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unknown maker from cincinnati ohioby oddthings8
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Dumpster dive. by CorinneL
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 Antique Rocking Chair, unknownby CBENHARTCB
Vintage Children's rocking chair would like to find some info in this I'm 52 and I git this rocker when I was about 2  I DorisWalker
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Hand made Maritime sewing rocker (I think) by BeckyDoiron
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Old oak rockerby Franknrachel
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Looking for information on this smizzell
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Waterfall rocking chair, my new project!by Lilly2411
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Got this chair from an elderly neighbor and have cherished it for 5 years. Should I have it insured?by Cre
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street finds are the best!!!by vecchia_anima
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Picked up at Chrishall
Need Help Iding this WildToad
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Looking for SoMDgirl
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bedroom chair by delyth
Northwind Rocking Chair. by rockwall
Antique rocker pulled  from WV flood . Can anyone tell me about the style, etc.  it has 1890 written on Herddr
One of my latest yard sale CrustyC…
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Don't know what I have. by Mathistl
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GA - Georgiaby cmra1
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1946 Stenciled Nichols &Stone Boston rocker w/ MATCHING MIRROR???by Lttldggr
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Fire breathing dragons head rest rockerby Jewell
I would like to know how old is it? I would like to change a few things,but not if I would ruin the valueby Rox
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Dad picked this up somewhere in Ohio, late philmonttra…
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Canadian Rocker - carved by a Quebec farmer circa 1930?by CanadianKat
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1800's rocking chair. my newest Nannettel
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Just got it.. old maple wood the back has two spindles that cross in the middle never seen this buffalo
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Rocking Chairby kggma
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dont know what it is , help , by edwackrow
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Ornate Engraved, embossed  Leather Back Oak rockerby fxrpilot
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My GrandMother's- but from whereby happyfeet
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like to date rocking chair if anyone may have an idea? by Mazzbob
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LAST UPDATE! Giants Chairs!  Boo, Hoo!  Boo Hoo! Getting old!  BUT now Rocking Chairs!  Yera! Yea!by toracat
this year Christmas presentby kpantle
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Found this small (nursing?) rocking chair at a thrift store - beautiful inlay. Chair has been stripped of previous jrhaber
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Rocking Chairby Crabby
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Rockerby phrankee
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Unknown Makeby PhilM
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Bentwood rocking chairby Alontal
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