Vintage and Antique Singer Sewing Machines

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Singer 49K4 pleating machine s/n F9764682by collect1
Singer  machineby cmrtnz1969
My Late 60s Singer Sewing Machine!by TimeisE…
Can you identify this Singer Machine?by coachbob21
Singer Manufacturing Co. Sewing Machine - 99K, Serial #EL903366by lmodrall
 The Peerless Buttonholer for Singer VS1 & VS2 Machines  by The Sackett Mf'g Co by realyrosey
1918 Singer 43-5 Cylinder Bed Industrial Treadleby Heather…
1945 Singer 111W117 Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machineby Heather…
Singer Sewing Machineby bmtJimG
My godmother sewing machine by Rose185
Toronto CNE 1938 Singerby Michell…
My first vintage treadle sewing machineby SavedaS…
1933-ish Singer 107w1 Industrial Zig Zag sewing machineby Heather…
1949 Singer 69-11 Bar Tacker Industrial Sewing Machineby Heather…
1924 Singer 31-20 Industrial Machineby Heather…
1921 Singer Redeye in Maple Cabinetby Heather…
1911 Singer "Sphinx" Treadle Sewing Machineby Heather…
1950 Singer 17-30 Cylinder Bed Industrial Machineby Heather…
1889 Singer 13 "fiddlebase" Industrial Treadleby Heather…
1922 or 23 Singer 71-30 industrial buttonholerby Heather…
singerby dk7343
Vintage Singer Parlour Cabinet Sewing Machineby Chixo
Antique Overlock Singer Sewing Machine 81-5 from 1925. Updated 6/2017by freon
Newly found show piece :)by Joeymozzer
Singer Sewing machineby Sheryl77
Antique Siner sewing machine by Davis-08
What model is this?by spiritbird
Singer Sewing Machine by Islandgal
Singer sewing machine by Samikiro
Singer Industrial Sewing Machine from 1889by Nadja0309
Singer Tableby Toddman…
what model is this lovely singer#7383414?by ralee
1920's Singer Sewing Machineby Alicean…
Singer sewing machine base - Era?by DivingDoug
Restored singer sewing machine cabinetby BryanBoo
Antigue Singer Treadle Sewing Machineby kseifert1952
Home Tour Living Room Part Threeby fortapa…
Antique Singer sewing machine 1910by Dannyo278
Grandmother's Singerby Majah
1954 singer 99kby Gruff
singer by martham…
Unknown legs by EmmaMurrayK…
Singer sewing by Jlips22
Vintage Singer sewing machine S seriesby onrctn
Singer Sew Machineby nittygr…
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine and Deskby JImam
Nana's gorgeous singer sewing machine Acoustic
Vintage Hand Held Singer Buttonholer Sewing Machineby JImam
Singer LK 100 light knitting machine with all parts, instructions, patterns and toolsby GeodeJem
Singer Tabletop Sewing Machine with Caseby msutherland
Singer sewing machine 1956 Issue No:12 128k A conditionby sarahmaggie
Singer sewing machineby Susan888
Singer 185K Sewing Machine Part Tooby fortapa…
Singer Pedal Sewing Machingby thighland
 Green Singer Sewing Machine Model RFJ8-8 1950s Portableby fortapa…
Singer 221K7by vintage…
My Favourite Singerby vintage…
Singer Industrial sewing machine by Kelly83m
1894 Electric Singer Sewing Machineby kerril
Standard Sewhandy (fully functionalby SGraves
vintage singer sowing machine/table by Txvntge…
Parlor or Drawing room Singer Cabinet by kpgreg73
Singer Sewing Machine by VBrown24
Early Singer by Krob322
My collectionby kat1959
Old Singer Sewing Machineby Tetzlaki
Victorian Singer Sewing Machine from the 1800s. by AndieSk…
1874 Singer 12 Sewing Machine - Technology 150 Years Ago To Nowby SweetVi…
Sewing machine by kat1959
Singer 185K Green Sewing Machineby fortapa…
Singer Sewhandy Child's Sewing Machineby mluna99
Singer Buttonholer with all the parts and instructions, complete and very usefulby GeodeJem
How old is this Singer Sewing machine?by CalDuf
Picked up this gem today does any one know the year?by Skittle_22f…
Singer Touch & Sew 600Eby zookeeper247
Antique singer treadle 1889. Vs2 by Petitvi…
1903 Singerby freewalt02
No.... I do not melaniej
1892 Singer Sewing Machine With Coffin Lidby uru65
Mom's Sewing Machineby S1115
Mom's Sewing machineby S1115
Singer sewing machineby ClaudiaMaria
Wondering what model this isby Kpet80
Today's Find A Vulcan Senior Child's toy sewing machine made by singer in the 60'sby GeodeJem
Sewing Machines Singer MFG by YaroslavaGu…
Singer 66 Redeyeby fechols
garage findby rifter256
Very old and rare Singer sewing machineby liketoknow
Singer Buttonholer and Case 1960by fortapa…
1904 Singerby Jchard
Sewing Machine That Needs Workby TheMoreUKnow
Singer sewing machine year?by Victoria82
Singer Handcrankby kpgreg73
My 1893 Singer 27 by kpgreg73
Grandpa's garage findby nrhand7
1940 Golden Gate Exposition Singer 66(?)by Alex527
 VINTAGE (& NEW!!!)  Machine  Sewing Unit Model 15Jby rusticraven
Singer Model 66 Sewing Machine with Treadle 1927by fortapa…
This was going to get thrown TommyGiant
My Mystery Sewing Machineby lolatu2002
Vintage Singer 600 Sewing Machine in wood desk cabinetby SGAppenzeller
Singer Console Sewing Machineby Macpac1997
singer v.s 3 parts listby cinamon…
early singer v.s3 with unusual decalsby cinamon…
Singer sewing machine by Bernardi52
Can anyone tell me the year and model this old singer sewing machine?by aysegul…
My Mystery History Singer Sewing Machineby BernieZ
??? Singer Sewing Machineby spuls
 I Inheritated a Singer Sewing Machineby spuls
1900-1909 Superior Bone Ringsby mxmarin…
Antique Singer Pleating Machine, now with model numbersby alice_sp
Singer 66 - 1by DobbinDee70
singer sewing machine passed downby yaletchko1982
Singer's 1956 319w2 Sewing Machine" Green Machine"by Greenmachine
1957 Singer 99Kby badegg
Vintage Sewing Machine Singerby RuvintageFan
Singer Sewing Machine Brochure 1901 Pan American Exposition New Yorkby vintage…
Two-tone Singer model 301by HillTopPop
Antique Singer Sewing Machine. by desiron92
My old Singer, poor old girl, just wondering if anyone can help with what year she would be? i cant find a serial number. thankby neety
mystery sewing machineby rmallatt1
Repurposed Singer Sewing Machine Drawersby KathyKay
miniature singer sewing machineby jasonation
127k or 128kby ginapete
Singer treadle sewing machineby myoldky…
Singer Sewing Machine w/Electric Attachment (1949)by Kydur
Singer Treadle Sewing Machine (1914)by Kydur
Singer Treadle Sewing Machine (1915)by Kydur
Singer Treadle Sewing Machine (1919)by Kydur
Vintage Singer deskby mikdawg80
Need some help  with this old singer box by rmills8
Singer Crank Machineby Sewingconcern
Can anyone tell me what year model this is?by izayiah28
Part of my match book/box collectionby harry10531
Singer Hand Crank Sewing Machineby Mercer50
My wife has a Singer sewing machine she got from her Great Grandmother We have the receipt. It was purchased in BumpyJack
Victorian 1903 singer sewing machine with coffin top boxby Kelkel1986
Singer 1910 Redeye Treadle Sewing Machineby Mercer50
my $10 singer 21 w 180 by btfojeff
my 1886 Singer Sewing Machineby BarbaJean
Singer sewing machineby Alexcre
My antique Singer Sewing Machine with antique Singer Table by singerg…
Singer "Red Eye" Treadle Sewing Machineby philbrick
Singer decal patternby karend
Older Singer in cabinet sewing machinesby lomiller
Vintage Singer sewing machine built in 1960'sby cazcaz
1887 Dated Singer Sewing Machineby tom61375
Baby Singerby LaurenKlauzer
The Big Heavyby LaurenKlauzer
Singer Sewing machineby Printsid
Information wanted regarding antique sewing Ana.lebnene
My Perfect Little Deskby Gwendol…
1901 singer sewing machine in good condition.value?by kalex
Singer Sewing Machine #314874by Erikj
1936 Texas Centennial Expedition Singer Featherweight with Cabinetby Loopygypsy
1954 Singer 301Aby corlando
Singer 1924 128by corlando
"1939" C.N.E. Singer 15-91by Pam-and…
Singer 20by corlando
Singer 20 Toyby corlando
1948 Singer 221by corlando
My new singer sewing machineby Thefinder
Singer Sewing Machine on Vintage Post Cardby cindyjune
Old singer sewing machineby Design1943
My singer sewing machine serial number k1237863by Jennie
1949 Singer Sewing Machine Bookby musikchoo
Singer Sewing machineby punkineater…
Antique Singerby jthune
Old singer sewing machineby kezza
Vintage Singer Pedal Sewing Machine by eczesnikccf
 #EG823363 belongs to Singer model 99Kby Chezzal…
Unidentified Singer  Sewing Machine 1885by tinytimthea…
Singer sewing macchines. From the Levy Strauss companyby newyorkinam…
Singer 222 Egyptian Scroll Featherweight -- Arleneby epson233
Singer Red Eye 66 I think, need help identifying corlando
Singer 1932 28K Handcrankby corlando
Singer 1893 sewing machine, I think it is a 127???by corlando
"New York World's Fair 1964-1965" Singer 603Eby Pam-and…
restored singer toy sewing machineby epson233
sewing etui from a cigar boxby epson233
A Singer sewing Machineby Poppy
Singer Combination Cabinet No.301by incurab…
My new treasure! Singer Sewing Machineby bajagato
sewing cabinetby epson233
please help me figure out this vintage singer! by hloop132
Missing link in friction motor...what is it?by incurab…
Need help with this old motorby incurab…
Singer Toy Sewing Machineby tanabreyten…
Singer 99 with 1937 CNE badgeby incurab…
What is this old Singer MFG Co part I found by Dbmay1
singer #1by Mr.Wilson
junk or notby oledebil
another singer sewing machineby oledebil
Singer (1914)by fabiosirna
"New York World's Fair 1964-1965" Singer 600by Pam-and…
1951 Singer 301 Sewing Machine with Cabinet/tableby Tiffanyann7…
1895 Singer 39-2by Gazza989
'33-'34 "Chicago World's Fair" Singer Collectionby Pam-and…
"1933 Century of Progress" Singer Badgeby Pam-and…
My Grandma's Sewing machineby bella1976
1926 Singer Sewing Machine (Portable)by DJSundrop
Singer Coffin Case - How to Open?by DaddyJack
Singer Sewing Machineby sparker326
1922 Singer Sewing Machineby bucketwoman
Singer Sewing Deskby Flash1f…
More of my Singerby ginnycr…
My sewing machineby ginnycr…
Old Singer Hand Crank Child's Sewing Machine Cast Ironby Collect…
Singer Sewing Machineby ginnycr…
Looking for a value on this Singer portable electric sewing machine No. 99-13by medsmom1
Singer 66-6 On No. 50 Cabinetby Dakota21
Singer Salesman's "Tool-Case"by Pam-and…
Recently found Singer AE558183 by Solace_Found
Vintage Singer Sewing Machineby fikey
What year and model is this singer?by bkbain
My Circa 1891 Singer Treadle Sewing Machineby stefdes…
The Green Goddessby skadifirst
Another 301-Aby mikeandtish1
Singer  Badges &  Pinbacksby Pam-and…
"Hand Crank - Chain Stitch" Rivalsby Pam-and…
A Pair of Singer "24's"by Pam-and…
"Specially" Badged Featherweightsby Pam-and…
San Francisco 1939 Golden Gate Exposition 221by Pam-and…
singer sewing machine can anyone helpby hackett12123
"Texas Centennial Exposition 1836-1936" Singer Featherweightby Pam-and…
Singer 66 Bobbin Winder that runs from beltby Bernade…
Singer Sewing Machine G9244854by colombatk
 D364881,Singer Sewing machineby cjharris1
Triple Set of Featherweight "Crinkles"by Pam-and…
Singer sewing machine in a cabinetby savvyoldlady
1924 7 drawer Singer Sewing Machineby trgruba…
1906 Singer Sewing Machineby KJS
singer sewing new home/koma clock/longfellows poems by lundy
Antique Queen Sewing Machineby listerm…
Letter Aby kevinsitems
Singer 224by davidho…
Vintage Singer Sewing Machineby toolate2
singer sewing machine by mtg75
Red eye singer sewing machineby SmartyPants
Singer sewing machine in need of TLCby Tink54
Singer Sewing Machine by astorn
Singer Hand Crank ,model 3VS, 1893. Clydebank, Scotlandby mermaid
1886 Singer Sewing Machineby bschuster87
Singer toy sewing machine - early 50s?by eaglesmeow
What is the model number?by JJill
A long searchby kokomo-acres
A special gift from tpascual
1800's Singer Sewing Machineby Cassata
Singer Sewing machine in original Cabinetby jazzypita
Singer sewing machine in a box with motherwolf
Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine SNAE055966by ryandealer
Singer signby mistermnkim
My newest baby: Singer 27 with lovely Sphynx; date questionby royllsister
Singer Sewing Machineby BrotherTim
My Singer model 27 circa 1901 with Pheasantsby royllsister
1937 CNE Singer Sewing Machineby kelliemartin
Singer Case "Organizers" Type #1 & #2by Pam-and…
"Bakelite" Made in U.S.A. motorby Pam-and…
My Singer Model 15 made in 1946by rbthames
Singer tableby Mrj303
old singerby maryp
1901 Singer Model 29-4by BPRIS
Sunset Sewing Machine Model 24558by ambiluvsant…
1866 Singer sewing machineby jtnsm
1893 Singer Sewing Machineby arh1733
Vintage sewing machineby braprut
Singer Featherweight "Corduroy - Tool Liners"by WYQuilt
Singer Sewing Machineby fjaronik
Vintage Singer Sewing Machine. Value?by andrewkl
singer sewing machaine base by stonesf…
Still trying to figure out modelby egyptmachine
singer sewing machaineby stonesf…
singer sewing machine by stonesf…
singer sewing machine   1957by singervitag…
singer sew machineby shpulka
Vintage Singer Sewing Machineby Dottie
"Century of Progress" Chicago 1934 Model 66-6by Pam-and…
Singer 21 W 180, industrial compound needle feed sewing machineby S21W180
Sewing Machine in a house that use to be a Sears Catalog Storeby sagnip1976
my pre 1900s singer sewing machineby theressadavid
Singer Sewing Machineby Clutch
1961 Singer Rocketeer Slant-o-Matic in bmetzler
Singer Spartan Vintage Black Sewing Machine with Carry Case. 192 K. Model RFJ9-8by ryeguy1980
Final find of the day, Vintage Singer Sewing Machine ??by rocklan…
Vintage 1900 Model 27 Singer Sewing Machineby bj77
My Singer Thrift Store find - what model is she? by LaLaLori
singer sewing machine 1895 y madeby slava
Singer Sewing Machine - Vintageby Electraglide
1902 Singer Model K464.168 & Accessories Works!!!by ascott4
1910 working Singer sewing machine with original wooden caseby Laynee
Green Singer Sewing Machineby mrs.ron…
Singer "Ripper & Threader" Variationsby Pam-and…
our lovely little sister to our 222k is this wonderful white 221,made in Gt Britain,                                       by davidho…
Early "M.R. Centennial" Featherweightby Pam-and…
1939 Featherweight w/ Corduroy Lid Organizer * Top mounted Decalby Pam-and…
German Singer "206 - Zig-Zag"by Pam-and…
antique singer sewing machine table with glass top dated 1884by dgicollector
Singer Model 99 "Century of Progress - 1934"by Pam-and…
"Blacksides" - Singer Featherweightsby Pam-and…
"Golden Gate Exposition - San Francisco 1940"  Featherweight 221by Pam-and…
"Century of Progress" Featherweight 221by Pam-and…
New Machine to josenro…
Singer Sewing Machineby luzheaney
Antique Singer Sewing Machineby tarbox7
1903 working Singer Machine Nice shapeby Souci
Singer-Featherweight sewing machine, 1950, Pam
more old cool stuff!by walleye…
my lovely 222k featherweightby davidho…
Singer Sewing Machineby wmyellowhair
What is THIS ephemera item?by Nationa…
~1901 Singer Treadle Sewing Machineby TQB
Old Singer Sewing Machine   I would like to know the model numberby swatcommander
Singer Sewing Machine. Real,or Knock? Not for saleby kendajune
Singer Sewing Machine  24-13, 573104 Can someone help me ID this mytreasures
Cute Little Portable Singer Sewing Machineby potrero
Singer "Patcher" 29K70by Dougp
my very nice fiddlebase x 2by davidho…
1879 Singer Sewing machine tableby Murry
Singer Sewing Machine and Caseby bayarea…
Singer Sewing Machine maddysnanny
Singer serial number F8840834 - 1919 Australiaby ozengines