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Unmarked sterling silver green stone ringby TassieD…
 Ruby Princess Tanni
Not sterling silverby Kjane79
Silver marks by Steptoe1
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Opal ringby Ttomgirl
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Old ringby Steptoe1
Old ring by Steptoe1
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Australian Sterling Silver Marcasite Ringby TassieD…
Old ringby Steptoe1
Vintage Aquamarine and Marcasite Silver Ringby KarenLR71
Vintage Silver Marcasite and Garnet Ring by KarenLR71
585/14K Gold Roll Over Ring Flea Market Find 1 Euro ($1.18)by Efesgirl
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Simple Sterling Ringby freiheit
not sure anyvhelpby dennisonjdnn
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Grandma's ringby Ring
Wedgwood Silver and Marcasite Ringby freiheit
Antique ringby cheeenadoll91
Sterling Ringsby freiheit
9K (375) Gold Vintage Cameo Ringby freiheit
Unusual Sterling & Marcasite Ring w/Gold Accents 8 Euro ($8.64)by Efesgirl
Arts and crafts silver, citrine, double shank ring. by kyratango
Silver ring w/unknown Karenoke
Ring With a shape Like Roddyq's,(On Here Now Too)  I feel This is Is OLD!   Please Identify What It Is Made Of. by PostCar…
Two Rings with Pink Stonesby freiheit
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Jade Rose Gold Ringby Peaseje…
Not an Opal? by Kjane79
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White and Rose Gold Diamond Ringby Caperkid
Cameo ringby Uphillnow
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is this a Vintage Ring, #3by JImam
is this a Vintage Ring, #2by JImam
is this a Vintage Ring, #1by JImam
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Parking Lot Find !/Tiny 2 Gram 10K White Gold "Peridot & Diamond" Promise Ring/ Circa 20-21st Centuryby mikelv85
BUDDHATOBUDDHA Sterling Chain Rings, Job Lot Buy by Efesgirl
Rather Large Signed Sterling Silver Ring, Flea Market Find, A Buckby Efesgirl
BARRY KIESELSTEIN-CORD Sterling Alligator Ring, Efesgirl
Silver Sun & Brass Moon Ringby jeneric
Turquoise & Silver Ringby jeneric
Mystery Ringby freiheit
Sterling and Shagreen Ring Made in Thailandby freiheit
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Silver & Turquoise Ringby jeneric
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Somebody Thought This Was A Silver Efesgirl
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Band Ring "NEED YOUR HELP I.D."by bratjdd
Big .835 Silver & Carnelian Ring - Irresistible... :-)))))by Efesgirl
Crystal (??) & Sterling Ring Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
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Interesting opal ringby racer4f…
Garage Sale Find for $1.25 !!!!! UPDATE......Pearl Removed!!!!!by TassieD…
You Can Almost See It--->14K/585 White Gold & Diamond Promise Ring Thrift Shop Find $1.00by Efesgirl
citrine ring by Yearbyear
Sterling Ring With "Optical" Red Glass, Pawn Shop Find $10by Efesgirl
Chinasilver ivory devil ringby Heatherbenf…
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Silver Nazi Ring by blazing8
Just Bought This Unusual 1970s Sterling Ringby Efesgirl
Silver Ring / Unknown Stonesby nutsabo…
1970s "K&L" Kordes & Lichtenfels .835 Silver Modernist Ring Thrift Shop Find $9.50by Efesgirl
Egg Yolk Amber & Sterling Ringby Efesgirl
Silver ring! by Nicspawee
Finally found a ring that fit my tiny finger!by Nicspawee
Big Hematite & Sterling Adjustable Ring Thrift Shop Find 95 Centsby Efesgirl
Silver ring! by Nicspawee
Ring :)by Lise
Japan 1947 British Commonwealth Forces Occupation Silver Ringby TassieD…
10k ringby bcarric…
Alexander Ritchie IONA Silver Ringby TassieD…
Sterling Ring, Flea Market Find 50 Centsby Efesgirl
Sterling & Labradorite Ring Flea Market Find $4.00by Efesgirl
Alexander Ritchie of Iona - Silver Serpent Ringby kiwipaul
Art and Craft Ringby Peaseje…
Opal 18K Ring, Age Unknown by Alan2310
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Sterling Rings, From My Dealer Friendby Efesgirl
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Arts and Crafts amethyst and sterling ring, part 2 after kyratango
ARTS AND CRAFTS sterling double shank ring Chinese carved amethyst. Part 1. by kyratango
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Rare Medieval Gold Serjeant-at-Law Ring, circa 1555by Bluboi
Vintage sterling ring helpby NCvintage
Thrift Shop: "Madame, we must check to see if it's silver (waits & waits). No, not silver..95 cents please" by Efesgirl
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Little Silver Ringby nutsabo…
Lapis Silver Ringby nutsabo…
Early SAPHIRET 9ct Rose Gold Ringby TassieD…
Made in Siam Flip Double Sided Silver Ringby TassieD…
Old Sterling and Green Stone Ring, Made in Mexicoby llvanina
A Little Bitty Old Silver Efesgirl
Any ideas what the logo is? by Daxvey
Bristol Blue Colored Glass & Sterling Ring, Flea Market Find $3.00by Efesgirl
10K gold and Spinel (?) Ringby freiheit
14K/585 White Gold & "Diamond" Ring & 585 Gold Earrings,  Flea Market Finds $7.50by Efesgirl
Unknownby NickB
Sterling Ring - Stone Missingby freiheit
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Help me learn more about this beautiful ringby MelissaRN
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Ring..Fire opal??by jennmanji
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Solid Sterling Silver- ARTS & CRAFTS -Silver Cabochon Ringby LOUMANAL
Vintage Gold Cat Ringby Junkman60
Antique 15 ct gold opal, old cut diamonds and ruby ringby Bettyb00
Vintage Jade and Gold Ringby Junkman60
Large Silver Red Stone Ringby Peaseje…
Carved Bone Necklace & .925 Sterling Coil Ring, Flea Market Finds > 10 Cents Apiece! by Efesgirl
Gold and Diamond Ringby Peaseje…
Gorgeous arts & crafts opal and silver floral ring, Scotland c. 1890by BelleEp…
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Turquoise Ring Originby Estosojos11
Antique Silver and Amethyst Ringby Junkman60
Vintage Silver Ringby Junkman60
needing any information  on this ringby djones79
The Bug Eye ringby Ursie
Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ringby Junkman60
Pretty Malachite and Sterling Ring, Flea Market Find, $2,50by Efesgirl
.333/8ct Gold Ring w/Faceted Garnetby Efesgirl
Butterfly (Dragonfly?) Sterling Ring by Efesgirl
Another mythical dolphin/sea snake silver double shank kyratango
Chinese silver filigree amethyst kyratango
Clyde Duneier Tazanite Gold Ringby bratjdd
Mexx Sterling Ring Designed By Jens Johannes Aagaard For MEXXby Efesgirl
Family Ringby Pkmcmullen
Polygon Sterling Silver & Onyx Ringby Efesgirl
Unusual Design Sterling Silver Ring - Indonesia ?by Efesgirl
Arts and Crafts amazonite silver double shank kyratango
Moms Hilara
Great aunts favorite ringby Spastic…
Vintage Yellow turned 14K in between Agram.m
Arts and Crafts citrines double shank ring, mythical kyratango
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Beautiful Kirk & Son Floral Ringby Pyrolocks
.835 Continental Silver Ring, Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
Contemporary ring with 3 colors goldby Newtimes
Double shank arts and crafts ring with chinese carved kyratango
Ww2 German 1st tank division ring by Earlydisney…
Norman Grant Silver Enamel Ringby Peaseje…
Arts & Crafts Germany Sterling Silver Onyx or Chrysoprase Ringby davyd286
An Exceptional "London Bridge" Opal & Diamond Ring in 9ct Goldby kiwipaul
Gladys and Charles Mumford Amethyst Silver Ringby Peaseje…
A 1960's Opal & 14k Gold Cocktail Ring (Retro Style)by kiwipaul
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Vintage Sterling Birks Ringby freiheit
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Need Antique Gold Ring dating helpby gardinerth
Ring marked JG 14k Black Star Sapphireby Willie1109
Two tone 18 kt diamond ring UNIQUEby watchnut
rare ringby fatjeff
1.6ct Demantoid Garnet and Diamond Ringby kiwipaul
Sterling Silver & Garnet Lion's Head Ring & S.S. Pendantby Efesgirl
Hope these pictures make it easier to identify by mollymay
I think it's a Rhoda Wager?   by mollymay
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Vintage Sterling Silver Ring - Wide Band - Mexicoby antique…
19th Century Ring Marked "STANDARD SILVER", Antique Shop Findby Efesgirl
Antique ruby diamond ringby OlofZ
Mystery ringby katheri…
Bernard Instone Silver ringby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone Silver and Pearl Ringby Peaseje…
1890-1920 Gold Over Silver w/10 Rose Cut Diamonds 1 Euro Flea Market Findby Efesgirl
Gem Quality Lightning Ridge Black Opal in an 18ct Gold Ring,  probably circa 1930, and made in Australiaby kiwipaul
fabulous mine cut diamond ringby cncc2
Gold swivel ring with miniature Egyptian scarab, English, 19th BelleEp…
What period was the ring made in?by watchnut
Bee ringby DiamondDi
My Favorite Murrle Bennett Ringby cherubc…
"Protected By Law/Registered" German Gold Double'/Onyx Man's Ringby Efesgirl
Bulgarian silver filigree ring the second half of the 19th Vladimir
Identify this ringby cjrancourt
Citrine-Topaz (?) and Marcasite Sterling Art Deco Ring/Marked Ster[Theda]Ling /Circa 1920's- 30'sby mikelv85
A Georgian Tassie Seal "To Hell With Love", set in a later Victorian Gold Ringby kiwipaul
Jugendstil, secessionist silver & garnet ring c. BelleEp…
EUH'MA 1969 Top Pearl Design by Jonathan Renewed…
A Gold Ring set with an Ancient Carved Hardstone of Medusa - But How Ancient?by kiwipaul
Lovely 14k Gold and ruby ringby Sarat097
Stunning cocktail ringby Sarat097
Princes Diana Inspired Diamond & Sapphire Ringby watchnut
Early Medieval silver ring with Arabic inscriptionby BelleEp…
1ok ruby ring, Art Deco, possiblyby toracat
Enamel and Gold Ring with Rock Crystal c 16th centuryby Bluboi
Victorian rose gold & seed pearl ring( Mystery Mark)by sarahoff
Victorian Onyx and Natural Seed Pearl Sterling Silver Mourning Ring/ Circa 19th-20th Centuryby mikelv85
White Gold and Pearl Dragon ring Circa 1940by rasiccone
Moshe Oved Lamb Ringby Bluboi
Vintage Antique? Silver Turquoise Cluster Cocktail Ringby Apathet…
Spooned Coin Ringsby fhrjr2
all I know is its a ringby Krispetrie
Bernard Instone Silver Ringby Peaseje…
All my double shank rings kyratango
Hand wrought silver carnelian ring, double kyratango
Georgian "Man in the Moon" Moonstone and Diamond Betrothal Ringby kiwipaul
Bernard Instone ringby Peaseje…
"Clark and Coombs" Men's Cushion Cut Oval Hematite Ring / Circa Mid 20th Centuryby mikelv85
 Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 4by Bluboi
Amusing rings for the wealthy -- Part 2by Bluboi
Turquoise Vintage Ringby freiheit
silver insignia ringby slmuffin2004
British Arts & Crafts silver ring with fruit motif and green stone c. 1900by BelleEp…
Ruby ringby cinphire
Elle Vous Va -- Acrostic Ringby Bluboi
Pretty Turqouise (?) ring need help with ID & Markings by herbgrower
Antique Victorian Old Mine & Rose Cut Diamond Silver Gold Ring by Moonsto…
New Ring, Found in Costume Pile! Whee!by snoskwrl
3 Amuletic Toadstone Ringsby Bluboi
Ring. I I have no clue what kind of ring it eboi46
Sibyl Dunlop Ringby Bluboi
German Mermaid Ring Goldby zkempo
Ring I inherited from my Momby beloube…
10k filigree and diamond ringby Toni1969
10 k gold garnet and seed pearl ringby Toni1969
Vintage Lemon Citrine Organic 14k Mounting Ring by Moonsto…
Antique sterling silver stylistic dolphin sea creature ring by BetseysRoom87
Gold Diamond Ringby Peaseje…
Arts and crafts 14k "Swiss lapis" kyratango
Beautiful British Arts & Crafts Gold & Opal Ring, c. 1900by BelleEp…
Egyptian Head Ring marked 985by LuckyBa…
Heavy Art Nouveau (?) ring marked sterling, kyratango
Art Nouveau/ Deco diamond and white gold ringby Peaseje…
Skull Vladimir
French 19th Century Neo Renaissance style ringby Peaseje…
Bernard Instone ringby Peaseje…
Some Vintage Knick Knacks - Inherited from hope7096
Antique brass cluster of black stones ring - help with more infoby MissIdealFi…
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This is my favourite bitsnbobs
Victorian ring by bitsnbobs
Bumble bee ringby Toyman
Captain America's ring....that's what I'm calling itby LizzieluvTr…
womens vintage gold ring precious stone or diamond?by abe1981
Silver Bernard Instone ringby Peaseje…
Grandmothers antique Rose cut ringby chadnky
"Good Things Come in Small Packages" / Tiny Silver Gift Box / Silver and Gold Ring Assortmentby mikelv85
114 year old ring from South Africaby SilverLeaf1
Vintage "happiness" Ringby Saint1
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Sterling Silver Ring Marked freiheit
Jade? by Jewels
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Ring Watchby tshrtkng
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Silver Ring Markingby Ccret1
Russian Silver Ringby Ccret1
Dutch Silver Ringby Ccret1
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Gold Ringsby freiheit
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HELP to identify my antique ring 1916   750-18kby Mursel82
Vintage Lalique white 'Toupie' and silver ringby BelleEp…
sterling silver diamond ringby Toni1969
victorian mine cut diamond solitaire ringby Toni1969
1947 & 1948 High School Rings - Irvington, NJ - 10K Yellow Goldby BHock45
Newly aquired rings in job lotby Yohanna
Follow up my first kyratango
My first soldering!by kyratango
Arts and crafts silver ring with chinese carved kyratango
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Old Ring 4by Deanteaks
Old Ring 3by Deanteaks
Old Ring 2 Civil War eraby Deanteaks
Old Sterling Ringby Deanteaks
Story on Ringby Pastime…
Vintage Signet Sterling Ring – 1950’sby freiheit
14K Gold Ringby BHock45
Silver ring with chrysoprase by Elisabe…
British Arts & Crafts mother of pearl silver ring c. 1900by BelleEp…
10k White Gold -  STAR SAPPHIRE Ring (2 diamonds)by antique…
Art Nouveau Secessionist floral silver ring c. 1910by BelleEp…
Art Nouveau Silver enamel ring by CHARLES HORNER 1912by BelleEp…
ring - france  paris revolutionby trismama
Dragon's breath  silver ringby kyratango
Jadeite and silver ring arts & crafts?by kyratango
Very Old Ring CHINESE ( ?? ) Silver/Jadeby antique…
10K Ostby Barton Opal Ringby Toni1969
Jugendstil Historismus German Cameo Gold Ring c. 1900by BelleEp…
14 K Deco Diamond And Ruby Ringby Toni1969
Lovely floral arts & crafts gold and opal ring 1900by BelleEp…
One more ringby BHock45
14k white gold enamel opal art decoby kyratango
Big Sculptural American Arts & Crafts Sterling Silver Ring c. 1910by BelleEp…
British Arts and Crafts floral silver and turquoise ring, likely by Liberty Co 1900by BelleEp…
Antique Solid Gold Ringby heidi7777
Antique Gold and Amethyst Ringby wpj
Vintage Sterling Ring Marked BOB with Pearlby freiheit
My Grandmother's Ring - 14KPby BHock45
Arts and Crafts Scarab Ringby wpj
Is this a Ostby & Barton Co. ring ??by SIMPLYOLD
My African Ringby Tracy2966
925 Silver Filigree Rings Hand-Made in Paraguayby freiheit
Two tribal rings? from?  And other rings!by toracat
Vintage Ring, Anyone know the approx age/designer?by Firefly79
Hematite Cabochon Sterling Ringby freiheit
Silver, Brass, and Copper Ring - Marked LC and Sterlingby freiheit
Silver fede ring by Newtimes
Wierd odd stunning silver ringby mommabear
JADE Ring Sterling silver Size 7 1/2 mark difficult to know Can you help?by Vintage…
KINGMAN TURQuoise Ring Possible Navajo what you think?  can you help with this markby Vintage…
Silver Rams-head ringby Jono
poison ringby bjohnson65
Carved emerald, diamond and platinum ringby Vermont…
Bill Lan?e Jr. tigereye trojan cameo silver ringby valenti…
Roman soldier and wife intaglio carnelian ringby valenti…
Filigree carnelian or amber vermeil ringby valenti…
Diamond Anniversary Ringby Aimathena
Victorian Diamonds, Rubies, Opal Gold Ringby wpj
10K PINK STONE RINGby bratjdd
Mom's Antique Diamond Ringby raven1
Help with Class Ring!?!?!by BHock45
Two 925+ Fall Themed Ringsby BHock45
925 Marked Ring with Pretty Stonesby freiheit
Opal  In Daylightby kulektor
Trash? - Far From It!by Aboundi…
Clark & coomb mfg. co. sterling ring?by sarahoff
Art Deco Ceylon Moonstone 9ct Ringby Moonsto…
Ring Marked 9995?by BHock45
Nans 9ct gold opal 3 gem ring by Darren2013
Antique Victorian Ceylon Moonstone Sterling Leaf Ring by Moonsto…
14 Ct White Gold Moonstone Ring set with Rubin and Emerald by Agram.m
Sterling & Pearl Ringby BHock45
Dublin 1979 silver buckle ringby sarahoff
Sterling Silver Ring with Marcasiteby freiheit
Sterling Silver & Labradorite - Women's Ringby BHock45
Women's Sterling Silver & Larimar Ringby BHock45
Sterling Silver Women's Ring - 925 & ONYXby BHock45
Sterling Silver Women's Ring - Quartz???by BHock45
Silver .925 and "amethyst?" ringby sarahoff
Big bold in your face ringby sarahoff
10k diamond ring by sarahoff
14k and diamond? ringby sarahoff
Silver modernist ringsby Newtimes
P.S. Co. baby ringby sarahoff
Modernist Multi-Opal Ringby wpj
Victorian Pave Turquoise Gold Ringby wpj
Late victorian silver forget me not ring by Newtimes
2 Interesting Sterling Silver Bandsby BHock45
18k Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Set in Silverby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Ring - Marcasite & Onyxby BHock45
Chinese vermeil enameled Jade ringby Agram.m
Sterling Silver Ringby freiheit
London Vintage Sterling Cat Ring by wpj
ring engraver by mat
Large Sterling Silver enameled filigree oval ringby Agram.m
WW1 Distinguished Service Cross souvenir ring and ribbon barby scottvez
Antique Victorian RARE Green Tourmaline Gold Knuckle Ring VS Clarity!by Moonsto…
Pearl Ringby NicoleJ…
18k Gold Ring with Pink Coral by BHock45
vintage ringby faldi
Tiger's Eye and 835 Silver Ringby BHock45
Art nouveau ring set in silverby valenti…
Ring - Modern Chinese - Mexican?by BHock45
my poison ringby genaurbanak
Malachite and silver ringby Newtimes
Another Family Ring 14k diamonds chips and stoneby BHock45
18k little gold babyboy ringby Agram.m
Ring #4 Help Needed as alwaysby BHock45
Ring #3 Opinions Welcomeby BHock45
Can anyone help identify this ring????by sammygirl
My Great-Grandmother's Ringby BHock45
Victorian Opal Ringsby wpj
Carved coral and silver ringby stormy1…
Sterling Silver Friendship Ringby BHock45
Sterling Silver Moonstone ringby Agram.m
Simple 14K yellow gold Art Deco ring with tiger eyeby Agram.m
Antique Deco Pink Kunzite 2-Tone 14k Gold Ring Rare Buff Cutby Moonsto…
I never wear this one - but it reminds me of my great-aunt by freiheit
Child's Ring - 14K & OPALby BHock45
Ring With Diamonds? Cubic Zirconia? Opinions Welcomeby BHock45
Sterling Silver Ring - 925 & ??by BHock45
Irvington High School - Class of 1948 - 10k Gold Ringby BHock45
Vintge Nouveau Alexandrite? Sapphire? 14k Rose Gold Ring by Moonsto…
Girl's Ring - Metal and Enamel?by BHock45
Vintage Antique Ceylon Moonstone Sterling 32mm x 27mmby Moonsto…
Brasil 18K Opal and brilliant yellow gold ringby Agram.m
925 Ring With a Clearish Yellowish Stoneby BHock45
A old one penny coin ring by Phatbud…
Antique Victorian Amethyst Diamond Mourning 15k Ring Eagle Birdby Moonsto…
Vintage Deco Heart Moonstone Tourmaline Sterling Ringby Moonsto…
Ring - unknown materialsby BHock45
Mt. Fuji Gold ring, yellow and white, and 10K gold with BIG unknown stone!by toracat
14k Diamond Art Nouveau Era Ring - Old Mine Cutby Stillwa…
WW1 AEF Siberia Trench Art Ringby scottvez
Sterling rings deco? etc. hodge podge!by toracat
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love the garnetsby AppleMum
Archeology: Two Golden ringsby Hansel
Anniversary Diamond Ringby cjgoet
Floral Turquoise Ringby cjgoet
Round Garnet and Gold Ringby cjgoet
Oval Garnet and Diamond Ringby cjgoet
Diamond Heart Ringby cjgoet
Adjustable Amethyst and Gold Ringby cjgoet
Mason Memorabilia by debbiet
My Jack Dempey Rings.....Age? 1950's?by dempsey…
Vintage Tigers Eye Ring?by sadiem8230
10kp Citrine ringby Woman34
Silver Coin Ringby BHock45
This One's for Hunter -- Lover of Snake Ringsby epson233
Early Sterling Boy Scout Ringby scottvez
Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver Ringby BHock45
antique ring of 18k and diamonds/ round emeraldsby bbgems
Vintage Ringby babymcjingles
My grandmother's white gold brilliant ringby Agram.m
Dragons breath ringby vintage…
Antique Arts & Crafts Ceylon Moonstone, Diamond & Ceylon Sapphire 14k Ring 28mm x 18mmby Moonsto…
Art Deco Ringby Newtimes
Fede Gimmel Ringby Newtimes
1920's white gold and diamond ringby Newtimes
Beauty in ruïnsby Newtimes
Ring WWII Pontiac Ack Ack Navy 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gunby Special…
VICTORIAN Georgian MOURNING RING with hair 18 kt gold rubies and pearls -by DaChef65
Old ringby mollyp
Beach Find Ringby beachfind
SNAKE RINGby bratjdd
Modernist Sterling Silver Ring Signed HOBby tammyleclaire
Does anyone know how old this ring might be or anything about it?by suzylindberg
 old Rings from the pastby Deanteaks
My grandmothers diamond rings by kab0516
My grandmother's ruby ringby kab0516
My Grandmother's Diamond Ringby kab0516
American Edwardian heirloom ringby superteacher8
1940's Navajo Ring - Untreated Turquoiseby Stillwa…
Made in Ireland Claddagh ringby Britann…
Very old golden (?) snake ring with row diamondsby Agram.m
any info on what kind of ring this is #2 someone asked for different picsby sharrie
Silver Swordfish Ringby Luisa
Platinum Ring with Unknown Makers Markby pappas1…
Diamond Vintage? Antique Baquete Ringby LaCours…
Sterling Silver Modernist Rabbit Ringby Carlson…
Another Metal Detecting Findby packrat…
m.czechoslovakia victorian garnet ringby goldene…
Chinese ring "Longevity"by BWolfe
My College Graduation Presentby jlennon…
Tiffany semic precious and enamel gold ring - Art Nouveauby AddysAw…
victorian intaglio bloodstone ringby monkeyhead
pink nautilus shell ring boxby cjgoet
silver clam ring boxby cjgoet
Vintage Silver Ring by TeresaD
Civil War Gold Mourning Ring?by Jude_Hender…
Solid Silver Cameo Ringby Miranda
Ring find at the Pawn Shopby pencapc…
American Modenist Jewlry/Christian Marc Schmidt????by Teacakes1940
Ring puzzles meby Benking
 Gold Ring Found Yesterday By My Dogby packrat…
Huge Unheated Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ringby divinef…
Antique Diamond and Ruby Ringby Luisa
roman looking mosaic ringby donnahindle
Silver Ringby erniee
18cr Gold ring with Elephant hair and stoneby Agram.m
English Sapphire and Opal yellow gold 9cr ringby Agram.m
a white gold ringby catmal
Antique Cherub Ringby Crystalrose
Antique? Silver Cameo Ringby Crystalrose
Great Grandmother's Birthstone Ringby Dsignr
17th Century Gold Turquoise Ringby Crystalrose
17th Century Garnet Enamel Ringby Crystalrose
Knot Hole Lou Gehrig Baseball Ringby mattsmith313
Baltic Amber Ringby Aleksandrab
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Seahorse bracelet, Carl Schon sterling silver c. 1940sby Peg
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