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Brass Kerosene Lamp/Sconce Large Wickby cindyjune
Primitive handmade copper lamp oil can?by Nursekent
White star oil lamp? Year? Fake?by Leslieoillamp
Limoge?by Melida1
Etched spanish dancers oil lampby lovefenton
Four seasons Brass and Copper lampby Gags
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new calcium light burnerby ADMLAMP
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Hay wagon farmscene oil lampby Nursekent
Antique Oil Lampsby SpiritB…
CW member Azcappelli's Bradley & Hubbard Model #076-B OIL LAMPby LOUMANAL
Whale oil lampby dickerpot
antique oil lamp by king-bee
Antique oil lampby Kevinsvintage
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Antique oil lamp by Azcappelli
Decorative brass lampby Terrycotta
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C. 1895 B & H Lampby SpiritB…
Sepulchre G.d.B. Summum Perfectionne. Belgium. Circa ± 1915. Heater/Oil Alan2310
Goodwill Find - Duplex Brass Lamp by nwebb
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Hanging lamp by jmadison
Mom's Oil Lampsby Gacracker
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Tin oil Irishco…
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Home Made Rock Oil Lampby swampdogg
Kerosene Lampby newcomb…
Unknown brass French type lampby Dwight1
Pallme Konig ca. 1900-05 miniature Oil lamp by Glassie
Oil lamp collectionby edkal65
Brass Victorian era Parlor oil lamp - has no markingsby triagain
Composite oil lampsby edkal65
Bradley and Hubbard banquet lampby edkal65
P and A oil lampsby Lamplov…
Adams Bradford oil lampby edkal65
Match holder oil lampby edkal65
Pair of 1880s figural lampsby edkal65
Miners teapot lampby edkal65
Early qntique whale oil lamp!by edkal65
My wife's new hobbyby Rookiebuyer
Uranium oil lampby Lamplov…
Welsh Miners Paraffin Lampby jearve
unknown bracket lampby ADMLAMP
Antique queen ann oil lampby Lamplov…
Help!!by Daw
Antique consolidated lampby Arlene0…
Dietmar metal medicoi…
Square base oil lamp by Tazshot
gsw lamp,city of vancouver works deptby mr135
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Lamp, 2by SpiritB…
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gas lampsby acky38
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Oil Lamp Mixed Metal & Rose Glass Globe - Vintage by MLRelle
Opaline Oil Lampby antonizz
Our item we haveby AndreaH5
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Made in England duplex double burnerby Lamplov…
Any thoughts on this oil lamp?by MarkH
Oil lamp with rose design pat april 4 1882by Kotton
Oil lampby Lamplov…
Unmarked Cast Brass (?) Lampby andlutz
Late Roman Oil Lampby beyemvey
Beautiful Whale oil parlor lampby Susiepatte63
Brass Table Oil Worthby Lody98
Pat 1897 Hand-Painted Kerosene Lampby SpiritB…
#2 Unmarked Brass Oil Lamp Converted To Electricityby foxfireroda…
Unmarked Brass Oil Lamp Converted To Electricityby foxfireroda…
Circa 1906 Safeguard Lampby SpiritB…
Oil lamp by Victorb
Cute little glass oil lampby Rdsmith
Does anyone know about this small fiurne oil lamp ? I love it . Can't find any information on it sby Sthrngrl59
Asian Oil or Kerosene Mini Lanternby RosaLinda
Oil lantern by Beka60
Old-fashioned Kerosene Lampsby JImam
Recent find by Beka60
Original Piece of Texas History Chandelierby Phyllis123
A few, of very many......I love the,by Willbell
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Dining room pull down oil lamp. All original , glass shade 14 in. diam by Vinyard111
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Hanging Oil Lampby dshuck62
J. Kaye's and Sons Lampby Walker48
figiral oil lampby edkal65
Vintage or antique brass and glass lampby masterminx
Antique Kerosene Oil Lamp with Ruby Red Glass Shade Double Wick Designby Lindylou
 Oriental Oxen and cart oil lamp with double burnerby stangbj101
Adams oil lampby edkal65
Brass oil lampby edkal65
Sewing oil lampby edkal65
Flower stemmed oil lampsby edkal65
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Hand painted and signed pair of kerosene lanternsby Valbern
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Searching for miniature Antique Oil Lamp informationby denapomeroy
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Grandmas lampsby Ute1111
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My oil lampby Belle12
Inherited off my gran. by Nicklaylan
German? oil lampby pizqueen
Antique Miniature Hand Painted / Enamel Porcelain Oil Lampby jlon3002
Stoneware Oil Lampby AzTom
German student oil lampby poet
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mix of queen anne, alladin, plume and attwood, and a few unknowenby Troystahl
More 1880's Figural Porcelain Miniature Oil Lamps Of Qualityby CalLamps
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Dads lampby jennygambrill
Small Oil Lamp with Finger Holeby mluna99
Circa 1898 Bicycle Lanternby SpiritB…
Uranium Glass Oil Lampby mluna99
Mini Oil lampby mluna99
2 Oil Lampsby mluna99
2 Fingerhole oil lampby mluna99
Anyone know exactly what this is?by PinkWings
A series of oil lamps in my JayeMoran
My favourite lampby JayeMoran
Blue glass oil lamp with cast Iron baseby Bun-bun
Aladdin Model 23B Swag Milk Glass Oil Lampby Bun-bun
"Puffy" Glass Oil lamp w/ brass fount and Bun-bun
Red glass boudoir oil lamp w/ Success burnerby Bun-bun
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help to learn what the lamp is? who let out and for what purposes? all Internet has rummaged - such lamps - just isn't present!by post24
Anyone Know What This Is?by TheAnimeMouse
oil lampby Destiny…
Rare....looking for information.  Oil converted to electric (I think)!by csacripant
No idea what it isby Retiredvete…
wrought iron and brass incense burnerby Laguinandie
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Oil lamp with glass jewels and duplex controlby kbscott
My antique Oil lampby snakepit42
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Shapleigh Barn Lantern?by SpiritB…
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Victor oil lampby r.b.scott
Looking for more infoby Cassieduncan
Old enameled oil lamp base from my grandparentsby Lorient
Gimbal handheld oil lampby BeckyMiller
Katy Didby Goodoody
My lovely Mystery Pieceby shirlpearl
Pigeonby nikki2zia
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first oil lamp in my collectionby beberly540
Oil lamp with roseby BoiledDove
Glass ladiesby nikki2zia
Starting nikki2zia
Granny's Miller Lampby kpgreg73
The Peerless Lampby kpgreg73
Glass oil lanpsby trgreen2000
Oil lampby trgreen2000
Electric oil type I think library lampby Jr85
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Purple Glass - Lamp?by nikki2zia
Beautiful Oil Lampby Kat1978
Cast iron ball shaped oil BigBlueFan
Sweet oil lamp from Holland ?? 1938 from my mumby Streaker
Antique Brass Oil Lampby vitruvio
interesting lampsby Blondye73
Coast Guard "Table Lamp"by rl240z
Coast Guard (?) Lampsby rl240z
Scott Co. Surgeons lampby BigBlueFan
Miniature Milk Glass Embossed Scroll Oil Lampby Pebsy
help I can't identify by shane210801
 Oil Torch Lampby rustytools
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My beautiful GWTW TobyTyler55
Looking for manufacturerby SanAntonioMan
My grandfathers old kerosene lampby Mawson89
new additions to my collectionby spowell420
Whale Oil Lamp (polished now)by CatWhisperer
Unknown Mysterious Coil Disk Wings Experimental Research or Spiritual Rare Copper Oil Lampby Cl-ant
Original Real Silver Coated Brass Divine Relic Akhand Jyoti Diya Deepak Oil Lampby Cl-ant
Bradley & Hubbard - 1889 kerosene lamp by Sepdave
Royal Oil Lamp.... 1892by Sepdave
Oil lampby lmurray
dietz jounier  leanternby valmikiagra…
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Reuerhand lantern no.276by Bottlesjw
Vintage Rayo lantern by Bottlesjw
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Oil Lampby nurse4lyfe
1890-1910 acetylene  dargue lamp by antiquesam
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B&H Kerosene Lamp by bunk
My favorite miniature oil lsmpby Debbieperez55
Early kerosene lamp baseby robin56
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HS maker importe d'allemagneby tidesz
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Reading lampby kpgreg73
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Plume & Atwood double student lampby JohannB
Brass Triple Font Paraffin Oil Lamp W/Etched Ball Shadesby lamps46
Antique Oil Lamp with Kosmos Brenner Burnerby dhumphr…
Woman Bust Lampby jah271
Cobalt Glass Mini-Lantern/House Thingieby ho2cult…
Who is the maker of this? So I can get the correct burner. by FernWillowF…
Tell Me How Old It Ilovefinger…
p&a risdon oil lampby robin56
help with info on this oil lamp pleaseby mystieyes
Late 20th Century Lamp . Juno? by marieboro
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Mom's lampby Butchert
What kind of Lamp is this? by jerry278
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Hand Panted Kerosene Lampby JoDe
can someone tell when this was made or how i can find out and how much its worthby rontree4405
Is my lamp old. Please help identity sheiken38
Is it a Lamp?by ccn234
Rare kerosene Parlor Lamp. Gone With the Wind Style.  by McoBruce
a few of my lamps.  by trapperwv1
early oil lamp? Native American?by powdermonkie
would like to know more about these lampsby vellis
My French Champleve oil lampby punkadunc
My vintage oil lampsby tony6464
Just purchased heavy gas oil lamp with sticker " eagle quality products hand made in Polandby Rail
p & a mfg bucky70000
Brass Oil Lampsby KittyVaughn
Oil Lanterns  - Nautical?by BPJermyn
Venus Oil Lampby ldmonthey
Mother-in-laws Lampby Mikeeann
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"Four Women" Oil Lampby greenjean
Looking for matching Huricane Lamp, The Virginaby oflgillis
my old vintage lovely oil kerosene lampsby baconboy
My unknown vintage lanternby Vintagelant…
Late 18th - Early 19th Century Wrought Iron 4 Wick Betty Lampby BHock45
My Mystery Lanternby bezi50
pa kerosene lampby robin56
brass SparksGinny
Lamps a Petrole "Belle Époque"ref  600/1by Nana26
Green miniature oil lampby wruthie…
more information juneb
 My OIl Lampby Psasha
Small Unusual Milk Glass and Clear Oil Lampby AuntieM
petrol/oil lampby chapforth
U S Glass Thumbprint panel lampby SAKaler
Round Glass - Oil Burnerby antique…
Bradley &Hubbard Small Oil Lamp Electrifiedby vintage…
Bradley&Hubbardby larryfine
Lantern by Bottlesjw
Banquet oil lamps Hugo Schneider burnerby Darlie
Lanturn by Bottlesjw
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green glass kerosene lamp by
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"Yellow Dog" Derrick Lanternby hotairfan
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can anyone tell me about this lamp?? cast of multiple metal . marked tapan or japan by sandrawalte…
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Green Glass Oil Lampby Kydur
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what is this??? by gotlamps
help please.can someone please help me with information on this oil lamp?ty so muchby bride
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oil lampsby brassnut
1860's whale oil lamp by Jhorne2…
C. 1858 Rare Bohemian Flint Overlay Cut To Clear - Possibly Harrachby stained…
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Bradley and hubard lampsby Jhorne2…
1950's Student Lampby bradley…
present for my mom what is this?by vixxycrowe
1960s/70s Glass Oil Burner ! Lamp !by Lise
duplex double wick lampby sarah86
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1890's Whale Oil Lampby bradley…
1970s Opium Lampby bradley…
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Army & Navy Cooporative Society Ltd LAMP? Kerosene Can? What is nedstacey
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B&H Nickel Plated Kerosene Table Lampby SteveTx76
Help with identifying the specific style of asian lamp been trying for a year to ID these things!!by aj47
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kerosese lampsby Kollector
Metal oil mamaspringer
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oil lantern with markings on topby gateway193
Adam and westlake double chandlier and a Indiana green six panel oil lampby Jhorne2…
I've had this a few years. I would be interested to find out about it.its very ornate   by Shellyremy1…
Grandmothers oil lamp, Mother made electric, now I made Oil last night!  Milk Glass painting "Cabin in Snow"by toracat
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OIL LAMPSby toolate2
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Bohemian cut glass lamp in silk box $5.00!by toracat
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 Green Oil Lampby Aimathena
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Oil Lamps! 3by antique…
Oil Lamps! 2by antique…
Oil Lamps!by antique…
Adams & Company, Pittsburgh, Pa -VALENCIA WAFFLE "Block and Star" VASELINE LAMPby LOUMANAL
Super Oil Lampby antique…
Figural kerosene lamp, label: Love's Victory".by abene
sometimes it's hard to pick a favoriteby oldlamp…
this one is my favoriteby oldlamp…
one of my favoritesby oldlamp…
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Out of the 340 oil lamps I've collected so far this is my armyvet
Plume & Atwood Oil Lampby antique…
Small, green oil lampby crayzmu…
Vintage Porcelain Finger Lamp Kerosene Oil Crimp 1/2 Frosted Shade  by Aimathena
Antique B&H Lampby Deanteaks
What is this and where did it come from??  How old???by daniboy…
  OIL LAMP!!   NEED HELP with INFO!!by Deadbolt
Here is another of my friend's lamps that look like conversions.  by patsyv
Nautical Oil Lamp Identificationby GreaseNinja
Lamp Old two Englandby Deanteaks
Lamp Old one Millerby Deanteaks
Bradley & Hubbard # 3200B Model - FIGURE STEM OIL LAMP- Early 1880'sby LOUMANAL
Moonstone or milk glass oil lamp?by ursulah…
Oil lamp bone china and brassby ursulah…
Duplex burner with an art glass baseby JLeidel
Venus oil lampby smiata
Brass electrified Oil Lampby smiata
Banquet Lampby HHL
Rewired Angel Lion Lantern Lamp ??by hiddenc…
Few things I got by stonesf…
Very Old Antique Pottery Oil Lampby ayden2008
HOBBS, BROCKUNIER GLASS COMPANY, of Wheeling,West Virginia- Some Examplesby LOUMANAL
Antique Whale Oil Fluid Lamp ca. 1870 by Hobbs Brockunier Flint Glass with Blackberry Pattern Baseby charcoal
Globe oil lampby MarioZ
German Hand Painted Porcelain or China Kerosene Banquet Lamp w Brenner Kosmos Burnerby charcoal
metal oil lamp, automobile?by clpitts
Victorian Era P&A Plume and Atwood Hand Painted Glass Red Flowers Electrified Parlor Lampby charcoal
Unknown Oil Lampby rodc
Oil Lampby ronnies…
Old Lanternsby kygurl32
Nickel Rayo Lampby thepianolist
Embury Air Pilot No.2by schalle…
Dietz K Mart Lantern by schalle…
Beautiful handblown oil lamps, by Jon Wolfard and a good story!by toracat
Granny's 1890 kerosene lamp, mom made electric in the 1940's, 2013 I changed back! And art deco lamp by me and more!by toracat
antique oil lampby bodiedog3155
Eastlake Cast Iron oil lamps holders, Castiron hookby filmnet
 A Couple of my Favorite Early ATTERBURY COMPANY Oil Lampsby LOUMANAL
antique oil lampby bross
Galle Bedside Table Oil Lampby Nootch
Painted glass and brass lamp baseby sarahfava
Dietz #60 Aiming Lampby orbisoncon
Lamps, Costume Jewelry! made by me!  Try not to laugh too much!!by toracat
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Old oil lamp everything orignal on it chicky
My old new lampby daniel220
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Minature ABCO Nutmeg Kerosene Lamp- need infoby Ollie
Radius No. 107, Swedish made from Fairline59
Glass thingsby pawis
Electrified Oil Lamp?by soogees
gondola has me stumpedby ellymohr
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East German oil lamp (BAT #159 model) from the borderby jonima
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Uranium Glass Oil Lampby Hedgewa…
Unique Green Uranium Glass Oil Lampby Apocaly…
courting lampby carlene…
Small Terracotta Oil Lampby klingerwvu
Antique Old Dietz No 40 Traffic Guard, Red Glass Oil Signal Lantern. by mosk
A Great European Tradition Fine Cut Crystal Glass oil mosk
Fragrant Oil Burnerby musikchoo
Antique Kerosene Oil Lamp by mosk
Oil Lampby collect…
aladdin lincoln drape kerosine lampby dbryant
a little help to identifyby SwtPapa
Has anyone seen one of these?by gradykraft
Brass light fixture / chandelier . by KB1959Apr
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miners lampby skeptikz
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My long lost treasureby kellyd61
Antiquesby Yuko
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Oil Lamp Which was converted to electric lampby damonjames
Purple Glass Moto, Bike, Train , Car Oil Lampby BRussel
Oil Lamps??by goldwinger
historic stone poseidon oil lampby sal
Tiffany double globe oil lamp - 1890sby jerryschmidt
Nautical Lights catalogue from 1939by RonM
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Blue lamp and know nothing about itby Barber
old oil lampby Lakefive
Saturdays Pick'ns April 7by DASPICK…
Lamp w/Emeraldware shade.  ID requestedby amarcus
Early Whale Oil Reading/Writing Lamp? Love it!by Tim14527
Extra Tall Pattern Glass Oil Lamp (E. Miller w/ Apollo Duplex)by mds308
Can you substitute non-kerosene oil in an old lamp?by snorincats
large antique oil lampby jimmykimbrell
Antique Hurricane Lampby JanesLamp
Un known Lantern... need help EMTPETE
Gone With The Windby rjbowinkle
Boston & Sandwich whale oil lampby JohannB
I need help identifing this lamp. by mandyg2008
Iron Horse Oil Lampby marshallcah…
This is a really old Lamp !!by musikchoo
Gargoyle Oil Lampsby BirdieZ
duplex double wick with snuffer oil lampby tizzi60
I was told that this is an 1860 German Brass Well fairytaleph…
Kosmos Burner Lamp by (Schuster & Baer) Shoemaker and Bear (Berlin) for Brendel and Loewig (Berlin)by JALaswellSr
Unknown Frosted  Rose color oil Cewinn
kerosene lamp with no id markings ~ anyone help with any info about it?by neat.ol…
What is this lamp?by Haymaker
Piano/Organ Kerosene Lampby picking…
Bronze whale oil lampby bluesequoia
Wagon Lanternby picking…
 just some neat old stuff  by neat.ol…
Dietz Junior wagon lanternby Samovar88
indiana glass kerosene lampby vanskyo…
Kerosene lamp partsby walksof…
Hurricane lamps with blue flow serene98
Southern Pacific Company Railroad Wall Mount Kero Lampby JSmed
Small Alladin oil lamp from Japanby Japanoi…
Antique Brass oil lampby a24cupfan
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