enamel Pinby upstate…
art decoby surfdub66
Antique niello or enameled studs/cufflinkby Agram.m
Art Nouveau Necklaceby JLeidel
Religious Art Enameled Gilt (Vermeil) Broochby Agram.m
Chinese Silver cloisonné enameled earringsby Agram.m
Sterling Silver enameled Ladybug bracelet for a baby or little ladyby Agram.m
large enamel pendantby sarahoff
Vintage Reproduction of a Liberty & Co Enamel Pendantby BelleEp…
Edwardian Enamel by Schaverien & Eastmeadby BelleEp…
Vintage French Blue Bresse Enamel on Silverby BelleEp…
Austro Hungarian Antique enameled  ST GEORGE slaying the DRAGON STERLING PENDANTby Agram.m
Theodor Fahrner broochby getthat…
Virgin Mary Limoges  Pendant/Brooch Antique French Sterling Enamel and Marcasiteby Agram.m
Who can help to detect this silver hallmark??by Agram.m
Antique Enamel Braceletby wpj
Colllection of silver (enameled) children's jewelry by Agram.m
Mintgreen guilloché and enamel egg lavaliereby Newtimes
Sterling Silver Cat Pin - 925 & Enamelby BHock45
Georgian (?) enameled vermeil broochby Agram.m
Limoges silver enameled Madonna oval pendant by Agram.m
Stunning very old silver (vermeil?) enameled Limoges broochby Agram.m
A superbly crafted original LIMOGES  enamel pendant by Agram.m
Chunky silver and enamel bracelet - Mexican Modernist ??by Tygger
Enameled flower Sterling Silver beautiful carved locketby Agram.m
Greatfull Dead "Bear" Owsley Stanley Pendant Rareby paperman
Blue enamel 14k gold cameo (chain added later)by Jenastro
Exclusive parure consisting enameled ring, pendant and earrings from Russiaby Agram.m
Enameled Limoges brooch/pendant silver mountedby Agram.m
WW2 enameled Division/ unit insigniaby scottvez
Gorgeous Chinese? Japanese Dragon  Koi Dangling Silver Enameled Earrings with Gemsby l.a.lady
Sterling Enamel pinby upstate…
Art Deco Enamel Broochesby Jimmyinla
My Possibly Art Nouveau (Mourning) Pinby bdeclee
lIMOGES Enamel ring; Elegant girl on cobalt blue background. by Agram.m
Sterling Bar Pinby upstate…
Antique French Limoges Hand Painted Pendant w/ 18 k chain NEED HELP!by rocklan…
Enamel necklaceby wolcott1
Sterling Enamel pinby upstate…
Blue Gilloche Enamel locketby upstate…
2 ea  ?-1900-to  hawaiian pinsby tazzrlr
gold medal 800 yard run (14k rose gold )by tazzrlr
school .badge tazzrlr
Vintage Amber Pin by TeresaD
Vintage Sterling / Enamel BPOE (Elks) locketby upstate…
Butterflies From Norwayby TamaraB
 Scary  Butterflies!!!by TamaraB
Grandfather's Swank Tie Pinby philfreo