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Victorian micro mosaic brooch by Elisabe…
Silver Floral Micro Mosaic Jesus on Cross Pendant by Agram.m
Gilded Micro Flower Mosaic Rosaryby Agram.m
Antique Fly Micro Mosaic ring set in 14K yellow goldby Agram.m
Heirloom Victorian Micro-Mosaic Broachby Chrisnp
Micro Mosaic Flower Brooch 14K  Etruscan style gold by Agram.m
Italian micro mosaic broochby EDM_KC
Antique Flower Micro Mosaic Photo Frameby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Broochby nutsabo…
Italian micro mosaic Crucifix by Gabriel.D
Micro Mosaic  14K Yellow Gold brooch depicting a Lady with Flower Basketby Agram.m
Antique Micro Mosaic  Pillow Trinket Box by Agram.m
Micromosaic Broach Italyby boysfarm
Micro Mosaic Flower cross pendant by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Millefleur broochby katheri…
Micro Mosaic Doves Pair of Ladies Cufflinksby Agram.m
Micro mosaic broochby tenshi
Vintage Brooch"ITALY"Circa 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Micro Mosaic Forget Me Not Flower Brooch Meander Borderby Agram.m
My newest Micro Mosaic acquisitions; brooch - stickpinby Agram.m
Book indispensable for every serious MicroMosaic Collectorby Agram.m
Very very large Micro Mosaic crusifix, 5 buildings and Dovesby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Venice Paper Weightby Agram.m
Brooch, unkownby JImam
A small antique round Micro Mosaic Plaque of the Famous Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Dove Stick Pin Broochby Agram.m
Rare Large Micro Micro Mosaic Brooch set in yellow goldby Agram.m
Cased antique micromosaic beetle gold stickpin. Kyratised!by kyratango
Mosaic pendant with metallic bead "chain" and pin and barrel claspby pebble
Micro mosaic bracelet and matching ringby Newtimes
Micro Mosaic little shoe broochby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Photo Framesby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic flower brooch set in 14K yellow gold by Agram.m
Silver Micro Mosaic necklace to complete my collection of this kind of jewelryby Agram.m
Round micro mosaic circa 1880sby Jennsbl…
Clover shaped micro mosaic brooch pin early 1900sby Jennsbl…
End 19th century Micro mosaic (Italian marked) Micro Mosaic Brooch with flowers and Doveby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic little Broochby Agram.m
Round Micro Mosaic brooch depicting stars and Agram.m
Fine Vintage Antique Doves Festoon Micro Mosaic  Choker Necklace (gold??)by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Millefiori set in silver brooch pendantby Agram.m
Mosaic tokensby TinyT
Large Micro Mosaic Belt Buckleby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic flower pendant brooch set in wonderful gold and silver with little rose cut Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Pinby Emme
Micro mosaic demi parureby katheri…
Micro Mosaic Bird Vermeil/Silver Pendantby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Millefiori Sterling Silver pendant/brooch on chain with fitting Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Vermeil Round Brooch end 1900sby Agram.m
Micro mosaic stickpinby Newtimes
Set of Beetle Micro Mosaic Jewelry, to include a beetle micro mosaic pendant and earrings by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Bracelet and Brooch; Bouquet of Colorful Flowersby Agram.m
Micro micro mosaic broochby Midgeroqaa
Micro Mosaic Glass Broochby katheri…
Micromosaic by Diana11
Micro Mosaic Yellow Gold 14Ct. Approx. 1860-1870 Coral-Ivory Flower Suiteby Agram.m
Micromosaic brooch, early kyratango
Rare Micro Mosaic Brooch depicting Lady Braid Hair set in 18K Goldby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic small photo frameby Agram.m
Vermeil Micro Mosaic Dove Cross Pendant by Agram.m
Little Micro Mosaic Shamrock Broochby Agram.m
Micro mosaic collection from old till newby Newtimes
Micro Mosaic Flower Beetle Pendant in Vermeil (1872-1933)by Agram.m
Micro mosaic ringby Newtimes
Micro mosaic dagger broochby Newtimes
3 Micro Mosaic Stick pinsby Agram.m
Micromosaic Dogs circa 1820s-1830sby Bluboi
Micromosaic Chariot Pulled by Butterflies, circa 1800by Bluboi
 Mosaic broochby Peaseje…
A 19thC oval brooch with micro mosaic floral decoration and carved coral roses set in 18k goldby Agram.m
Antonio Aguatti Micromosaic of Beatrice Cenciby Bluboi
Micro Mosaic Spaniel Dog Brooch Circa 1840by vintage…
Fine Micro Mosaics Bracelet by Mfourada
Floral Pattern Pietra Dura brooch in Silver Settingby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Vermeil Horse Shoe Dove Flower Broochby Agram.m
Victorian Scottish Banded Agate bead necklace Micro Mosaic Agram.m
Large Mircro Mosaic Flower Bouquet Plaqueby Agram.m
Fine Micro Mosaic Flower Plaque by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Etruscan Revival Beading 18 K Brooch from The Vatican  c. 1820by Agram.m
Georgian (Biedermeier) enameled Flower Micro Mosaic bow brooch and locketby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Silver Stick pinby Agram.m
Two Micro Mosaic little boxes by Agram.m
14K Micro Mosaic Butterfly on Flower Pendantby Agram.m
Micro mosaic Pietra Duraby Anali
Unmounted pear shaped early kyratango
French Micro Mosaic silver flower watch Agram.m
French18 K Micro Mosaic Estruscan style stick pinby Agram.m
Micromosaic on turtle shell boxby kyratango
Latin Cross with Micro Mosaic and buildings. by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic brooch set in 18K called: My private dancer!by Agram.m
Mosaic jewelry collectionby Newtimes
Micro Mosaic Dove plaqueby Agram.m
Fantastic Micro Mosaic brooch depicts a lady in Folk Dress by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic 18K Gold brooch/pendant first half Agram.m
Flower Micro Mosaic Vermeil Star Broochby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Cross Flower pendantby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic oval pendant with dove in blue glassby Agram.m
Italian Tourist Art Nouveau micro mosaic reversible broochby agetron
A Micro Mosaic Dog on Cushion brooch by Agram.m
Little Micro Mosaic gilt silver broochby Agram.m
Silver (Micro) Mosaic brooch end 19s begin 20s centuryby Agram.m
Very pretty ..... Old brooch / pin with colorful glass tilesby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Dovesby StephGl…
Sterling filigree and micro mosaic ring - needs repairby NicMarie82
My Second Micro Mosaic Broochby StephGl…
Nice littleVictorian flower Micro Mosaic brooch set in silverby Agram.m
My First Micro Mosaic Broochby StephGl…
(Micro) Mosaic cross by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic brooch mounted in 14ct by Agram.m
Classic Micro Mosaic Bird and Bunch of Flower broochby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Dove brooch set in 14 ct goldby Agram.m
My second Micro Mosaic pendant miracle!by Agram.m
Antique VENEZIA MICRO MOSAIC Venice Italian Frame Glass Grand Tour Jewelry Boxby Agram.m
Four Micro Mosaic plaquesby Agram.m
Mosaic Guitar Brooch - Made in Italyby BHock45
Mosaic Silver Rose Clip Earringsby Agram.m
Early 20th c. - Micro Mosaic Clip Earringsby BHock45
Micro Mosaicby freiheit
MY PASSION NUMBER ONE!  Micro Mosaic vermeil broochby Agram.m
Indian Primitive Micromosaic Heart Pendantby antiqua…
Micromosaic Frame with Handpainted Ceramic Miniatureby antiqua…
Pietra Dura flower plaqueby Agram.m
Silver Micro Mosaic cresent flower Moon hatpin/stick pinby Agram.m
Micromosaics with a Problemby antiqua…
Micro Mosaic crescent moon dove broochby Agram.m
Micromosaic Heart Pinby antiqua…
Micro mosiac floral pinby valenti…
Micro Mosaic by freiheit
Mystery Era, Micro Mosaic Brooch & Matching Earringsby TheChef…
Micro mosaic earringsby Fionaxxx
My Micro Mosaic jewelry togetherby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic 14k yellow gold mounted pendant by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Beetle broochby Agram.m
ANTIQUE 8 carat gold MICRO MOSAIC DOVE EARRINGS and brooch/PENDANT SET of 1860/1870, original boxby Agram.m
Large oval Micro Mosaic flower pendant mounted in yellow goldby Agram.m
Vintage Floral Mosaic Brooch - Made in Italyby kindy
Micro Mosaic Onyx flower earringsby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic lot without mountingby Newtimes
Two about 1830's Micro Mosaic gold mounted Agram.m
Rare Micro Mosaic pendantby Agram.m
Large Pietra Dura Vermeil Pin Broochby Agram.m
Early 1800's Micro Mosaic Brooch  depicting mythological figure of Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Octagonal Scarab Beetle Pendant 18 Kby Agram.m
Round Micro Mosaic Flower brooch and earringsby Agram.m
Turn of the Century Paperweight?by cbella
Antique Micro Mosaic Eutruscan style locket pendantby Agram.m
florentine micro mosaic necklaceby Llovet
Micro Mosaic 18K yellow gold brooch ;  "My private dancer" by Agram.m
Micro Mosaic ring and brooch set in 18K yellow goldby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Brooch depicting a bird on a branch set in Agram.m
Micro Mosaic beetle pendant on antique watch chainby Agram.m
Micro Mosaic Beetle pendant by Agram.m
Miniature decorative vaseby Richard
This micro mosaic pendant makes my "Grand Tour" completeby Agram.m
My "New" Petra Dura Ringby BuyerGirl
Italian Micro Mosaic Pendantby vintage…
Two Micro Mosaic bird Agram.m
This micro mosaic brooch is a miracle of Agram.m
Gold Micro Mosaic Brooch from The Vatican with Etruscan Beading c. 1820by Agram.m
One of my favorite Micro Mosaic broochesby Agram.m
Victorian Knotted Banded Agate bead necklace with Micro Mosaic Agram.m
Miracle of precision and accuracy; Micro Mosaic stick pinby Agram.m
Antique Micro Mosaic Glass Pin or Broochby Carlson…
Micro Mosaic earringsby Agram.m
Victorian earringsby wolcott1
Micro Mosaic bracelet by tikiray
Little Micro Mosaic Broochby RottenV…
ring - micro mosaicby hapoli
Micro mosaic mounted in 14K flower pendant by Agram.m
19th Century Micro mosaic Brooch depicting a lady combing her hair set in 18K yellow gold by Agram.m
Italian Micro Mosaicsby TamaraB