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Scottish Sterling Montrose  Agate Broochesby Moonhill
Company For My Braceletby Efesgirl
Antique beads?by lcirak
Victorian Gilt Banded & Bullseye Agate Locket Back Pendant on Period Chain with Buckle Baleby TassieD…
Vintage stone jewelry by Lamplov…
Agate and Glass Bead 3 Strand Necklaceby TassieD…
bernard Instone Earringsby Peaseje…
My mom's favby QueenMelisssa
Green stones are not always jade!by kyratango
Silver moss agate necklace by Djpeder
Silver Agate Pendantby Peaseje…
Cameo brooch, green agate!by kyratango
Is this a type of Agate?by TinyT
Are these Agates?by TinyT
this is my best natural indonesian stone, something special about this liontin is there is a natural picture of dragon in itby minor96
Sterling Bangleby freiheit
genuine 3000+ years old agate /dzi suleimani beadsby sonia
Stunning agate, silver and mixed metalls hunza cuff bracelet from Pakistan by Elisabe…
Antique Moss Agate Festoon Necklaceby wpj
Banded Agate Brooch – Vintage?by freiheit
Large Banded Agate Pendant 875 - USSR?by freiheit
Tigers eye jewelryby Newtimes
Banded Agate Watch Fob/Pendant by Agram.m
Victorian Classic Silver Acorn Banded Agate broochby Agram.m
Vintage Deco Huge Mexican Fire Agate Sterling Ring 1"L x 18mm H 15mm Wby Moonsto…
Victorian Rolled Gold Mini Locket or Watch FOBby antiqua…
Venus' Hair Stone Agate from Kirkcudbright, Scotlandby antiqua…
Sterling Silver Stripe Agate brooch from the 60sby Agram.m
Silver and Agate earringsby Newtimes
Agate pin/pendant? set in sterlingby valenti…
Nice oval Agate broochby Agram.m
Agate rockby Agram.m
Antique Victorian Scottish Agate Large Silver Fern Leaf Brooch by Kitty
Agate; wonderful stone for antique and modern Agram.m
Silver blue color Agate necklaceby Agram.m
Very beautiful carved Agate (blue/white) cameo brooch/pendantby Agram.m
ART DECO Agate broochby Agram.m