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Big NOT OLD Chinese jadeite, Chinese marked platinum butterfly kyratango
Antique broochby Steptoe1
Beau Sterling Broochby nutsabo…
14k Gold Powder Puff Derby Pinby JFranca
Antique broochby Steptoe1
14k Gold Hummingbird Pendant/Brooch with Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphireby JFranca
Mid-century sterling tigereye fish pin/pendantby valenti…
Mexican Silver and Turquoise Broochby nutsabo…
Antique Gold Sunburst Brooch / Pendantby nutsabo…
James Adler brooch possiblyby Clare814023
Golden brooch- flea market find € 0,50by Hel1
Gold tiger brooch stamped 18Kby hibbers
Vintage Roadrunner Pin Enamel Mother of Pearlby cindyjune
585/14K & Cultured Pearls Brooch Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.12)by Efesgirl
Large Danecraft Sterling Broochby freiheit
Large silver pendant / brooch with Dutch Lionby Hel1
Unusual Vintage Broochby freiheit
Antique chrysanthemum enamel stickpin, part 2 after kyratango
Antique chrysanthemum gold diamond enamel stickpin. Part 1 before repair!by kyratango
1950's Vintage Nephrite Jade brooch gold vermeil over sterling: Maker: Karen Lynneby KarenLR71
VINTAGE BAR PINby antique…
If anyone could maybe help me with this one?  Just over it and it says star on the backby Lightworker…
Antique prosthetic glass eye silver brooch, Arts and Crafts Era?by kyratango
Antique silver and paste brooch/pendant, mysterious maker again!by kyratango
Gilt Silver Filigree Brooch, Spainby katheri…
Old Japanese/Chinese Painted on Stoneby mssue64
Antique vine grape brooch Fonseque et kyratango
Flea Market Finds, but a Thrift Store BUY! by billret…
Large Sterling Burkhardt (Birks?) Broochby freiheit
Art Nouveau repousse brooch, stone insert infoby VintageD_10
585 (14K) Gold Two Tone Brooch Thrift Shop Find 2,50 Euro ($2.65)by Efesgirl
Is anyone familiar with this piece or the Tishky
Cosmic Colorsby Drayton…
Antique 15 ct gold seed pearl and sapphire lyre broochby Bettyb00
Antique Australian 9ct gold opal sword & crescent brooch by Bettyb00
Antique 18K Rose Gold Seed Pearl Brooch/Pendant Frameby Agram.m
Can anyone help with information about this brooch?by Bflerlage
Vienna gold broochby IVAN49
Aesthetic George W. Shiebler mixed metal Curio Etruscan Medallion Brooch 1880sby Morganm…
Nice JG broochby Mrstynd…
800 Silver Lapis, Blue Cabochon Eyes, and Blue Enamel Dragonfly Broochby Enamele…
Meyle & Mayer Jugendstil Silver and Garnet Brooch c. 1900by BelleEp…
.835 Silver Tulip Brooch Post 1953by Efesgirl
Small Sterling Broochby freiheit
IDENTIFY my broochby silwerg…
Ceylon blue moonstones and rubies vintage brooch, gilded metal (?).by kyratango
New Zealand Arts & Crafts broochby Kiwitaia
Antique stag beetle brooch, silver, enamel, kyratango
Antique beetle bar brooch, silver and cats eye body. And Charlie cat, kyratango
Hand Painted Miniature Portrait Victorian Brooch Pin, Marked on Backby CuriousGeor…
Antique tussie mussie brooch, silver and half pearls naturalistic kyratango
Edwardian Gold & Opal Crescent Broochby TassieD…
Large and Unusual Sterling and Amber Inlay Broochby freiheit
Big and beautiful Scottish Arts & Crafts broochby BelleEp…
My first Pennanular brooch/pinby alwayss…
Two enamel brooches - who by?by racer4f…
1940's/1950's hand painted rose brooch 800 silverby Bettyb00
Sage & Silver Wedgwood Pins and Ear Clipsby beyemvey
Silver Marcasite Brooch- German madeby AdeleC
ENAMEL BROOCHby antique…
Arts and crafts? Carved jade? Sterling kyratango
Silver Kitty Broochby Karenoke
Antique 14k enamel beetle watch kyratango
Vintage pin or brooch by Lamplov…
A Pretty Stainless Steel Scarf Brooch Thrift Store Find Today by billret…
Tiny Green Eyed Silver Turtle/Tortoise Brooch and Friendby TassieD…
Dorrie Nossiter? Silver and Blister Pearl Broochby Peaseje…
A big scam from India!by kyratango
Zeidell's Sterling Silver Broochby katheri…
Art Deco Sterling Brooch, Early 20 Centuryby Alan2310
585 Broochby JennyN
Tiny Tiffany Leafby Sting
Diamond and pearl brooch and kilt pinby Gransje…
Stupid Mark: Silver & Crystal Bar Brooch, Silver Lot Buyby Efesgirl
Art deco French silver, chalcedony, onyx and pastes jabot kyratango
Just Andersen Copenhagen Sterling Brooch Vintage Shop Find 7 Euro ($7.29)by Efesgirl
Cameo broochby Hel1
Small, Old, Scottish Religious Pinby freiheit
The back side of my brooch from previous postby JoniF
Sterling Silver,Marcasite, and Lapis Lazuli Brooch by watchnut
Silver 925 pin with 3 Pearls and Stonesby Honest2…
Unusual Sterling Silver Lapel Broochby Efesgirl
Silver brooch by Reggersby Hel1
Hand painted Fragonard Broochby stigofthedump
Silver brooch, pixie in a shell.......Instone?by racer4f…
Antique 1840 pinchbeck swiss landscape miniature painting under glass kyratango
Sterling Silver Brooch by Caperkid
Bernard Instone Silver Broochby Peaseje…
Some closer pics. From "A Rainy Day Array"by billret…
This is my second favorit piece 2 love Sarahopal
Vintage Sterling Silver Pin Signedby Dallibone
Unmarked Beautiesby Drayton…
Small Butterfly Wing Silver Brooch + little glass elephant Market Finds!!!by TassieD…
Vintage pins handed down to me , cameo neckles handed down, breclets and metalby Kmarie
Gold Enameled Coral Garnet Blackamoor Brooch Pinby Agram.m
New use for bead necklaces and brooches: lariat/neglige necklace!by kyratango
Genuine Pewter horse head pinby jlitterio
 Mid-Century .835 Silver Gilt Rose Broochby Efesgirl
Marie georges-william Barboteaux - art deco broochby paris1925
Japanese Broochby Snodgrass
L.LEXCELLENT  rose flower silver brooch N°2by paris1925
Antique turqouise and almandine brooch POST 2by Elisabe…
Antique turqouise and almandine brooch POST 1by Elisabe…
Antique chinese kingfisher feather hairpinsby Elisabe…
14 carat gold Buddha broochby kinje01
"Pinch clip insect, cat's eye, moonstones, 800 kyratango
Lady Portrait in Brooch ---  PART 2 -----by TassieD…
Lady Portrait in Pinchbeck Brooch by TassieD…
Filigree 925 Leaf Keepsake Box & Zeeuwse Knopjes Silver Brooch From Geri's Stashby Efesgirl
Silver brooch with wonderful shamrock/clove leaf etching by Elisabe…
Vintage Wedgewood Basalt Jasperware Broochby watchnut
Large antique brooch, view of Louvre and River Seine, fixé sous verre miniature. by kyratango
Shipton or German Arts and Crafts inspired citrine silver kyratango
Two similar brooches, Arts and Crafts styleby racer4f…
Cased antique micromosaic beetle gold stickpin. Kyratised!by kyratango
Bernard Instone Silver Broochby Peaseje…
Victorian?  Engraved Gold and Garnet Broochby Peaseje…
Enamel brooch marked ARD&Sby racer4f…
The Tooth Fairy Missed This One!!!by TassieD…
Looking for more informationby Temolloy
Tasmanian Trigonia Shell Broochby TassieD…
Amita Sterling Japan Broochby TassieD…
Sterling,  Gold , Marcasite & ?? Green Gemstone Celiene
i cant find any info on this either but it looks similar to Hantys belt buckel yes/ no by booboos
Creepy Daguerreotype Picture Broochby TassieD…
A (Micro) Mosaic Horse Shoe Broochby Agram.m
Old hand painted cameoby justme2016
Ken > Siamese Fighting Fish/Beta Broochby Efesgirl
18K Gold & Enamel Ribbon Pendant Brooch Flea Market Find $4.00by Efesgirl
.925 and 14K heart pin or pendant signed kimd
Antique 18K Gold Peruvian Brooch Flea Market Find $6.00by Efesgirl
Arts and Crafts 9ct gold Operculum Shell Broochby TassieD…
Badge Identification Pleaseby Oldfatherti…
Silver jewelry! by Nicspawee
Bernard Instone Silver Citrine Broochby Peaseje…
Knoll & Pregizer silver and paste leaf kyratango
Sterling Silver Brooch ( Mexico ) - Umbrellaby antique…
Silver and Chrysophrase Bernard Instone Broochby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Brooch?by Peaseje…
C1930 "School of Rhoda Wager" 9ct gold Brooch with White Cliffs Opal Doublet.. Mystery Solved thanks to KiwiPaulby TassieD…
Today's  thrift shop findby Junkman60
My husband purchased a "lot" of items from an Auction MamaDot
Suffrage -- Silent Sentinel pinby Bluboi
18K Gold Bird Pin !!!!!!!!! local thrift store awhile ago !!!!!!!!!!by toyhoar…
Favorite Brooch!by Francesca
I Had To Show This Brooch - It Belongs To My Good Friend. Flea Market Find $2.00by Efesgirl
Victorian brooch?by katheri…
Beautiful Vintage Flutterby Brooch came France from a CW member as a gift :-) by Manikin
Vintage Gold Lion Broochby Junkman60
FLORA DANICA gold over silver LEAF brooch Eggert Denmarkby TassieD…
1950s Sterling Silver & Vermeil Parsley Brooch By Orla Eggert Denmark Antique Market Find $5.00by Efesgirl
Silverplated Art Nouveau Safety Pin Brooch Garage Sale Find $2.00by Efesgirl
WW2 Gold Irvin Caterpillar Club Badge/Broochby TassieD…
Wood / Sterling / Lucite Broochby Stillwa…
A small selection of gold broochesby TassieD…
Silver Dog Face Broochby TassieD…
Bond Boyd Sterling Vintage Broochby freiheit
A Tale of Two Broochesby Emme
1930's Moonstone and Amethyst Broochby wpj
Sterling Silver & Onyx Brooch, Flea Market Find Today - $1.00by Efesgirl
early'1900 silver brooch "rose de france" by L. Lexcellent, ECOLE DE NANCYby paris1925
Brooch from this weeks yard salesby Murphda
Unger Brothers Sterling Silver Pin, and a foreign broots
Cannetille butterfly broochby martika
David - Andersen Guilloche Butterfly Broochby Emme
Hawaii Coat of Arms Sterling Pinby Emme
Arts and Crafts Handmade Multistone Broochby wpj
Australian antique 15ct gold sweetheart broochby Bettyb00
Sterling Horse Head Pinby Junkman60
My Birthday Presentsby Junkman60
Sterling Silver Umbrella Brooch by Efesgirl
Bumblebee brooch by Oldfash…
 Antique Georgian Sterling Silver Intaglio Brooch with Tiny Paste - Rhinestonesby glassie…
Vintage Danecraft Sterling Broochby freiheit
WW1 Australian Gold Sweetheart Broochesby TassieD…
.835 Silver & Garnet Pendant, 1950s & Unusual Silver Plated 1930s Lourdes Broochby Efesgirl
Biggest bumble bee brooch, gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, kyratango
Antique 14ct gold crescent seed pearl broochby Bettyb00
Broachby TinyT
Tiny pheasant sterling brooch mark A kyratango
Peculiar Victorian Double Star Silver Broochby Efesgirl
Vintage Brooch/Pinby CJMChevy
Silver and Plique Ajour Enameled pinby Junkman60
Turquoise "Wagon Wheels" Brooch- N. American LOUMANAL
18k Victorian Flower Broochby kryscio…
Vintage sailboat rubies and sapphires gold kyratango
Antique silver broochby martika
Australian antique amethyst&seed pearl brooch in 9ct gold by Willisby Bettyb00
Easter bunny reverse painted crystal intaglio gold stick kyratango
Pt. 2 >What The Victoria & Albert Museum In London Said About My Efesgirl
Mystery silver brooch with Arabic (?) callighraphyby martika
Gold Lion Brooch with Ruby Eyesby Junkman60
Gold and Jade Turtle Pinby Junkman60
Gold Owl Pinby Junkman60
Gold and Turquoise Elephant Pinby Junkman60
Gold and Jade Lady Bug Pinby Junkman60
Norway Sterling And Green Enameled Flower Broochby Junkman60
18K Gold Victorian/Edwardian Enamel & Diamond Bird Stick Pin Flea Market Find $1.00by Efesgirl
Dutch Delft Sterling Broochby freiheit
Vintage Gold and Ruby Leaf Broochby Junkman60
Antique Silver Brooch Pinby Junkman60
Vintage Gold Enameled Flower Pinby Junkman60
Vintage Brooch with Large Pearlby freiheit
Unmarked Filigree Broochby freiheit
Gold lined Victorian kookaburrasby Bettyb00
9ct gold antique Australian opal chip miners brooch by Bettyb00
Edwardian silver horseshoe broochby Newtimes
"Georgian" foiled crystal GOLD beetle kyratango
Antique gold plated dragon chasing a moonstone stick pin and antiqu bone china bootsby Bettyb00
Vintage Sterling Silver Broochby nutsabo…
Victorian handcrafted  citrine set brooch in 15ct yellow goldby Bettyb00
Carved Ivory Brooch, Efesgirl
1949 Fraternity/Sorority Pin 1/2" Diamond Shaped Badge w/Tripodby CantFigureT…
Jay Flex Sterling and Rhinestone Broochby freiheit
Alphonse La Paglia Sterling Silver Tulipby JewelryAmat…
Big Victorian silver and paste kyratango
14K Gold (585) & Cultured Pearl Brooch, Flea Market Find - A Buck!by Efesgirl
Possibly silver and amber tie pin or broochby martika
Little picture of a bonsaï mother of pearl kyratango
Another one! Beetle bug !!!by kyratango
Antique Victorian glass and silver bug REPAIRED!by kyratango
Damaged Scottish leaf brooch rebirth!by kyratango
Silver and marcassite jewelryby Newtimes
Arts and Crafts silver amazonite brooch, original kyratango
14K White Gold Antique Brooch with Diamondsby CTreasu…
.835 Silver With Gold Accents Tie Clip, Thrift Shop Find, $1.50by Efesgirl
English Moonstone Broochby wpj
A Selection of Bernard Instone Broochesby Peaseje…
Antique Arts & Crafts Style Sterling Silver & Blue Stone Brooch Germanyby davyd286
Gold flower spray pinby valenti…
Rococo style 40's or 50's vermeil scroll pinby valenti…
Art Deco Silver Gilt Insect Broochby Agram.m
Golden SNOWFLAKE and Tim Hortons- Very Canadian EH!!by LOUMANAL
Bugs in pot!by kyratango
Filigree Sterling Silver Broochby freiheit
Three Bernard Instone Enamel and Silver Broochesby Peaseje…
A 14k Gold Brooch Formed As A Bee & Set With Blue Sapphire Stonesby bladeru…
Micromosaic brooch, early kyratango
Pins, tie pins? Scarabs by PickerX
Old Niello Silver / Gold Brooches by Agram.m
Antique Cabochon Broochesby wpj
Tiger's eye big Victorian insect kyratango
Hungarian Moonstone and Opal Broochby wpj
Antique Black Dot Broochesby wpj
Nouveau Gold Circular Griffin Brooch by wpj
Art Deco - Vintage Silver Gem Stone Broochby Peaseje…
Vintage Carved Lizard Brooch by wpj
Antique Gem Set Turtle Broochby wpj
Nouveau Gold Chalcedony Broochby wpj
My grandmothers brooch. by NanaM
Another big Victorian winged insect brooch!by kyratango
Unknown beautyby mollymay
Help Pleaseby mollymay
Help identifying makers and age. by Miksss
BOYD -- Bird Brooch -- Markedby antique…
Pretty Sterling Brooch with Purple Stoneby freiheit
My Bernard Instone Christmas Decoration a little bit to earlyby Peaseje…
Victorian 9 ct gold, silver and base metal stickpinby Newtimes
Two Very Small French Miniature Emaille Portraits by Efesgirl
Gladys and Charles Mumford Silver and Amethyst Broochby Peaseje…
Super big winged insect victorian moonstones kyratango
Murrle Bennett & Co Brooch, set with Chrysoprase and Pearls in 15ct Goldby kiwipaul
Some paste and silver animal brooches and a moonstone and pearls kyratango
1950's-1960's 14k figurine pinsby Indiarain
Vintage Brooch -- Sterling Silverby antique…
White Gold Bar Pin Marked with 14K and a Key Symbol by freiheit
Silver and marcassite broochby Newtimes
WMF Silver Pinby Peaseje…
14k Gold Judith Green signed Brooch Apple with Cabochon stonesby Anagleswfla
"The Silver Bullet" Bell Aircraft WWII P-39 Airacobra, and P-39 Brooch, July 1941, the "First Step" toward the sound barrier. by whlong
A Georgian to Regency Period Gold Brooch - later set with a Coober Pedy Crystal Opal, circa 1935by kiwipaul
Beautiful antique hand painted broochby cherubc…
Fine antique porcelain plaque gold brooch - city river landscape sceneby cherubc…
2 Secret and Invaluable P-39 Airacobra Brooches with photos of Larry Bell, Founder of Bell Aircraft and King Peter II of Yugoslby whlong
Antique Wood Angel Pinby katyrose
My Favorite Antique Portrait Broochby cherubc…
Gold Plated Sterling Brooch/Pendantby freiheit
Unusual Rosenthal Germany Porcelain Hand Painted Brooch w/Silver Mountby Efesgirl
.925 Sterling Silver/Gold Overlay Brooch - What's the 2nd Mark?by Efesgirl
Let's Brooch the subject (You liked what I did there)by Hoipolloi
14 carat gold and freshwater pearl griffin kyratango
SPECIAL  ANGELby watchnut
Very Large Creepy Sterling Lobster Brooch/Pendantby freiheit
19s Lava Cameo brooch set in Agram.m
Can anyone tell me anything about this gorgeous pin...thanksby ladybug2
Mystery 18k Gold Enamel & Ruby Bow Broochby Stillwa…
Beaux-Arts style George N. Steere sash pinby Bluboi
Japanese Shakudo Broochby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Broochesby Peaseje…
Chene d Glas by Pat Cheneyby Peaseje…
Peruzzi of Florence, large Sterling Silver pinby alien-j
Celtic Silver Kilt ? Pin with Marcasite & Amethyst or Glass Rhinestonesby davyd286
Etruscan style broochby Newtimes
Large Sterling Filigree Broochby freiheit
Sting mood, insect stick pin!by kyratango
Old Pinby fhrjr2
Vintage Chinook Salmon broochby scottvez
Pietra dura fly kyratango
A reverse painted intaglio of Louis Blériot's kyratango
Butterfly wings brooch kyratisation, kyratango
Butterfly wings brooch kyratisation ! Part #1by kyratango
Stick pins again!by kyratango
Stick pins 2 on viennese bronze pin kyratango
Stick pins!by kyratango
Fruit tree kyratango
Beautiful Modernist Silver & Malachite Brocch, from Germanyby BelleEp…
family jewel 2by spurslady41
family jewelby spurslady41
Bell Aircraft P-39 Airacobra: Historical Fighter Airplane Platinum and Diamond Brooch or Desk Modelby whlong
Lucky Saint Patrick day, touch of green!by kyratango
Georg Jensen Vintage Sterling Silver Dove brooch #134by Koppel
Hugo Grun (Grøn) Danish sterling silver Broochby Koppel
Silver filigree Butterflyby vintagecrazy
my favorite broochby christinetu…
Sterling, Marcasite, and Amethyst Spider Pinby freiheit
Vintage Pin - Not sure what this isby Shayantiques
Another Jugendstil brooch from Pforzheim, Germany, made c. BelleEp…
Jugendstil floral silver brooch from Pforzheim, Germany c. 1900by BelleEp…
Kalupe Sterling Brooch with Amberby freiheit
Froggies part 2! by kyratango
Froggies kyratango
Froggies!by kyratango
Butterfly brooch dated 1898!by kyratango
Some flowers and grapes to wait for warm days!by kyratango
19th century diamond birdie (swallow) pin/hair kyratango
Victorian antique broochby Peaseje…
Asian Ivory and Silver Broochby racer4f…
Large Silver and Gold Dragonfly Brooch /Marked .925 with Hallmarks Illegible/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Frances Yeend Opera Singer Broochby vintage…
Large Bond Boyd Sterling Silver Broochby freiheit
Micro Mosaic Spaniel Dog Brooch Circa 1840by vintage…
Rooster kyratango
family broochby fishypeanut
Art Noveau broochby Elisabe…
Bernard Instone Broochesby Peaseje…
Gold Filagree? Floral Pinby Vintage…
Antique Oval Japanese Satsuma Meiji period Dragon Brooch Pin by Agram.m
Stick pin with a little attitudeby Jerryp182
Brooch with Blue Cabochon Marked Sterlingby freiheit
Silver Amethyst Broochby Peaseje…
My introduction to Art Nouveau! by abennet…
Touch of purple on enamel bow kyratango
Need help with dating this brooch/pinby ILoveJunk
Butterfly enamel pin as kyratango
Crown Trifari Vintage Gold Flower with Pearlsby littleofeve…
Jugendstil 800 Silver & Chrysoprase Brooch c. 1900, by Wilhelm Müller of Berlinby BelleEp…
Gold-Washed Sterling Pin with Genuine  Pearlby freiheit
Large Vintage Sterling Silver Lang Broochby freiheit
Bond Boyd Sterling Vintage Brooch with Blue and Clear Rhinestonesby freiheit
Real tortoise shell broochby Jewels
Sweet brooch with scratched inscription by Jewels
Sterling Silver and Enamel Pat Cheney Pinby freiheit
Brooch--what's this stoneby Jewels
14 Karat Gold Scarab And Seed Pearl Pinby Toni1969
Victorian Keepsake Glass Brooch Displays Mine Cut Diamond Ring by whoopie
Occupants of the Barbotine basket!by kyratango
Bond Boyd Vintage Pinby freiheit
Etruscan revival penannular silver brooch by Coppini c. 1890by BelleEp…
Beautiful Rose Ivory Pin Broochby stwilli…
A tribute to the super moon!by kyratango
14k yellow Gold Snake brooch with three Rose Cut Diamondsby Agram.m
Little enamel portrait kyratango
Cute butterfly brooch dated 1898 14k gold, seed pearls and kyratango
My greatest fear and collecting fever... SPIDER!by kyratango
Parrot Head Lapel Pin by kat042392
Tiffany brooch? unmarked. by irene
Beautiful enamel brooch by Elisabe…
Vintage Moonstone and Natural Sapphire Lizard Broochby wpj
mystery broochby sammy1
Sterling Pin with Stone Inlay, Circle, X, & Jeweled Crown~any thoughts?by Budek
Porcelain or China flower brooch pin by MelissaBu
Pin from Italyby Pastime…
Glass overlay of jeweled flowers on Pinby Pastime…
Huge art nouveau silver rose stem brooch, signed kyratango
Bond Boyd Vintage Sterling Bow Pinby freiheit
Grandpa's Boot Pinby Pastime…
Grandmothers Broochby Pastime…
Mourning/sentimental hair and picture swivel kyratango
Women's Pin/Brooch Sterling & Brassby BHock45
Scottish Pin/Broochby freiheit
Scottish Kilt Pin marked JF - John Fraser?by freiheit
Sterling Bird Pinby freiheit
Silver and garnet pin, marked GJ. by kyratango
Hand Painted Silver Filigree BROOCH- Who made this & when?by LOUMANAL
My Pennanular Broochby blingit…
Arts & Crafts French gold and silver penannular brooch c. 1880by BelleEp…
Bronze buckle from the pagan periodby Vintage…
Pretty lapis lazuli and mother of pearl silver brooch c. 1900by BelleEp…
Dutch Costume Brooch and Silver Flower Pinby BHock45
Eidelweiss Silver Brooch OROZby Shirgirl
more insects & bugs broochs, eeek!by kyratango
Jugendstil  Secessionist German Silver Brooch c. 1900by BelleEp…
Green and Blue Schreiner Dome Broochby Zombies…
Signed Schreiner New York Dome Broochby Zombies…
Silver Filigree Broochpin with Stoneby aghcoll…
Sterling Silver and Marcasite Vintage Pin Made in Germanyby freiheit
Art Deco 1930s Theodor Fahrner Brooch Silver Gilt Filligreeby BelleEp…
Vintage Charlie Chaplin Lapel Pin Unknown Signatureby mackay1st
Bond Boyd Rose Pin 925by freiheit
Bond Boyd Trillium Flower Sterling Pinby freiheit
Sterling Silver antique Bug Pin signed REX?by LauraL
Silver Bar Pin with Marcasitesby freiheit
CR CO Sterling Vintage Reis Pinby freiheit
Bond Boyd Sterling Silver and Enamel Vintage Pinby freiheit
Arts & Crafts gold and turquoise pendant and brooch by Murrle Bennettby BelleEp…
Sterling silver wire Pinby Jono
My smallest gold colored pinby Jono
antique animal creepy pins!by kyratango
Bond Boyd Vintage Gold-Washed Pinby freiheit
Bond Boyd Sterling Silver Gold-Washed Vintage Pinby freiheit
Silver (Micro) Mosaic brooch end 19s begin 20s centuryby Agram.m
New Purchase. Weird pin badge Yohanna
Antique Silesian Wirework Broochby wpj
Antique Unusual Ornate Silver Tiger Claw Broochby Agram.m
Assorted broochesby petey
Very pretty ..... Old brooch / pin with colorful glass tilesby Agram.m
Two antique Silver Daisy brooches with gold(?) Agram.m
Antique Masonic Pins Circa 1800by Vintage…
Lovely Hairpin?by blingit…
Sterling maple leaf broochby Newtimes
1930 East High School pin by upstate…
Small lizard silver and marcassite broochby Newtimes
Simple silver stickpinsby Newtimes
Exquisite Antique Georgian Imperial Precious Topaz Seed Pearl Pinchbeck Broochby Apathet…
Fine and delicate silver little flower broochby Agram.m
Stunning art deco broochby Newtimes
Victorian Silver Broochby freiheit
Edwardian silver ciccada broochby Newtimes
What is this? Help!!by lilybel…
cool fish broochby lilbevey
Turquoise and Enamel Peacockby wpj
Strange Vintage Pin - 3by TheRoper
 Strange Vintage Pin - 2by TheRoper
Strange Vintage Pin - 1by TheRoper
pin or broocheby…
Strange Vintage Pin(s)by TheRoper
Large Antique Foiled Moonstone Broochby wpj
Vintage Pearl & Marcasite FLOWER BASKET Brooch- Recognize The Mark?by LOUMANAL
Large Silver Filigree Square Brooch by Agram.m
Transfere & hand painted Broochby Zowie
Large Bond Boyd Sterling Pinby freiheit
Vintage Deco Moonstone Leaf Brooch Sterling Pinby Moonsto…
Antique Victorian Moonstone Bar Brooch Pin Silver Gilt Englandby Moonsto…
Victorian silver and gold horseshoe broochby Newtimes
Antique Arts and Crafts opal Broochby wpj
Mother of pearl pendant and broochesby Newtimes
1940's retro 18 carat gold bow broochby Newtimes
Antique Victorian Silver Malachite buckle broochby Agram.m
Huge Art Nouveau Broochby nouveau…
Scottish Brooch - Cairngorm Stones - Glasgow 1954 Ward Brothersby BHock45
Arts and Crafts / Art Deco Hammered Silver and Cabochon Carnelian Broochby davyd286
Art Nouveau Dragon Fly Broochby wpj
Art Nouveau Pansy Brooch Pin... What a Surprise :)by iHeartP…
My First 18k Fine Yellow Gold Jewel and I Love Itby iHeartP…
Huge Pin... from when?by flbchbms
Silver Filigree Pin with Coralby freiheit
Brooch for WOMEN- Sterling & Onyx - Marked GERMANYby BHock45
victorian type pin and clebar lapel pin watch by starlight
This brooch reminds me of summertime!by antiqua…
Venus' Hair Stone Agate from Kirkcudbright, Scotlandby antiqua…
Edwardian Amethyst Broochby antiqua…
Antique Maroccan Sterling Penannular pin broochby Agram.m
Silver and marcassite broochby Newtimes
Grans Watchby Deborahdag
Victorian silver picture brooch: beauty in ruinsby Newtimes
Antique Victorian Huge Moss Agate Sterling Brooch Germany 40mm x 30mmby Moonsto…
My Grandmother's ART NOUVEAU Pinby LOUMANAL
Tortoise Shell Piqué brooch inlaid with gold and silver by Agram.m
Sterling Silver Fleur de Lis Pinby BHock45
silver and rhinestone clip?by cadillaccar…
Very rare Victorian brooch. Who can me tell more about it!by Agram.m
Bad pictures - What could it be?by freiheit
Possible Satsuma Meiji Period Pinby antiqua…
Help with this pin please!by BHock45
A Puzzling Pieceby freiheit
Edwardian? Silver and  Crystal stone Bar Pin or Broochby LaCours…
Gold pin with head of deityby EllynK
Brooch ? Any info?by Emzyxoxo
Archeology: Silver brooche with Lapis lazuli (semiprecious stone) by Hansel
Ivory broochby Newtimes
Fine Jewleryby MTurtle
Enameled Limoges brooch/pendant silver mountedby Agram.m
One of my Gram's piecesby AEJ
sterling silver broaches swords!  by Walter Lampl!  An UPDATE on mineby toracat
Rose gold decorated antique tiger claw broochby Agram.m
antuque gold earrings and pendant all 14k solid gold HELPby bbgems
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My old 9ct rose and yellow gold silver lined shawnalb
Beautiful woman in tinted cabinet cardby scottvez
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Help identify this item.  by Dot101
Art Deco circle broochby billaknz
Art Deco broochby billaknz
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Vintage  filigree broochby Newtimes
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Grandmothers Brooch - Solved Mystery - Application Intaglioby SortingLooms
Grandmothers Broochby SortingLooms
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Austro Hungarian Garnet Pearl Pendant Broochby TamaraB
Mayan Deity Pin from Arte en Plata by KeithKaz
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silver spider brooch bought recentlyby maggiemay
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14K gold brooch made from an originally so called: Oorijzer by Agram.m
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Hand-wrought Sterling/Onyx pin~Signed RHby Budek
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Newly aquired 18K gold/Diamond "RARE" Paloma Picasso Brooch..Circa 1983by ronandlane
Newly aquired Paloma Picasso "RARE" Dove Brooch in 18K Circa 1983by ronandlane
Seed pearl broochby cemmyc
Toledo damasceneby Esther110
Antique turqoise and gold broochby vintage…
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school .badge tazzrlr
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Bergere Broochby HETHALEE
An Additional Gold Watch from the 1930'sby bahamaboy
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Miner's Candle Holderby covers
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