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    Posted 10 years ago

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    THIS WAS A GREAT FIND! I have no idea if its a rare item or not! but its a cool 1 for sure-the tray and 2 cups that match look great-I even got lucky and found the cord to it! that looks a bit scary to plug in-if you ask me! but all the parts are there for the inside plus the top is glass-so im hopeing someone might know a bit more about this thing-If anybody does please tell! I would love to hear anything about it! thank you!

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    1. motherduck motherduck, 10 years ago
      You got yourself a samovar! it literally means "self boiler" and it is a Russian electric coffee maker. It is probably from the 1960's looking at the "scary" cord and handles. The 2 cups are actually a creamer and a sugar bowl with cover. It has a replacement lid as the original would have been metal as well with a wooden (or whatever the handles are made of) knob. These sell between $15.00USD to up words of $1500.00USD, depending on condition and age and other stuff.
      Here are a couple sites for you to look at if you like:
    2. codydogg, 10 years ago
      HELLO'-thanks so much for the info!! but i went and pulled it out and looked around it-and on the bottom it says;JOS.HEINRICHS then under that it says;PARIS+NEW YORK then in big letters; PURE COPPER 20 -then under the 20-it says PAT.APR.23.1907 110V. 500W. ! thats it--is that a russin 1? who is JOS.HEINRICHS--is he a inventer or something-should i try to goggle him or still look on the sites you sent me?-I never looked under the thing-the little cups on the side are from a differant people-it says; landers frary&clark new britain conn.u.s.a on the bottom--it also says in big letters UNIVERSAL--before all the names! so when you get a min'-if you happen to know if this the same as what you were talking about or something totally differant?I know about some stuff-but this is way out of my zone-but its old and cool looking!! thats for sure! does the pat'date mean it was made in that year?because that would be cool-this thing is over a 100 years old!thats nuts! Im not pluging it in!! o-no no no!! holding onto pure copper-you would deff"-have a bad hair day for sure!!lol:):) thanks again-and if you know anything thig on this name on the bottom love to hear it! thanks and have a great weekend! c-dogg(its the name of my best friend/black lab-he is a 1 of a kind for sure!)
    3. codydogg, 10 years ago
      hello mother duck-I went to the 1st link and check them out! thay are really fancy! makes this 1 look boring! no color etc'-but I think this is something differant! those were super nice! the search goes on--thanks again-
    4. motherduck motherduck, 10 years ago
      wow! MY bad! I judged a bit too apologies c-dogg! however I never thought that you would have stumbled on such a fine and RARE piece! No this one is not Russian...this one was made in the USA.
      so here it goes...
      Joseph Heinrichs was was a premiere copper and silversmith, furnishing the very best hotels with his restaurant ware line and his decorative arts to Tiffany's. Heinrichs started in 1897 in New York and later expanded to Paris so this is a later piece since his early pieces do not have the word "Paris" on them. Also it is electric, so I would say mid 1930's. It was also around this time that he started to produce items for homeowners. These were not as elaborate as the restaurant ware but were affordable. The company went bankrupt in 1937. He was an icon of the Arts and Crafts movement where beauty and function meet. The handles were usually made of EBONY wood and the original COPPER lid would have a finial of the same. I guess the tray is not marked?
      I should have realized that it was Art Deco, but it is hard to judge from photos. As for the other pieces, I don't really know much. They might be a part of a set that came with the tray since Heinrichs trays were mostly circular.
      All original RESTAURANT WARE pieces can sell for thousands since they are mostly lined with pure sterling silver and are rather elaborate. These coffee urns, if all original can go for hundreds.
      and I do not suggest that you plug it in before you have an electrician look at it...LOL!
      hope this helps a bit...have a good weekend as well...
      m-duck (as my kids refer to me for short)
    5. codydogg, 10 years ago
      HELLO- & THANKS!!! THAT WAS AWSOME TO READ your like a libary! Im very happy you new all of that its great! and its also great that this Coffee thing'-could be worth a few bucks too! and I got some news to add to all your info! THE TRAY IS MADE BY THE SAME GUY!! is that a good thing? it says his name-then under it it says PARIS + NEW YORK! I hope that will add to the value of it! and I thik your right about the 2 cup things-thay were added on later // well thanks so much for all that info!! so now whats the best way to sell it-thats my next mission! I have no use for it-and I dont want it to sit in a box!! thats not right-its too nice!! and again your right--I can put in outlets-hi-hats -etc"! theres noway i would plug that in!whoever get it next can try that! not me!
      thank you very much-and have a great weekend tooo!!!im sorry if my spelling is off-my eyes want to close-im so tired! it took forever to write this!! I will talk to you over thr wek weekend-c-dog--out!

    6. motherduck motherduck, 10 years ago
      you are very welcome...
      and that is great news about the tray...mostly they were circular so this is probably rare as well and definitely will add to the value!
      I was able to find out a bit about the sugar and creamer...the company was bought out by General Electric and did manufacture under the name Universal, so it seems that they are worth a penny or two...LOL!
      as for selling could try eBay if you are willing to sell cheap...the best thing to do is to take it to an antique dealer in town and have them look at it and perhaps they will sell it for you...also take that awesome Elk walking stick...just love it...all hand made and polished with what looks like real gold hand tooled cigar band embellishment...WOW! (sorry a bit off the topic here...LOL!)
      well anyway good luck!
      and don't worry about the spelling and get some rest!

    7. codydogg, 10 years ago
      HELLO MOTHER DUCK"- I cant say THANK YOU ENOUGH-I really app' all your help! that was very kind of you! I will take your advice and take it to a antique dealer-maybe 1 or 2 just to be safe! I have a trust issue-I think its from being in new york! my face lit up when i saw the same guys name on the bottom of it!you want to hear a funny story-this should give you a laph!!
      OK-about the tray-we were cleaning out the basement and we found the coffee pot and cups etc'-so i boxed it up and trew it in the truck! (i hade my 2 boys with me)thay were helping-so we get home unload the stuff we got to show my wife! WE LEFT THE TRAY! o-no so i went back 2 days latter to find it and set up the next time I was going to come back and do more cleaning! so went to the basement found the tray and grab a few small things and was going up the stairs and my father in law grabs the tray and says I like this im going to hold onto this!-this is copper! (i was very sad!)-but i thought of a plan-said the kids liked it alot and thay asked if thay could have it ! the next time i worked he gave it to me! so we allmost lost the tray!! im glad we didnt because of what you have told me-its a good thing! it would of just collected dust someware at his house! or his wife would of threw it out-she didnt want anything comeing from that house!! yea shes a gem! NOTT!!:):) so i hope you got a laph outta that story! there is 1 other thing that i got that I would love to hear what you say about it-if you know anything about it-its a big jug thing-I have it on here-someware! I posted it awile ago! it says bleaker street on it-its a old jug! see if you can find the pic's of it-its cool looking! Im glad you like the cane-I think its very cool looking! I know nothing about it-but its a neat item!well sorry to bend your ear-but thanks again! and enjoy the rest of the day! C-DOGG out--
    8. motherduck motherduck, 10 years ago
      great story and even better job c-dogg! Sounds like there might be more treasures there so you better get back there before the "gem" trashes them...I will have a look at the jug and get back to you
    9. codydogg, 10 years ago
      HELLO MOTHERDUCK-HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?-just wanted to ask & tell you a few things-if you wouldnt mind helping me out a bit!! (even thought you helped me out so much allready!) ABOUT the house~it was KNOCKED DOWN last week!! AND alot of old good stuff got trashed!! what a waste!!
      I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM-AND MAYBE YOU COULD HELP ME-PLEASE!--WHAT would you reccomened me to do-to sell the coffee thing-plus the jug thing as well? I called 4 or 5 local places-and talk about snobs!! O-MY! and thay didnt even know what I was talking about-I guy(real charmer-said crigslist!)--I laphed!! you ever sell anything on there--I sold a chainsaw& a snowblower-never again! its either -yo hows $10-bucks sound! or alot of trade yea!-but anyway--I could use any info that would help--I just got off the phone with my vet-and my best friend has a cancer thing-and I NEED $$$ ASAP! to got it taken out--this dog has helped me throught 3 surgerys-and alot of test on my back etc"! he has keep me sane--and really help me just hang in there! I cant belive this is even hapening! so if you know anybody that could help me get rid of this thing--I would be very greatful!! Im in shocked rite now! but any info-could help me out alot! talk to you soon--or when you get a chance--THANK YOU--AND SORRY-to bother you!!c/dogg
    10. motherduck motherduck, 10 years ago
      I am very sorry to hear about ur best friend and I hope he will get better...
      most dealers do not like o talk on the phone but want to see the item...they are a bit odd lot!
      the only thing I can think of is eBay...
      let me know what u decide and good luck!

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