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Crocodile floor lamp - Mystery to meby mikekrisg
Crocodile or Alligator Floor Lamp - Cast Iron - Jim Desch?by mikekrisg
Vintage  Carl Faulkenstein large Victorian lampby RossTur…
Late Victorian or vintage standing lamp?by Pindy
Victorian Banquet Lampby Moonhill
Pretty Antique (?) Porcelain Lampby herbgrower
1920's or 30's Turned Wood Floor Lamp With Bridge Arm and Victorian Shadeby Jaybop
Victorian Style Bedroom Lampby Tahiti1
Antique oil lampby Kevinsvintage
C. 1895 B & H Lampby SpiritB…
Tiffany Harvard Desk Lamp Identificationby skirby67
Owl lampby Brandyeden3…
Antique Lamp unknown makerby dallinkr
Jeweled Table Lampby toronado
Inhale Tar-Oilby SpiritB…
My Beautiful Electric,Vintage, 2-Way light up and Table Top Lampby CYCOLLINS
Barbola or other?by kh2995
Oil lamp collectionby edkal65
Pair of 1880s figural lampsby edkal65
Hurricane Lampby jerrybo…
Doulton & Slaters/Lambeth fairy lamp standby IMASapp
Beautiful Victorian, scenic painted rare art work by Anthonycabr…
New Rochester Oil Lampby starrhillfarm
Messenger oil lamp by Trevorgroen
converted/electrified oil piano/organ floor lamp by Krampaw
Victorian cherub lampby CrustyC…
Czech Victoria Porcelain Roses Dresser Lampsby cagrantham
Beautiful brass and glass hanging lantern by curiousholl…
Fairy Lamp by sklo42
Fairy Lamp - Intaglio Fern Designby IMASapp
Circa 1906 Safeguard Lampby SpiritB…
Kerosene heater Converted to lampby newcomb…
Oil lamp by Victorb
Vintage 2 Bulb Brass Lampby Lynpet
Jenny Lind Oil Lamp?  Help identify, pleaseby PinkWings
Pair of Hand Painted Lampsby Nanatoseven
French Victorian table Lamps by Diane09
Vintage Quirks Victory Lantern lamp kerosene by marsuz
GEC Bicycle Lampby jearve
My Granny's Lamp by TammyC72
Antique oil lantern by cbhirini
Signed Hand-Painted Vintage Lampby vintage…
Pair of Victorian vases or fairy lightsby IanBrig…
Curious about this beautiful lampby LDW
Clarke's Fairy Lamps on plush basesby IMASapp
Victorian Lamp With Hand-Painted Rosesby vintage…
Antique oil lamp convertedby Bpadj
Christofle chamber stick or candle holderby kivatin…
Antique Miniature Hand Painted / Enamel Porcelain Oil Lampby jlon3002
Porcelain Figural 1880's Kerosene/Oil Antique Oil Lampsby CalLamps
ISO Replacement Globeby xquebec…
Does anyone out there know who's porcelain backstamp this is please by michael…
Driving Lamp, Circa 1914by SpiritB…
Quoizel 1978by Chazman603
small jeweled lamp shadeby JohnEH
Victor oil lampby r.b.scott
50+ year old Capri Original #6437 or 6439by stanv
Granny's lampby Rockthe…
Working double globe lamp, three way lighting beau1955
Porcelain figurine lamp by Hunting…
Old lampsby dogwood_laine
Vintage Electric Lamps what is the Company Nameby molemangd
Fairy Lamp - Clarke Model 34 - 1888by IMASapp
I love this parlor terrijo1039
Turn of the centry Rembrant student lampby wolfpack
What kind of lamp is this? by CimpyJoe
The Betty Rose Lamp from Carl Forslund Furniture Companyby Rulandma
hand painted signed hanging lampby emg
older brass and 6 light crystal coverby pamandj…
1890-1910 acetylene  dargue lamp by antiquesam
Fairy Lamp - Bretby Pottery Candle Lampby IMASapp
Table Lampby ibbitsonj
Victorian-style, one of a kind antique full glass table lampby coexist730
Fairy Lamp (England? Hong Kong?), 20th centuryby jensen
Type of lamp and who is the artist who signed my vitorain porcelain lampby sueporter
Plume & Atwood double student lampby JohannB
Fairy lamps - Hobbs Brockunier, 1887by IMASapp
My old Victorian (?) lampsby Jeffdg
old lamp-oilby tk001
Please tell me what I have hereby Samibarganier
Engaged Couple Porcelain Lampsby Ksbyaya
Rare kerosene Parlor Lamp. Gone With the Wind Style.  by McoBruce
Lamp with hanging globesby Bethannhigg…
Antique Bronze Queen on Throne Table Night Lightby earl99
Old Lamp?by GT20
Mt. Washington Crown Milano Pseudo Burmese Victorian ERA Rose Bowlby victori…
Mother-in-laws Lampby Mikeeann
My grandmother's hanging lampby Jdcoops
OK Victorian Fairy Lampby mhuska
Royal or Noble Family Commissioned? 1800's Victorian Argand Oil Slag Glass Lamp Converted To Electric?by mobyd220
Fairy Lamp - Blumberg Rd 44546 - 1886by IMASapp
Fairy Lamp - Stuart and Sons, Rd 53731-33by IMASapp
cool retro GWTW lampby SparksGinny
Best surprise pendant gas fixture invented by Robert Hall Best in Lisa-li…
Colonial Lampby branumhawk
Banquet oil lamps Hugo Schneider burnerby Darlie
painted porcelain lamp with carp handlesby Loulou3
Fairy Lamps - Bohemian - Welz?by IMASapp
Hosch Catalog - Fairy Lampsby IMASapp
A Keeper!!by Inquiri…
Red Glass Lamp Globeby wildvke
Circa 1880-90's  National Brass & Iron Works Decorative Banquet Lampby vintage…
 Victorian Gold Gilded Miniature Fairy Lamp With Glass Jewels Electricby stwilli…
Fairy Lamp - Clarke "Richly Cut"by IMASapp
Victorian Dining Room Lamp Holderby hotairfan
Antique brass whale oil lampby kivatin…
What is this Chandeleir?by onetestaduro
present for my mom what is this?by vixxycrowe
Bradley & Hubbard Hanging Lamp Find in North Texasby pcpro178
red and golden lamp with flowersby eve14
Shade from A A Vantine oil lampby information…
Porcelain lamp baseby information…
My wifes favorite imported lamps that we don't JWV1980
An Vieux Paris Veulliese a Victoria french teapotby kivatin…
Fairy Lamp - Clarke model 7by IMASapp
Fairy Lamps - Thorned tube vases - "Rustic Stands"by IMASapp
Plume & Atwood Royal Banquet Oil Lampby scotgiant
Fairy Lamp - Welz?by IMASapp
Very Large Hanging Lamp Globeby ho2cult…
Antique green urn shape Lamp roses and goldby odetta
Just a few of my bobbyro…
Fairy Lamp - French Lithophane by IMASapp
Antique Lamp with Emerald Green Glassby rnieder…
Opal grape vine lampby Schearonne
My pride......A Pair of Victorian Lampsby medicoi…
Alexandrite Fairy Lamp - Webbby IMASapp
Fairy Lamps - Transfer or Stencil Decorationby IMASapp
Goodwill find---Satin glass and gold gilded table lampby kswingert
Jeweled candle lampsby IMASapp
unusual pair of Gesso over wooden floor lamps - funereal??by DrNessa
Consolidated's Victor Oil Lampby antique…
Milk glass lampby montefr…
Porcelain Urn on pedestal cherub figural lampsby jclearstl
Puffy Grape Lamp and Swag? Age?by ender32881
Plume & Atwood Oil Lampby antique…
Victorian Parlor Lampby peachis
  OIL LAMP!!   NEED HELP with INFO!!by Deadbolt
Kerosene Ball shade with Griffinby JohannB
Old Victorian lamp I plan to restore and install by MattyG
Not sure whether these are carriage lights or train ho2cult…
Beatiful Lampshadeby IMSidney2
Bohemian (Harrach or Josephinenhütte?) late 19th. c. enameled black glass lamp base (or vase)by Tatu379
Antique Whale Oil Fluid Lamp ca. 1870 by Hobbs Brockunier Flint Glass with Blackberry Pattern Baseby charcoal
German Hand Painted Porcelain or China Kerosene Banquet Lamp w Brenner Kosmos Burnerby charcoal
Victorian Era P&A Plume and Atwood Hand Painted Glass Red Flowers Electrified Parlor Lampby charcoal
Latest grandma's basement artifacts to identifyby NancyTella
Help Identifying an  Antique Gas figural wall Lampby VntgXmas
Old lampby garjack
ca 1895 Bohemian Export red yellow and black spatter glass fairy lamp or vase and Hosch Wholesale Catalogby charcoal
Fairy Lamp? by Justano…
Victorian Lampby jskohio
19th C Marble/Gilt Bronze Candelabraby Estater
Vintage heavy brass ceiling lightby alwayshunting
Victorian Era hanging lamp - What is it?by thstorr
Reproduction of an Auguste Moreau -- Perhapsby epson233
Oil Lamps that become Vintage Electric Table Top Lampsby antique…
Newel post lampby toronado
Weekend findby toronado
Cranberry glass enameled GWTW lamp. ... Gone with the windby KeMo
Pittsburgh Lamp and Brass co. Great Horned Owl Lampby Sparkykjg63
Antique Hibbard,Spencer,Bartlett & Co. Gasoline Wall Lampby JSmed
Lamp clock setby veto
vintage glass lampby lundy
1885 Neoclassical Wedgwood Lampby kmgboston
my collection Spanish pewter candle holders by creelady
Aunt Veras Lampsby verashouse
miniture oil lamp burner-victorian?.by michael…
Grandmothers lampby Ollie
My childhood lamp - that we couldn't touchby gairmccueh
Tension pole lamp... very ornate.... brass and porcelian angels katieth…
this is for real by brassnut
Victorian Lamp with horses and carriagesby iwanttoknow
 My Favorite Victorian Lamps. by link22sou
Reverse Painted Lamps by Drshort…
UNKNOWN Lamp?by kcrabby66
Porcelain Lady Victorian lampsby treasures941
My Great grandmother's Lampby MsRose100
Victorian?by tillerchick
Cherub Parlor Lamp by Consolidated Lamp & Glassby oldsax
I need help identifing this lamp. by mandyg2008
Antique/Vintage Italian Lampby sevjr
Cut glass lamps, pair, 8-10 inch, original design not known Can you helpby EllA
Antique Hand Painted Rose Parlor Lampby chills33
Antique lamp picked in Vermont...I love it, don't know much about her, or the artist. I did rewire itby tlmbaran
Harvest Girl Lampby AppyTX
Victorian? Art Deco? Hanging PaPicking
Fairy Lamps - Lithophanesby IMASapp
Fairy Lamps - More Overshot Glassby IMASapp
Fairy Lamps - Overshot glassby IMASapp
My antique lamp from another centuryby mango2
Taylor & Tunnicliff Fairy Lampsby IMASapp
Clarke Fairy Lamps - Color Adsby IMASapp
Silveria-like threaded fairy lampsby IMASapp
My Family Lampby JuueCat
Baccarat Fairy Lampsby IMASapp
Stevens & Williams Fairy Lampsby IMASapp
Webb Fairy Lamps - Alexandrite & "The Corolla"by IMASapp
Webb Burmese Fairy Lampsby IMASapp
Webb Burmese fairy lampsby IMASapp
Antique Neapolean II Kerosene Banquet Lampby Mixalis
Antique Victorian Gilt Bronze Kerosene Lampby Mixalis
Victorian Kerosene Lamp w Heavy French Enamelingby Mixalis
1870's Meissen Kerosene Lamp w Cranberry Etched Shadeby Mixalis
Vintage victorian lampby DominickDan…
Gigantic Candle Holder?by shaliberty
Victorian Lampshade/Gold Lace/Hand Sewnby Ragtimesilk
Etched Amber Lamp with Brass fixturesby sarah619
Pretty Boudoir Lamps by bpadg49…
 Ruby Red Glass Hurricane Lampby bpadg49…
Beautiful purple, blue and cream slag glass hanging lampby bpadg49…
Vintage pair lampsby timmay
Antique patterned lamp base - info wantedby BeeBold
French Table Candleabraby BradyBear
Victorian Light Switchby toolate2
 hanging Oil lampby Toyman
Hurricane Lamp, looking for another identical to this bwg
Steampunk Desklampby sonsothunder
My 2nd favorite cgonzalez57
My Favorite Lampby cgonzalez57
"Gone with the Wind" lampby zc2691
Gone with the Wind Lamps & Ewerby banksfam
Bohemian Candle/fairy lampsby IMASapp
My GREAT find! Male and Female Lamps - Victorian by TinkersCott…
Victorian Era...Oil lampby officia…
A very old ceramic night renoir911
Brass Lamp with Amber LauraJ27
Original Antique Light Fixtureby jamespardue
Bohemian Fairy/candle Lampsby IMASapp
old parlor lamp?by kds1988
Circa lamp?by netdog911
Antique Lampby veronic…
My Lampby macpicker
GWTW Desk Lampby ttomtuc…
Victorian urn? oil lamp? Nickle silverby boomchild
What kind of lamp is this ?  How much is it worth???by escaladew
Bisque Putti Lamps by SharonH
What do I have here?by Sonofagun007
what is this????by kim1960