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Wheeler & Wilson 7 Drawer Machineby LRif45
Straco Electro-Matic Sewing Machineby cindyjune
Unidentified sewing machineby Galiza
1950's White 1305 Vintage Sewing Machineby Heather…
1950's Kenmore 158.521 Domestic Sewing Machine with pattern camsby Heather…
1940's Casige Chain Stitch Toy Sewing Machineby Heather…
1920's Damascus Treadle Sewing Machine with Custom Wood Inlayby Heather…
1950's Adler 87 Portable Sewing Machine with "Tailor's Case"by Heather…
1920's L.O. Dietrich Vesta Hand Crank Hand-Painted Machineby Heather…
Not sure what it isby Rose185
white rotary with cabinetby jhovik
Brother Streamliner Sewing Machine Accessories Etcby fortapa…
Unique Sewing Machineby Estellarob
New Home treadle sewing machineby joy0208
want to know more about this peice I'm not sure it worksby maryestroud
The Super Streamliner Brother Deluxe Sewing Machineby fortapa…
1950 Pfaff 130 Sewing Machineby Heather…
1920's Frister & Rossmann Treadleby Heather…
1911-ish Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machineby Heather…
1908 New Home Treadle in a beautiful Parlor Cabinetby Heather…
Estate Sale Antique Sewing Maching findby pawn
The T. EATON Co. Limited, Winnipeg EATON "Empire" Treadle Sewing Machineby randall…
Imperial Sewing Machineby BettynPumpkin
Old ???crank machineby bunrau
Does anyone know anything about this machine???!by Dexter12
What sewing machine is this?by Bemer
Mystery sewing machine . by Waynefox
Vintage white Rotary sewing machine by Gruff
Sewing machine Kohlerby Ovidiuvrn
McKee Helpby Tanya8ch
New home Sewing Machineby Shortcollec…
RHM - Sewing Machineby dvalentine2…
Royal Sewing Machineby lisahendrix56
New Home Vintage Parlor Cabinet Sewing Machineby dauntlessth…
White Family Rotary treadle sewing machineby Jlrichgutok
Old Sewing Machineby Kendall38
Kenmore silver sewing machine in a deskby maeandjames
My Good Housekeeping Sewing machineby Mocha
Trying to fine info on this model #FR2493958, aside from patient dates on the bobbin access plate there are no other BobbieSox
 Vintage Minnesota sewing machine with cabinetby MissAnna.k
My WHITE 976 Sewing Machineby StormCloud601
Unknown mystery sewing machine findby fleafin…
Princess De Luxeby lovelym…
Elgin 302L ??by copper128
New Goodrich Sewing Machine Frameby Arkie10
Stitchmaster, made in Japanby LauraLynn72
Swiss Madeby KrashKing
lewis junior invisible stitch sewing machineby recyclingfan
Abraham & Straus Sewing Machineby luvvint…
Brunswick Sewing Machine (And Always Drive Prepared!)by SpiritB…
Commercial Singer Table with older Lewis Blind Stich sewerby Justmorestuff
Just foundby oldsoul73
Cleaned Up Sewing Machineby SpiritB…
Lada(?) T121 (model 121?) vintage sewing Shepuz
Neglected vintage White sewing machine needs indentifyingby Fountainwoman
Old sewing machineby Unicorn76
Vintage White Rotary Sewing machineby Barbara_1444
1874 Singer 12 Sewing Machine - Technology 150 Years Ago To Nowby SweetVi…
Antique National Unity Treadle sewing machine and cabinetby kpgreg73
Domestic Machines Electric Sewing Machine Motorby fortapa…
Early Brother Treadle Machine - worksby GAP
Webster de lux sewing machine by Gigi62
1954 modern de luxe sewing machine with table by Savvi
Greist treadle sewing machine recent Yard sale find!by jenniec…
MW Zenith mystery machineby John_G
Wilson Rotary sewing machine series 127by Keithfed1
New Home Parlor Cabinet with accessoriesby Carhob
Adler Portable Sewing Machine Model 850-Bby Roderitch
Vintage sewing machineby Vintagebrow…
My Markton, My Unknownby dghita
Solingen De luxe machineby Jose310
Montgomery Ward S40 sewing machineby jnlyons4
Bradbury Sewing Machineby xanduran
Complete New Home Sewing Machineby SpiritB…
Gritzner Durlachby vkayea
Older Sewing machine by Bcajja
Non-Singer Sewing Machineby badea_aleks…
IDEAL sewing machineby Valesia
"mansion" labeled sewing mally311
The Free sewing Machine Co. $11.66 pickby davekelejian
Antique Willcox & Gibbs Black & Gold Sewing Machineby davekelejian
my mystery vintage sewing machineby tleduke
Recycled sewing machineby Knockersfan
What is it?????by coathanger
Brunswick Electric Sewing Machineby Schairi…
White Treadle Sewing machine by Kymberlin
Gracia Sewing Machine from Hollandby Shkruem
unknown sewing machineby ryanjess
Sewing machineby garyjohn
My Grandmothers Sewing Machineby blossom
Paragon model "P" Standard sewing machine made in Clevelandby kpgreg73
Any information pleaseby DeniseMF
Steinway Grand treadle sewing machine in cabinetby LoraDerrixM…
1907 Golden Starby marushka
Kenmore sewing machine in cabinet model 117.305by patriciacro…
White Bronze 1926 Sewing Machine......Mt. Vernon Cabinetby denise6254
Unknown National 3/4 size, angular body, top tension Treadleby Tooker
Weed FF sewing machineby sewingguy
Antique National E Sewing Machineby Mercer50
 Howe Sewing Machineby cinamon…
German Transverse Sewing Machineby cinamon…
Longford (New Home) Sewing Machineby cinamon…
More Mystery Pfaffby cinamon…
Unknown Pfaff? if you can identify it please cinamon…
found in atticby gmacrae
Just like mine but betterby EdensGr…
Tabitha sewing machineby Andy1970
Domestic Sewing Machine Attachmentsby Janicelb1863
Dürkopp - Class 2 - High Arm TSby YonnaH
Graybarby chelsearoby
Shapleigh Rotaryby LTTUCK
Antique White Treadle Sewing Machine by lorna
Unknown shuttle sewing machineby Hrt
Unknown Sewing Machine: HELPby mbourbeau12
Essex minature sewing machine, in good working order, grey main colourby GeodeJem
Please help me identify this sewing machine!!by JudyM
Inherited Franklin sewing machineby driggs63
Shapleigh Model Bby Nollsgame
Empisalby badegg
Brash? Sewing Machineby badegg
Windsor treadle sewing machineby Birdsammy
Sewing machine The Ideal B by Cloverfield
Aldens sewing machine.  by Birdsammy
White's World's Rotaryby wjcarson
Kohler sewing machineby Natasa
Florence Crown Sewing Machine- looking for informationby pburgoyne
White Family Rotary Treadle Sewing Machine pre-renovationby KateT
Quilting machineby Nanab10
Newhome 1898 parlor treadle sewing machine cabinetby sewingd…
Looking for information on a WILSON SEWING MACHINEby Cheesehead
Miniature antique modelsby ipoduke
White Sewing Machine (1920s)by Kydur
My antique sewing machine by Ceillia_35
New Williams treadle sewing machineby Sewingconcern
White treadle sewing machine in oak cabinetby Sewingconcern
Vintage Eureka zig-Zag machine in cabinet /pull-out stoolby Debc
1905? shutz-marke sewing machineby lucasb
Köhler 1403593by Charlottab91
Ward V.S.IIIby Deealicious
Another Scrap Heap Specialby Nimros
White Ratary Treadle Sewing Machineby Mercer50
Atlas Sewing Machine from the 1950'sby CheryllDM
Vintage Sewing Machineby SignMaker14
Bell portable sewing machineby secondedition
Vintage Sewing Machineby snowleopard
Matchless treadle sewing machine with cabinetby CJinKY
Pfaff 130 Estate sale findby MaxximumRC
Help identify this machineby Cora
Lonesome Researchby AdaDodd
Grimme natalis sewing Dreamer01
victory sewing machineby tracyme
pedal sewing machineby tracyme
Machine with NoNameby Newcomer-Da…
1951 Husqvarna imperial sewing accessories, tin and instruction manualby Clintwo…
Goodrich Aby newbuf
American Beautyby Aimee.E…
Improved Faultless Treadle Sewing Machineby kathiecampb…
Very Old Sewing Machineby BTrep
NEW HOME 1906 usa sewing machine,distributed by pinnock queen elizabeth building sydney nswby rockshow
Y & C Rotary Sewing Machineby curiouskitty
Vintage Elna Sewing Machine EC?by hoosiersewing
My grandmothers machineby judyfrompa
Veloce Italian Tailor's flatbed treadle sewing machineby hanniffy
Travel Sawing Machineby Vintage…
Graybar sewing machineby volt121575
20th Century brand treadle sewing machineby miasgma
Mannai Sewing Machine. Would Like Information About dtchaser64
Mother in law's sewing machineby Brothermach…
What Tension Asembely is correct for this machine theres no model#only serial # please helpby francisnelson
White Sewing Machine circa fortapa…
My Brother Charger 441, a work JFollis
kayser sewing machine pleas helpby negables7
German made treadle sewing machineby auntyjackie
Brunswick sewing machine, 83 rue Richeleur  Paris, designed treadleby Kriz
Working antique sewing machine w/cabinet bought at garage sale for a bargain!by NicoleJ…
please help identify this sewing newme58
Kohler 1258744by Nmh412
My 1919 Willcox & Gibbsby corlando
Linda Sewing Machine... Does anyone know anything about them?by lgarrington
Baldwin Deluxe Sewing Machineby antique…
Auto Knitter crateby huck2050
Yale Sewing Machine??by Dasaboros
standard sewing equiptment, koyo, mde in osaka-japanby craig22509
Mystery Antique Sewing Machine - Made in Italyby ziggysews
Vintage Sewing Machineby kygurl32
Brother Super Flairmatic 190B Sewing Machineby momof3
My Favorite unknown sewing machineby Maemny
Singer ? Sewing Machine 6.5 in tallby bulldogzzz
Faultless Sewing Machineby gourdlo…
Old Schutz-Marke trademark Durkopp? sewing machineby moh85
1860 Sewing Machineby Cristina_Mi…
Sewing machineby RonM
Bradbury Rotary Shuttle B2  sewing machine 1882by TeppiK
Sewing Machineby wellbornsea…
Schutz Sewing Machineby Antygo
My favorite wall hanging... The side of a sewing machine standby zengirl
My mystery, have no idea about this machine. Made in Czech, Mila brand, distributed in Brisbane Australia. Can't find anything?by Chezzal…
The classy Necchi BU sewing machineby theworl…
Vintage Montgomery Ward And Company Sewing Machine....Please Helpby allissam
Unknown Domestic Sewing Machine Model?by Tawnypelt
State sewing machineby sewhappy
My White "Fair Lady" - New York World's Fair 1964-1965by Pam-and…
need help by mafiamen2
Old Rusty Sewing Machineby codesad
Swiss Sewing Machineby biendly
Cosita Sewing Machineby MarieBurke
mine and hers -toolsby lundy
Perry Mason Improved New Companion 1910by Steffie
Rothenborg or Husqvarna? Sweden or Danmark?by tonyee
"Sewhandy" the precursor to the Singer "Featherweight"by Pam-and…
Does anyone out there know anything about this Saxonia machine?by Cottage_Chic
Home Mark Sewing Machineby eccentr…
Hand Sewing Machineby oledebil
willcox & gibbsby oledebil
White Treadle Machineby Buffalo…
Köhler sewing machineby Annedine
1900's Family White Rotary Treadle sewing machine by jcv3177
old sewing machineby alexcore
Phoenix sewing machineby swiskaz
The Free Sewing Machine Co. Chicagoby sabby
New Home Model # 672 Cabinet Sewing Machineby Bexi
hi, can anyone tell me this sewing machine is worth anything? thanks!by seabird1201
Centennial (Koyo?) Serial#0445by Suecarol
had this little gem given to Mytsweet
D & D ?by Chiefwamego
NewHome vintage model 108by soynut
WHITE Sewing Machine Dated 1909by EJW-54
1927 White Rotaryby mlrsadp…
Awesome Vintage/Antique Sewing Machineby contactrach…
Pfaff 130by jonima
who made this sewing machine?by cpfstock
DUCHESS Hand Crank Sewing Machineby Gman68
My Harris Sewing Machine (with All Original Bits & Instruction Booklet and case)by Dawn1uk67
Haid & Neu hand crank  (German) sewing machineby bingbing75
"Hand Crank - Chain Stitch" Rivalsby Pam-and…
"New Fife" Sewing Machine? by AngelaS…
Antique/Vintage Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing Machineby AngelaS…
White Goden Bobbinby RCalabrese13
Elna "Grasshopper" Demo Modelby Pam-and…
Rose City Treadle Machine Can not find anything about this mode;by Miri0808
Late 1800's sewing machine cabinetby Lostins…
New Williams rescueby mommacrow
White Family Rotary treadle Sewing Machine by ihearta…
Brunswick Sewing Machineby roxanneholmes
Manhattan Sewing Machine - Information Neededby valerie…
mini sewing machine by arturens
1929 White Rotary FR 3202338 by daggers57
Old Sewing Machineby Derek_G
frister&rossmann ????by dhrob
Estate Sale Findby amj415
1920's Graybar sewing machineby madrang2
1958 Kenmore Sewing Machineby aycocko…
Elna Transforma Sewing Machine 1952-'58by gvgordon
A 200 year old sewing machine that is still in perfect working order!by aneelds
pfaff 30by bugkiller
Rare Garcia Coffin Top Treadle Sewing Machineby Krydor
it says Voguestitches pink sewing machine in wooden cabinetby mayatini
Kenmore Sewing Machineby JRD
Old White Sewing machineby LyndaB
Old sewing machineby sbjenkins
Vintage 1942 Imperial Kenmore Rotary Sewing Machine Model # 117.591by Lisa288
Antique Montgomery Ward Sewing Machineby Mrj303
Sewing Machineby Applebutter
My antique sewing machines (some of them)by Bernade…
Haid and Neu Machineby boysmom3
Sewing Machine La Salleby cledefa30
Old sewing machine, found in a boxby jmjordan23
My westing house sewing machineby wvgurl63
The Free Sewing Machineby arkansaspic…
pfaff sewing machineby maryp
What a find! Antique Dial-N-Sewby tgidden…
domestic machines cleveland ohio sewing machine ?by santoranch
My moms favourite sewing machineby mae
Toy Sewing Machineby DASPICK…
My Vintage Simon Portable Sewing Machineby Fancy557
this betsy ross sewing machine still has kick/the lost info onjaxby delta-pickers
brothers sewing machineby croper21
New Home Sewing Machine Co. - Orange,  Mass  Treadle "Foot Pedal"by Kaki
old sewing machineby maryp
Sewmatic by Sorter30
Little Londonby renee4
Our " Definitely Original" Sandt Princess TSMby LuckyDog
Vintage Sewing Machine...Manufacturer unknown..Help!by apace8273
1891 New Home Sewing Machineby dkk453
Mason Roraryby isatoi
"Mason Rotary" Sewing Machine in Cabinetby isatoi
International Sewing Machine and the box of attachmentsby renard50
"Domestic" Antique Treadle Sewing Machineby QueenBee
Gorgeous vintage sewing machine of unknown originby thevancouve…
New Home 'non-electric'  Sewing Machine from 1900by mandy121687
1940's era Caser industrial sewing machineby jgruner
Treadle sewing machine & oil lampsby Jax
Florence Rotary sewing machineby tra43tra
Dressmaker Specialby Sujen101
Sewing machine White Rotary USAby ryan86
my mother's OLD toy sewing machineby Skruffy
Grandmothers Sewing Machineby kkend
Swiss ELNA "Grasshoppers"by Pam-and…
Display of a few Toy and Miniature Sewing Machinesby MaRS
Sewing Machine Base - Tableby Steph
My Minnesota Model C Sewing Machineby TamaraB
Wilson S M Co, Wilson sewing machine companyby Ernie
White Family Rotary Treddle Sewing Machineby ttomtuc…
The Lion Crown Sewing Machine Co. by YourAmigo
la reine/reina hand cranked sewing machineby pinkpheonix
Minesotta sewing machine by wihunting
Treddle White Sewing Machineby RetRN
franklin sewing machineby megtha
Gatsby Summer Afternoon - Prohibition sign, sewing machine and typewriterby lisa
Days Gone Byeby Extreme…
New Home Sewing Machine in Cabinet, circa late 1800sby tamiswed
Lesley's Sewing Treasuresby nuknuk218