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Cobalt necklaceby Mrstynd…
Cut Steel Chokerby Peaseje…
Vintage Garnet Drop Pendant necklace - Czech?by KarenLR71
18 k Gold Chain Necklaceby nutsabo…
Aluminum necklace by valenti…
Vintage Simmons Sterling Cross Necklaceby KarenLR71
A riviere necklace with rock crystal stones - what era? I think it looks Art Decoby vintiqu…
Is this a "Book Chain" necklace? I think it looks Italian & Victorianby vintiqu…
Purple beaded necklaceby ihutchi2
My mothers wedding necklaceby Deemaria
14k necklace -  thrift shop findby Hel1
Vintage Jade or Jadite Necklaceby mssue64
Beautiful Necklace/Closonne/Carnelian/Lapisby mssue64
Vintage 1960's early 1970's ( broken ) ONYX STONE by antique…
Carved bone necklacesby Elisabe…
Robert Crerar Necklaceby Peaseje…
My mystery Collectors59
Pandora Necklace & Troll Beads Thrift Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Gold Opal Butterfly Peaseje…
18K (750) Yellow Gold Chain & 14K (585) & Diamond Necklace Thrift Shop Job Lot Buyby Efesgirl
925 Silver & Amber Art Deco Necklace Thrift Shop Find Jewelry Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Purple pink stone necklaceby goodeye…
Theodor Fahrner Carnelian & Marcasite Necklace by Enamele…
Necklaceby Jwegg
P. Pfeiffer Silver & Enamel Flower Necklaceby Enamele…
Silver & Quartz Necklace From The Thrift Shop, 1,50 Euro ($1.50) by Efesgirl
Antique scrimshaw necklaceby Bikingbarb
Fine Filigree Antique? Norwegian 830 Silver Lavaliere Necklace Maker?by Janeyd3
Silver Opal Necklace Signed HAN - Italyby nutsabo…
Pretty Jadite bowl and green necklace!!by Mrstynd…
Antique Edwardian 15 ct gold paste stone & seed pearl necklace by Bettyb00
Help! Is this a silver or platinum necklace set?by Sadielou
Estate quality Baroque 15.5" knotted pearls with 14k Pendant Clasp and Tassels by gigisfa…
Garnet necklace and bracelet with golden claspby Hel1
Oddball Necklace With Adjustable Chainby Efesgirl
Antique Lavalier Diamond, Gold and Silver Peaseje…
A few of my favorites by JoniF
Ambrotype of young girls in green dresses and coral necklacesby scottvez
Heart Pendant w/ Encased Flower on 835 shareur…
Turkish necklaceby Hel1
Bond Boyd Sterling Necklaceby freiheit
A new necklace for my girlfriend but with a Toniel
585/14K Gold Chain, Thrift Shop Find 3,95 Euro ($4.21)by Efesgirl
VIVENTY Sterling Necklace w/Pendant Thrift Shop Find 1,25 Euro ($1.33)by Efesgirl
Part 4 Japanese Shakudo Necklaceby Peaseje…
Unsigned Blue Beautyby Drayton…
Retro Sterling Rope Bracelet & Necklace Setby Efesgirl
Rose quartz vintage necklace with rhinestone claspby Medulski
14K White Gold Rope Necklace Thrift Shop Find 2 Euro ($2.22)by Efesgirl
14K/585 Gold Necklace Flea Market Find $1.65 (1,50 Euro)by Efesgirl
New use for bead necklaces and brooches: lariat/neglige necklace!by kyratango
Unusual Sterling Necklaceby Efesgirl
Antique Native American Necklace by RosaLinda
My hidden treasureby Criccit49
D'Orlan 2340 Articulated fish necklace pendant on a original D'orlan GeodeJem
Broken Garage Sale Find for $0.50!!!!by TassieD…
Pearl necklace, what about the rest?by katheri…
thai ruby for bonnieby fleafin…
Antique Ivory Necklace by pcmadis…
need help identifying Filigree Necklaceby prplgldfish
Silver necklace by Arlette
Handmade Solid Silver Collar Necklace Thrift Shop Find 1,00 Euro ($1.38)by Efesgirl
Beaded necklace by Nicspawee
Gorgeous Gold and Lapis Necklaceby luvskitsch
14K Gold Necklace Flea Market Find 25 CENTSby Efesgirl
Silver necklace more info wanted by Sammylouise…
Vintage .835 Silver Necklace Flea Market Find $10by Efesgirl
Finally get to wear melaniej
Bought From A Friend: Ana Bekoach Pendant (thanks, Dizzydave,. for the ID!)by Efesgirl
Liquid silver necklaceby martika
An old piece of jewelleyby fleafin…
Please help! by Nicspawee
Lavender jadeite and 14k gold vintage beads kyratango
Amethyst & Marcasite  Sterling  Silver  Necklace by Caperkid
Carved Ivory Flower Necklaceby Junkman60
Ladies Tear Drop Pendantby Caperkid
Sterling & Glass Italian Necklace, Missing The Last Efesgirl
Unusual 925 silver with gold accents necklaceby TassieD…
.835 Silver Art Nouveau Swag Necklace Thrift Shop Find $1.25by Efesgirl
Hannu Ikonen Reindeer Moss Bronze Necklace Thrift Shop Find $3.50by Efesgirl
Estate Find Vintage Silver Necklaceby Junkman60
Biba Sterling Silver Necklace With Four .925 Crystal Pendant Charms, Flea Market Find $1.00 by Efesgirl
Arts and Crafts (?) turquoise sterling pendant and chain. Mark HJH pieced by kyratango
What is this necklace by Jamesws…
Unknown materials by Jamesws…
Another Locket -- HEART Vintageby antique…
Mysterious mysteries, #1 of 2, this necklaceby katheri…
Green stones are not always jade!by kyratango
Antique french jet necklaces&1930s rock crystal necklaceby Bettyb00
Jadeite and faceted crystal rondelles kyratango
Gold necklace with flower inside a window?!! Help!!??by Lmoirkie
Thrift Shop Finds! All This, Plus The Pendant Watch & Earrings Posted Earilerby Efesgirl
Chalcedony and Seed Pearl Necklaceby wpj
Indian Necklacesby JohnWayne
British Art Nouveau enamel silver necklace by GV&Co, c. 1910by BelleEp…
Carved Ox Bone Necklace/ Lion and Elephant Pendant With Hollow Carved Beads/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
carnelian? era? thanks!by Thevint…
Malachite gold bead and onyx bear necklaceby Junkman60
1930s  amethyst necklace by Bettyb00
Spider!by kyratango
Sterling Vintage Necklace Made in Italyby freiheit
1890' citrine festoon kyratango
Silver? Filagree Cabochon necklace early 1900's? Stamped 800by jplamm
Two Sterling Silver Necklaces, Flea Market Finds - 1.00 Each!by Efesgirl
Unmarked silver necklace by lilbevey
Solid Sterling Silver Necklace, Thrift Shop Find! $1.50by Efesgirl
An Art Nouveau Aquamarine and 9ct Gold "Negligee" Necklaceby kiwipaul
My mother's favorite melaniej
Art Nouveau Suffragette necklace, by Murrle Bennett? c. 1900by BelleEp…
Liquid Silver Necklace – 20 Strands, about 24 Inchesby freiheit
Kunzite Necklaceby pastacc…
Very Old Ivory Necklessby Smurffie
The Southern Lights Necklace - 64 carats of South Australian Crystal Opal, set in Platinum and Diamondsby kiwipaul
AURORA - an Antique 20ct Gem Quality Solid Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, set in a Modern White Gold and Diamond Necklaceby kiwipaul
Enamel and Amethyst Necklaceby Bluboi
Old copper necklace by billypi…
Wiener Werkstätte Micro-Beaded Necklaces Circa 1910-1920by Bluboi
Barse Sterling Festoon Necklace with Green Stone/Glassby freiheit
Gold and Gem-Set Pendant by Bluboi
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jade Real Seed Pearls Necklaceby mssue64
pretty necklaceby surfdub66
gold necklace by surfdub66
Enameled chain and pendant Circa late 17th Cby Bluboi
Rare Deco Nephrite Jade Graduated Round Bead Necklace by Moonsto…
1927 Liberty One Dollar by Thriftygirl94
Salmon delight for my Bday :)by kyratango
A Brooch/Necklace by Otto Roland Mellin of Finland, 1874by kiwipaul
Art Deco Enamel and Sterling Silver Necklace Featuring Mythical Pan Characterby vintage…
Lovely vintage gem necklace by ArcherZG
How old is this? Looks gardinerth
Liberty & Co. silver enameled Arts & Crafts necklace, England c. 1900by BelleEp…
Austro-Hungarian silver amethyst and pearl necklace c. 1860by BelleEp…
White and Black Stone Necklace and Earringsby DerBayz
Art Nouveau necklaceby Peaseje…
Liberty & Co. Turquoise Silver Necklace, probably by Jessie M. King c. 1900by BelleEp…
British Arts & Crafts Revivalist Mother of Pearl and Moonstone Necklace, by Amy Sandheim? c. 1920by BelleEp…
This copper piece takes my breath away!by IsaiahsCanvas
 Margot de Taxco ? molded Silver chokerby Behrinm…
Vintage Rock Crystal Scarabs Necklaceby wpj
Jugendstil plique-a-jour enamel slide necklace, Germany c. 1900by BelleEp…
T & C necklace by Jewels
"E" necklaceby srwolson
Antique Moonstone Necklaceby wpj
penti sarpaneva necklaceby artislove
Bond Boyd Vintage Sterling Necklaceby freiheit
Antique Amber Festoon Necklaceby wpj
Antique Moss Agate Festoon Necklaceby wpj
Antique Gold Moonstone Necklaceby wpj
this odd necklaceby brassnut
A Beautiful Ivory Necklaceby stwilli…
Late victorian agate cameo I enhanced!by kyratango
Antique ivory chain kyratango
1920's Graduation Necklaceby shareur…
Art Nouveau swag necklaceby Peaseje…
What are these pieces?... help! Jade?by LauraL
Made in Japan pink glass beaded necklace by Behrinm…
One of MyLast Finds:  Sterling Multi-Colour Necklaceby freiheit
Ross & Simons 23" Single Strand Necklace/Brown Fresh Water Pearls, Pink Coral, and Peach Faceted Aventurine/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
10K Gold Necklace – Grab-Bag Findby freiheit
800 Filigree Necklaceby freiheit
Antique Moonstone Collar Necklaceby wpj
Blue Lapis Glass (?) necklace Anyone know the period and Makerby NancyC
Vintage Elephant Bone Necklace by tom61375
Can anyone tell me what this is? Antique coin?by LauraL
Skonvirke silver guard chain with chrysoprase, Scandinavian c. 1890by BelleEp…
Vintage Sterling Necklace With Malachite by freiheit
silver choker type necklaces from Indiaby S.Bingham
Unknown style and maker necklace arts and crafts?by kyratango
Barroque pearl silver necklace by Rodi & Wienenberger of Pforzheim c. 1900by BelleEp…
Lapis Lazuli Necklace Made in Chileby freiheit
 Lapis Lazuli Sterling Necklaceby freiheit
Inherited Bead and Ivory necklace by Delicate
Oriental Hand Made Beaded Chain - by unger10
Austro-Hungarian silver enamel necklace, c. 1900by BelleEp…
Antique Austro-Hungarian Turquoise Necklaceby wpj
Wonderful 19th century Austro-Hungarian necklaceby BelleEp…
Sapphires? Lapis? Who knows?  by LauraL
Multi Strand Multi Stone Necklacesby wpj
Malachite jewelryby Newtimes
Arts and Crafts Moonstone Necklaceby wpj
Edwardian Multi Stone Dangle Necklaceby wpj
Antique Moonstone Necklace by wpj
Old Heart Necklaceby elforbo…
Multi Strand Sterling Vintage Necklaceby freiheit
Paolo Romeo Ventage Cross Necklaceby Jono
Simple rose quartz demi parureby Newtimes
Egyptian? Large Bloodstone Pendant Silver Necklace by wpj
Antique Arts and Crafts Enamel and Coral Necklaceby wpj
Liberty & Co Silver and Moonstone Necklace by William Hair Haselerby BelleEp…
Wonderful Persian Enamel Silver Filigree Agram.m
Help Needed:Rose Quartz, Pearls, and 925 Silver?by freiheit
Vintage Blue Topaz Briolette 14k Demi Parure Earring Neklace Setby Moonsto…
Antique Japanese Carved Ivory Flower Pendant Bead Necklace by Moonsto…
The Manhattan Collectionby Zowie
14k Gold  Emeral & Pearl Necklace Garage Sale Scoreby Stillwa…
My grandmother left this necklace to meby kimberlymic…
Victorian Citrine and Seed Pearl Festoon Necklaceby wpj
Victorian Festoon Red Tigers Eye Necklace by wpj
French Jet Necklaceby freiheit
Victorian Silver Moonstone Necklaceby Agram.m
British Arts & Crafts Silver and Opal Floral Necklaceby BelleEp…
Old ivory necklacesby Newtimes
Jugendstil Pearl & Turquoise Necklace by Carl Hermann from Pforzheimby BelleEp…
Sterling Silver & Gold Necklaceby NicoleJ…
1970s Gold Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Ivory ,onyx and enamel beads by ATTWOOD
silver and i do not know what????by lilbevey
Beautiful Moonstone? necklaceby lilbevey
Antique Victorian Chinese Carved Quartz Marcasite Sterling Necklaceby Moonsto…
Antique Victorian Ceylon Moonstone Flower Silver Necklace by Moonsto…
Sterling Silver Star of David by Thedaby NicoleJ…
Paloma Picasso "Loving Heart" Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Ornate Sterling Silver Chokerby NicoleJ…
Assortment of Vintage Necklaces and Chokersby NicoleJ…
Sterling Silver Star/Butterfly Pull-Apart Necklaceby NicoleJ…
Gold, Turquoise and Seed Pearlsby wpj
Deco Enamel and Sepentine Festoon Necklaceby wpj
Chinese Turquoise and Silver Wire Work Necklaceby wpj
Antique Festoon Amethyst Necklaceby wpj
vintage necklaceby faldi
Antique Fire Opal Disk Bead 16" 14k  Necklace by Moonsto…
Beautiful Necklace  from Japanby Songwri…
Beaded Necklace from Japanby Songwri…
Antique silver filigree watch fob and key on Belcher chainby Agram.m
Five Row Sweet Water pearl necklaceby Agram.m
Malachite long (60 cm) necklaceby Agram.m
Modernist Silver and Amber Necklaceby davyd286
Antique Chinese Turquoise and Coral Necklaceby wpj
Nazca Peru Indian BONE necklace!  Bones of what? Aliens! and Thorn pendant and ear rings with blue light! copy of spaceship?by toracat
Two long Silver ART DECO necklacesby Agram.m
Victorian wonderfulPressed Horn Sterling Silver chain and pendantby Agram.m
Victorian Festoon Opal Necklaceby wpj
Antique Moonstone Pendant Necklaceby wpj
Antique Victorian Turquoise and Seed Pearl Necklaceby wpj
Antique Moonstone by wpj
Tribal type necklace unknownby papa
Simple but decorative heavy sterling silver necklaceby Agram.m
Mother of pearl necklaceby Newtimes
Victorian or Edwardian tassel necklace w/hair horseshoe charmby valenti…
Edwardian 15ct Gold, Peridots and Seed Pearls Pendantby freiheit
art smith sterling necklaceby alberto
Archeology: Golden necklace. Really old, looking for additional information. by Hansel
My Christmas present from the mother in lawby jlennon…
Jewelry Trademark Infoby freebird0700
Pools of Light Necklaces and Earrings  ( Or Ignorance ain't bliss )by froggym…
My Darlin's Fine Jewelry ---   Dragonflyby musikchoo
Nazca Peru Indian Jewelry, Famous Nazca lines Made by Aliens?by toracat
Vintage Millefiori bead necklaceby Agram.m
Fourth generation family pearlsby blegoff
TAYLOR Watch Necklace - Swiss Madeby JollyM
Cross upside down with beast!  Where is this from? and how old?Mystery solved!by toracat
wonderful Czech red glass bubble bead necklaceby vintage…
Vintage 14K yellow gold chokerby Agram.m
Vintage Solid Silver Pendent With Semi Precious Stones - Circa 1950'sby thehoro…
14k Gold, Emeralds, Pearls, & Garnets - 19th Century Chinese Gambling Tokenby Stillwa…
Gold Magnifying Glass Pendant + chainby stargatemar…
bailey banks and biddle watchby chrissyg
Victorian czech glass necklaceby Newtimes
2005 $10 Eagle Platinum Liberty Coin in Bezelby purpledog
My gold chain with coinby kab0516
14k Gold Fluted Bead Necklace - 1940's-60's - Thrift Store!by Stillwa…
Native American  or  Mexican silver and Abaloneby Greatsn…
Garnet/Sterling pieceby Deanteaks
squash blossom necklace by roxy57
2 Reales Treasure Coin - Sure Could Use a Little Help Reading Thisby purpledog
Family Necklaceby WayaAdalii
mom's giftby DanBenton
Sterling Silver Purple Stone Amuletby Luisa
Turquoise Chokerby paticak…
Exceptional Early Cartier Carved Coral Bead, onyx and pearls necklace, with 18k solid gold mountby tonyee
Gorgeous Heart Garnet Pearl Necklaceby TamaraB
Nicolis Cola 18k gold necklace by brokeragesa…
Sand Cast Silver Yei Men Necklaceby NativeJ…
Where is this ivory, turquoise and carnelian necklace from?by cthom818
Vintage pearl seed bead multi strand necklace made in vintage…
Necklace mysteryby Ballsto…
Venetian or millefiori???by Ballsto…
any info?by jcs123
worth anything?by jcs123
Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Necklace with 1.26cts Diamonds & Carved Rubies, Sapphires & Emeralds in 18kby divinef…
Pre Civil War Jewelry or Victorian ca 1894?by LarisaBray
Vintage necklaceby urbanch…
??? found this about 20 years agoby dani
Ivory / Bone Rose Necklace by TeresaD
Bear Necklaceby Deanteaks
Vintage beads necklaceby Agram.m
Necklace silver copper, Native American? Mexican? Other?by retro597
14k Turtle & 14k Butterfly by TeresaD
Help what is this .by jacksonkath…
Antique Enamel Religious Necklaceby Crystalrose
 necklace over 200 years old?by diamondgal
1854 kellogg coinby mrsbaddestb…
Does anyone recognize this mark?by eliza
Antique French Limoges Hand Painted Pendant w/ 18 k chain NEED HELP!by rocklan…
One of my favorite necklacesby lndrozd…
My Mom's Lucerne Watch Pendantby Marilyn…
Alaska necklaceby tazzrlr
Walrus Tusk Ivoryby TeresaD
Very Tiny Cameo Pendant by SortingLooms
Black and Blueby SortingLooms
Stone with silver butterflies in a circle pendant, maybe asian christian relgeous Christell
Beautiful vintage pendant with Diamondsby Furee65
pendents uniqueby tazzrlr
pendent  unique  14k +++by tazzrlr
Cameo necklaceby Deanteaks
Vintage Millefiore Beads necklaceby Agram.m
Palmnut Neckaceby Ibiwari
Elegance Personifiedby Ibiwari
Necklace Dundun Sule aka Fulani Wedding Beadsby Ibiwari
Fine elegant antique pendantby Agram.m
Flower 14K white gold necklace with diamonds by Agram.m
Warriors Poised for Battleby Ibiwari
Beautiful Traditional Afrikan Necklaceby Ibiwari
14k Gold Lavalier Necklace With Amethyst and Opal by mark
Gold Diamonds & hearts A Nice Trio From The 1960'sby bahamaboy
14k Vintage Amethyst Cross Pendantby bahamaboy
Old 14k gold-Diamond-Amethyst Heart Pendantby bahamaboy
Grandmother's pendant "Souvenir"by SMD
18k Gold Nugget Pendantby bahamaboy
Aquamarine necklaceby wolcott1
Miriam Haskell?by idontknow
1715 Plate Fleet Coin Pendantby bahamaboy
A TRUE one of a kind! by tikiray
Help watch make of Necklace would this be by mot1954
Silver enameled  flower Art Nouveau necklace with Marcacites by Agram.m
turquoise & silver antique KatCalhoun
Unmarked Deco? Rhinestone Necklaceby hmyers
Unknown Coin/Medalby Gilchrn
An incredible diamond and enamel necklace - Georgian eraby Cynthadia
Necklace from Indian Reserveby betapage
Raggey ann charm 1981by tishal
Interesting Pendantby bulkyfi…
Sterling necklaceby mac
nacelace ( without chain)by maxie
14K Gold Portrait Porcelain Broochby MoL42
Liz & Co Necklaceby Irishna…
Alsta Teardrop Clock Pendantby BenderOak
Italian Micro Mosaicsby TamaraB
World War II Casablanca Souvenir Silver Woman Head Pendantby Sandalina
ID Help Needed On Amber MBallard
Very old Ivory and Coral  Choker Necklace may Yemeni?by annmac
Betty Cooke Necklaceby jctshorty
Sweet Victorian Pinchbeck Locket with Squirrel and Nut by Kitty
Is anyone familiar with this pendant?by happygirl
Rare COPPOLA e TOPPO ITALY Crystal Necklace BIJOUX LO-SA Prototypeby mymemine
Family Jewelryby archwaysjeff
Ni'ihau Shell Leiby Belltown
Lucerne Swiss Made Watch Necklace Pendantby darkkush
Handcarved Ivory Necklace Setby tcldpnk28
St. Christopher Pendantby kristin
Castellani pendantby wolcott1
The Mourning Industry Begins: Charles 1st Pendantby artofmo…