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Sad Post- Mortem carte de visiteby scottvez
Black Mourning Pendant Locket - Flowers - Seed Pearls - Rubiesby maxiebaby0914
Mourning Locket!by edkal65
CDV of a boy looking at a portrait CDV of a womanby scottvez
Spanish 17th century coffin and skeleton mori snuff box?by SerBlvck
victorian/edwardian  era mourning braceletby edkal65
Queen Victoria Mourning Jewlery by cassikathleen
Mourning ring: "Died by the Hand of an Assassin"by Bluboi
Mourning Painted Porcelian Gypsy Girl Swivel Broochby Peaseje…
Mourning frame with hair-lock & PM photoby dr.sideshow
Victorian 14k enamel, seed pearl, and opal ring by annachapley
Georgian Era Sepia Minatureby Vintage…
Mourning pin?by edkal65
Mourning Pin w Gold Braid, Photo of Manby eekahil
Marked item not familiar with markingsby Jennsbl…
Gutta Percha Mourning Locket Glass Beadsby courten…
Intaglio Glass Mourning Locket Fob Ring 10Kby courten…
Antique mourning broochby Bettyb00
Irish Bog Oak - Looks better than it soundsby Hoipolloi
Blue enamel Forget Me Not Mourning Brooch with Australian Storyby TassieD…
Memento Moury Victorian Jewelleryby Bettyb00
1920s Pearl and black enamel mourning broochby Bettyb00
Georgian Mourning Ring 1809 Nannette "Ann" Margaret Prevost Wife of Major General Augustin Prevostby vintage…
Circa 1788 English Gold Mourning Brooch by vintage…
Huge silver and black enamel mourning locket with hair work, kyratango
Mourning hair broocheby anne1984
Victorian (?) Mourning (?) Brooch Converted Into A Efesgirl
Skeletal Memento Mori Band Circa 1720by Bluboi
Nelson Memorial Pendants (Horatio Nelson -- Part 2)by Bluboi
Gold and Enamel Nelson Mourning Ring (Horatio Nelson Part 1)by Bluboi
Mourning Portrait Miniature of Young Girlby Bluboi
Two Regency Mourning Items - Lyre Brooch and Snake Pinby kiwipaul
Stella Maris Memento Mori Pendantby Bluboi
Black mystery brooch with c- claspby Newtimes
Mourning snake and heart gold hair broochby Agram.m
Victorian Gutta Percha Mourning broochby Elisabe…
Victorian Mourning Pendantby Bluboi
Victorian Onyx and Natural Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Mourning Ring/ Circa 19th-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Victorian Silver Hair Work Mourning pendant by Agram.m
Memorial Hair Bracelet -- Chatsworth Aug 10, 1887by Bluboi
Austro-Hungarian Rose Cut Diamond Amethyst Pearl Ornate Mourning Pendant 800 Silver by Moonsto…
Mourning Pendantby bradley…
Portrait of a child holding a basket by Bluboi
Rare Princess Amelia Mourning Ringby Bluboi
Love Token 14ct yellow gold Broochby Agram.m
Victorian Broochby freiheit
VICTORIAN -- Mourning Jewelry Necklace/Locketby antique…
Blackened Metal Photo Pendant nineteenth century, mourning jewelry by Agram.m
VICTORIAN Whitby jet pendant set with hand-painted porcelain plaque of a young boy portrait by Agram.m
Victorian Mourning Broochby dr.sideshow
Coral Memento Mori Skull Pendantby Bluboi
Gold Slide Representing Mortality and Immortalityby Bluboi
Lord Byron Memorial Mourning Ringby Bluboi
Mourning/sentimental hair and picture swivel kyratango
UPDATE:  Stuart Era Memento Mori Enameled Skull Device Mourning Ringby metalco…
Jet/Onyx, Seed Pearl, Hair, Mourning Pendantby Toni1969
Gutta Percha Victorian Brooch ( Mourning )by antique…
Antique Rose Gold 14ct Mother-on-pearl Mourning Pin/Broochby Agram.m
Mourning earringsby Newtimes
French jet mourning crossby Newtimes
Early mourning brooch from around 1850by Newtimes
Antique Victorian  Braided Hair Work Mourning Braceletby Apathet…
Mourning Pin / Earring?by ho2cult…
Simple jet necklacesby Newtimes
Simple jet broochesby Newtimes
Two Victorian Mourning necklacesby Agram.m
Mystery french jet pendantby Newtimes
Victorian Jet? Mourning Pinby antiqua…
Vulcanite gold decorated locket/pendant by Agram.m
Large Victorian Mourning Faceted Locket Pendantby davyd286
Silver WWI memento crossby Newtimes
More of the Mourning Jewelry - Weiss Butterfly and Starby antiqua…
My favourite mourning broochesby antiqua…
Three little mourning broochesby Agram.m
Antique Victorian vulcanite/Gutta Percha mourning jewelry; earrings and necklace by Agram.m
Circa 1860s Victorian hair pendantby spiderm…
Civil War Confederate Officer mourning brooch by scottvez
Double Silver Mourning Broochby Agram.m
Ornate Victorian Jet Black Mourning Cross Vulcanite Jewelry by Kitty
Victorian Silver Mourning Locket Sickle and Roseby Kitty
Victorian Hair Locket?by gentlyu…
Georgian Mourning Ring Rose Gold with Ivory Hair Miniatureby Kitty
Shell Engraved Mourning ? Heart or other Victorian jewelry piece?by bbrunelle
Victorian American Mourning Brooch & Civil War 'Shot'by miKKoCh…
another mystery pieceby dodieM57
Civil War Gold Mourning Ring?by Jude_Hender…
Georgian Mourning Brooch - George, Age 42by RottenV…
14K Rose gold Mourning pendantby Agram.m
Victorian Enamel Mourning Braceletby Guffy
Victorian Jewelry?by GreenPete
Tortoise Shell Pique SET; earrings and pendantby Agram.m
Onyx mourning crossby Pam5358
Mourning juwelry brooch and earringsby Agram.m
Vintage or Antique Moonstone Ringby AnnieinTX
Mary II Memento Mori Slideby artofmo…
Old pin with hairby TeresaD
Antique Victorian Carved Onyx and Gold Mourning Necklaceby davyd286
Vintage Jet Cameo Mourning Broochby Dottie
mummy locketby wolcott1
Antique Silver Locket (Mourning)by Perleys
1st half of the 20th century mourning pin with hair woven foxmae
French Mourning Locket / Pendantby TamaraB
George Washington Memorial Ringby artofmo…
The Mourning Industry Begins: Charles 1st Pendantby artofmo…