Antique Railroad Lanterns and Lamps

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Found in an Antique shop today, a Chalwyn Railway lamp and two enamel arm bands, safety equipmentby GeodeJem
Railroad Lanternby Ladychoppers
Adam & Westlake Co of Chicagoby Crspo1
Help- Handlan St. Louis lantern with a GM&N Teal plateby Southsooner
Old Railroad Engine Oil Light by Handlan ST. Louis USAby EJW-54
Help in Identifying Burner in Lantern Pleaseby Joanna1tiff…
Miners teapot lampby edkal65
Switchyard train signalby johnste…
My lantern collectionby DonAbe
Dual glass signal lantern oil and electric by Justdontknow
A Nice End To 2016by pajrr
Candle powered lanterns, history?by Esso
My railroad lampby Antiquematti
CNR Blue Railroad Lanternby BobVint…
CNR Red Railroad Lanternby BobVint…
Unidentifyed Railway? Lampby Rails
Caboose Lantern?by g77y
Adlake Semaphore? by SpiritB…
Railroad lamp, Chicago & Northwesternby ravage60
Railroad Lamp Cleaned and Rewiredby SpiritB…
Jenk's Railroad Lampby SpiritB…
Cast Iron Gas Lighting Spotlight Transporation related?by clpitts
Unsolved mystery for Stephenp almost solvedby Juliet78
Is this worth anything, cant get any results onlinrby Railroa…
Identity Requestby StevenP
Beautiful piece of Spiritbear01
Prahm Patent Train Order Lampby station…
Adlake 27 Caboose Cupola Lamp (about 1900)by station…
Looking for information about this lampby scook102
Unknown Lantern Please help!!!!!!!!!!!by KingJoker
Vintage train car wall sconsesby SparksGinny
My Little Oil Lamp/ pswlondonbu…
Vintage Bicycle Lantern or Railroad Related?by Bottleb…
Brass floor standing railway carrige lightby Adelaide
Where did Glass Light come From? Lantern Ship? Railroad?by bbrunelle
Unusual (RR?) Lamp Identification Neededby WS85
Unusual Oil Lamp possibly Railway French help needed to I D itby Tim.321
1870's railroad lamp made by the Dayton manufacting co. by Jhorne2…
British Caboose light?by Girlyflyer
Railroad or Traffic Lantern???by kthomas1967
What is it?? by B16nbear
1904 Adams & Westlake Switch Lampby Chuckie
Handlan Caboose Lanternby ld52td49
Armspear Railroad Lanternby fweekley
Please help identifyby Shell1970
B.R. 1917  LANTERNS - RAILROAD - TRANSIT - ORby Rain_bow_ri…
Adlake No sweat Lampby ramirezmich
a few of my lamps.  by trapperwv1
Old Dayton Brass car lampby camgib
Dressel railroad station platform lamp. 1890'sby Jhorne2…
Adams Westlake Adlake Train Caboose Wall Kerosene Lamp 1930sby vintage…
Antique oil lamp railroad ??by Breezzzee
locomotive lens?by funkyweaver
Dietz no 60 beacon lantern with a pioneer street hanging lampby Jhorne2…
Antique signal lanternby Geanne
Handlan caboose markerby Blacksh…
Dietz Lantern City of Chicago embossed Amber Glass by Fireman007
Roscoe and synider and pacific caboose lamp very rare by Jhorne2…
Tubular RR Lanternby coalman
Some lamps by Jhorne2…
Garage sale findsby fieldfi…
Handlan #208 square railroad station platform lampby Jhorne2…
Lighter or Ignition? by poorgir…
Oil Lamps,  boat or caboose?by bickers
Help with this pleaseby Nobody77
Finally redid my Adlake Switch Lanternby senor_t…
lantern need info pleaseby Joeyhabsfan
Railroad hanging lanterby Millie007
Blue Carmens Lanternby goatpelt
Vintage Railroad Lantern ~ Alaska Railroad (ARR)by tom61375
Adam and westlake double chandlier and a Indiana green six panel oil lampby Jhorne2…
Big 4 railroad lanternby gargoyl…
Antique Railroad Lampsby Jacksonlewis
Lantern collectionby RonM
Vic Rail lampby tashgrog
Extremely Rare Dietz Lanternby Deegandidit1
Nickel Plate RR lanternby gargoyl…
Chalwyn road charmso…
railway lanternsby kellylee
Railroad Lantern or Ships Lantern?  Anyone Know???by alpickers444
Charles S. Sweet Presentation Lanternby B.Taylor
B&O RR fixed globe wristlet lanternby railnsail
Looking for information….by Spooky18
Railroad Lantern?by kpantle
LS&MS Railroad  Lantern by Adams & Westlakeby brooksworks
LS&MS Railroad Lantern by Parmelee & Bonnellby brooksworks
LS&MS Railroad Lanternsby brooksworks
Vintage Nier Feuerhand 280 Lanternby Collect…
LS&MS No. 8 Railroad Prince Lanternby lsandms
My favorite mystery lantern, who used it, and when? Any information?by mrjimpowell2u
Caboose Lanternby RonM
Railroad switch lampby JERSEYJILL8
1950 Train superharley
1871 LS & MS Ry lantern. Made by Parmelee & Bonnellby lsandms
Railroad Emergency Signal Boxby thisold…
Pennsylvania railroad caboose lanternsby gargoyl…
Light from C&O?by Jack_Johnson
Trying to identify this lampby upcondor
Lantern, Star Flasherby fleanoob
Early Steam Locomotive Headlampby railnsail
1929 military candle lamp by Duffy
Liberty St. Louis Lantern by Niecy
a couple of lanternsby mikieli…
Pennsey Railroad lanternby gargoyl…
Railroad Lampby JPollack
Railroad Lampby JPollack
The lanternby bender
What is this Brass oil lamp used for? by aa2h
New York Central System lanternby gargoyl…
An old Adlake Railroad Lightby musikchoo
Little Wizard Lantern Typeby phillipsma
Purple Glass Moto, Bike, Train , Car Oil Lampby BRussel
Cobalt Blue Railroad Lantern Globeby gotwire
Adlake non-sweatingby chessie…
Traffic Gard Lanternby jonima
PRR Lanternby jonima
cast iron fuse calibeer
railroad semaphore related collectiblesby mikieli…
oil lampby clpitts
Un known Lantern... need help EMTPETE
Possibly an old Switchman's table lamp (CN for Canadian National RR?)by Luv2collect
Old Railroad Switch Lanternby musikchoo
West Shore Railroad lanternby railnsail
Railroad Lanternby picking…
R.R. Lanternby mnglass
RR  Signal Lanternby picking…
Railroad Lanternsby picking…
Railroad Lanternsby picking…
Dressel Pennsylvania Railroad lanternby Samovar88
Railroad light?by loftbed
Southern Pacific Company Railroad Wall Mount Kero Lampby JSmed
Lanternsby Stonie
1969 Fres-o-lone Christmas figural lampsby Loribaldwin
Gray Boston Signal Lampby ctfossil
German Train / Carriage Lanternby Stonie
traffic gard oil lantern with red glassby vanskyo…
L&N Train anqiuesby Tillman
Antique 1930's Handlan St. Louis USA NYC & STL RR Switch Railroad Lantern by electob…
Antique Oil Lampby Morsculpt
lanternby serge
Carbide Miners Light & Can by youngpicker96
Railway Switchman's/Brakeman's Lanternby HeatherH
Is this a train headlight?by kdobrilovic
Antique Soo Line switch marker lampby Sagehopper
Antique Civil War Era?? Brass Candle Lanternby dboyles
Railroad lanternsby pamara
Railroad lanternsby pamara
railroad laternby ronkent
Antique Railway Signal Lanterns for Caboosesby Lorne
Dietz Lampsby trinadamian…
Two Oil Lamps and One Rail Road Lanternby sldunik
Railroad lantern w/strikerby yosemite46
Old Red Railroad DASPICK…
Reed Pony Company Lanternby jonmmjon
Dietz No.2 Railroad Station Box Lamp/Lanternby Dean60010
Dietz Lantern - Construction or Railroad?by Vlw
Trying to obtain information about the following RR Lanternby DJ_DeJager
Pair of matching Dressel Railroad lamps (lanterns)by dshipes1
Information on my lanternby Elizabe…
1935 Adlake Railroad Lamp by dshipes1
Adlake (Chicago) Railroad Lamp (1907) by dshipes1
B & O Rail Road Oil Lampby Toddpuc…
Railroad or Mast Lantern Lanternby MWMiller
vintage railroad lantern?? I don't know, please help!by millsman5
L&N (Louisville and Nashville) Railroad Switchman Lanternby YardSal…
Pennsylvania RR oil torch lampby beau5278
AS &Co or maybe RR Lanternby senor_t…
Adlake Non Sweating Lamp Chicagoby senor_t…
lanternby mattoma…
Railroad Cross Switch Lanternby sonsothunder
Yellow Signal Lanternby dgmyr82
Old Oil Lanternby doynger69
B&O railroad lanternby oilman514
Vintage Lanternby cc1969
Antique Lightby curiousanti…
railroad lightsby JessieBakal…
antique cameras, railroad lights, fire extinguisherby JessieBakal…
more stuffby doggoneluck…
Vintage charmsby tikiray
Lanterns.... by tikiray
Economy Electric Lantern Mazda number 502 bulbsby Jules0520
PRR railroad lamp with cobalt globeby Blackbe…
Lanternby arelicz…
my favorite little old lanternsby smo
pennsylvania rail road lanternby robok
Railroad lanternby andyburdette
Railroad lanternby jkelly
Railroad Brakeman Lanternby RustyGold
Looking for Info On a Kelley Lanternby Arch
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Beech Creek Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis "PANHANDLE" Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
RR Lamp?by budman_25
Philadelphia & Erie Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Allegheny Valley RR Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Atlantic & Great Western RR Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Atlantic & Great Western Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Lake Erie & Western Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
New York, Chicago & St. Louis RY (NICKEL PLATE) Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Pennsylvania Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Norfolk & Western RY Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio RR Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
Buffalo, New York & Philadelphia Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
ERIE Railway Co. Railroad Lanternsby brooksworks
LS&MS Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
P.Ft.W & C.Ry Railroad Lantern by brooksworks
Monon railroad lanternby boxcarbill65
B&O RR  LANTERNby rlbarne…
Lehigh Valley Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Lanternby brooksworks
New York & Erie RR Co Fixed Globe Railroad Lantern by brooksworks
LS&MS Ry Bonnell & Gridley Fixed Globe Lanternby brooksworks