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1972 Dollar Coin, Franklin d mint VF + condition stamp error coin

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Posted 5 years ago

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1972 Franklin Dollar from Grandfather coin collection. Going through them I noticed this coin with the T missing in the word STATES it looks like S ATES Of AMERICA. Looks like part of the 'Ts base is there and can faintly see the missing T place. Could this be stamping error? Who's going to help discover a new stamping error on an already coin that is gaining interest? Cliffy

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  1. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    I've looked this over and not sure that the metal hasn't been scratched and the "T" has been removed, looks to me as if a drimel tool or something has been used, the color of the coin is different and looks as if there is almost a triangle marking. I don't know, but that what is looks like to me, maybe someone else might have some insight.
  2. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    BTW, "IKE" dollar, not franklin
  3. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    My mistake, Right Eisenhower. I don't think deem meals were invented when the coin was put into a cloth, like old style cloth? There is a name for that type but can't remember at the moment. My wife's Mother passed away and my wife went down to San Diego to get some stuff. Her basball card collection with Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris (spelling) to name just a few. I was amazed at my Tom boy wife's collection. She also got her Grandfathers collection of USand world coins. There are still several Morgans and 1800 silver pesos I'm getting ready to get graded and maybe sell some on Ebay? Nobody has been near the coins for years except myself. It took me a few months to go through all the coins, still working on the baseball cards. Her parents were more well off than my wife told me and when her Mothet passed away around 1991-2, she also inherited all the antique furniture and her and her sister each received $250,000.00, from her Mothers Father; which my wife told me that drove her Mother crazy that her Dad bypassed her and left the money to the Granddaughters. Which that story said, I'm positive the Ike coin hasn't been touch my nothing but my fingers, since we got them all those years ago. As you would expect the coin collection and baseball cards antique furniture were minor compared to the quarter million we got! Bought a nice house and horse property and you'd be surprised on how fast one can spend 250,000.00$. Please keep looking if it is a strike error what it be worth? Any guesses? Heck , sorry I wrote a short book! lol, Cliff
  4. Militarist Militarist, 5 years ago
    If you can look at this under a strong magnification glass and can see tooling marks then it is a coin that has been played with. If it looks like a smudged spot where the T was then it maybe a minting error caused by a glob of dirt and grease stuck to the die. This sort of thing happens but is rarely so neatly confined to just one letter. I can't tell what it is from your scans.
  5. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    Ok, now we're thinging. I looked at it through a ear scope for use on your family.since a comment about alteration came I looked as close a I could. You can see the finger prints on your hands and hairs too with the simple ear probe/light. I see smoothness all in the area. I cannot see anything that one would think would be on and around the area the resembles tool markings. If it was altered wouldn't it have some, Scratching? Or significant marks around the missing area. I can see, I think? Which looks like a shadow outline of the top or cross part of the missing T. It's really weird I even found it; I was just looking at the best silver coins in the collection as I am getting ready to have many of them graded as most coins are in very fine condition. I'm amazed when I see a coin that had been graded like very good and I look and its is poor condition compared to this Granfather collection. I look at these coins 12-15 years ago, but back then they weren't worth much! Silver has gone bonkers and now the Morgan dollars and old 1880's silver pesos are in beautiful condition and the artwork in their design now is enjoyable to look at. I know my wife nor I have touch the coin(with anything to alter) and the coins have been if our safe for all that time too? I know eventually I am going to have to take it to an expert for verification, one way or other but who should one trust and who can verify its a strike error for sure? Thanks for your ideas! If anyone has used n ear light/magnifying instrument to look at coins, would that be pretty good viewing. I used it to ID all the coins in the rag/cloth, like muslin/type cloth they were wrapped in. There was also dozens of world coins, also many silver coins from France to Guatemala, dating from the earliest1600's to the early 1900's. nothing newer than 1960's, with some Kennedy's, this Ike coin and some quarters and Franklin half's. nice find. I will keep the coin posted but I have a couple more coins that are really strange and an old Greek or Roman coin I can't ID and will try to post them soon. Appreciate the realistic comments. Don't mind ideas of intentional damage but that would be very stupid thing to do to a nice coin, no matter what. Is there really people out there who intentionally alter coins for the purpose of trying to get monetary gain? Kind of crazy as no one in their right mind would or could fool an expert; so who are they trying to fool? I certainly wouldn't buy a coin with an alleged error without professional verificant in writing! Lets keep thinking and will post more coins for help soon. Thanks Cliff,
  6. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    This site seems to have many naysayers! Jealous ness is a liberal problem. Don't care about much but their own stuff and actually hoping theirs is real and everyone else's is a fake ?! Realty strange type folks! Someday I will find out and I am a "told you so kinda of Veteran, (Vietnam) Don't lie as I don't care too, if I can't be nice I don't comment at all about someone items. if its good or interesting i try to be helpful and poditive. Agsin no estimation of what an error might produce? how does that estimation Work? Again i dont know no one is saying why would some alter this coin? 30 years ago? I can't prove to you all that's where it's been but why would a rich doctor ( wife's Granfather) alter a coin. He travelled a lot so that is why we have the many silver world coins too? I never meet him he passed away years prior! But left a will they held the money until the wife and sister turned 40 years old, which was kind of smart! Thanks for your help. If I find its an error I will report it gladly like a Rooster crowing on the fence! Thanks for the rational/ think about it responses. Cliff ps do I have to go back to this sites main page to post the Greek/Roman coin and US Dime that has the Phillipines on one side/ us dime on the other? Thanks all you folks Cliff
  7. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    Cliff, sorry to hear that is your opinion, personally I've always told people what I believe to be correct and in my prospective field, You would be hard pressed to find any more accountable info that I've shared. I've learned a lot of different things on this site and believe the majority of the patrons of this site, DO NOT nor Have The "NAY- SAYER" ascepect you refered to. I've read the comments and nobody as said anything to be disgruntal, just stated what they think of the coin.
    I'm also a Veteran from that time period and several other on here also.
    In closing, I hope that you've found the "Treasure" you seem to be looking so hard for and maybe you can be Happy with the Monetary gain you seem to be desperately trying to find.
    Kerry - USMC
  8. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    My apologies! I was wrong; I mistaken the altered comment as personal as I knew no one has touched it while in my wife and my possession as told. So I thought they meant it had been altered while I my possession. It could have been altered all those years ago but I can't for the life of me think of a motive? Wouldn't altering a coin be done for monetary gain and to fool someone. I apologize again as my comments were stupid! Sincerely Cliff
  9. Militarist Militarist, 5 years ago
    After enlarging your 4th scan I would guess this is the result of a gease dirt glob on the die. Such a minting error is interesting and some one will have to look at the coin in person to be sure. Value would be minimal but definately worth a trip to an expert to find out. By the way I am a retired numismatist with 35 years in the profession.
  10. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    Thank you, I've guess you've seen quite a bit that I wouldn't get; thanks for your advice. If its worth checking out, I will do that and find a good place to get it viewed. Thanks for answer back with another possible explanation I hadn't heard about. Sincerely Cliff
  11. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    Wow, that's a good story for sure. Guess they're not watching your hose or something. At least you said no, most people would have freaked and gave it to them.
    I don't think the Dr. had the coin because he particularly liked it; they said he would just collect coins? He was retired early, made it rich, traveled the world and picked up coins from all over. They hardly saw him much. Must have felt guilty and left the money to the Grandaughters. There are about 175 coins that were in that large cloth, like a old cheap handkerchief and the ends were just folded together. All the coins were on top of each other and probably caused some rubbing but its lucky most are it the same or close condition as the Ike. Thanks for the reply, the last possibility your friend explained seem pretty right. Sorry if I offended anyone, sincerely cliff
  12. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    Have been following this posting, and it seems that the coin might be an "Error". as per suggested by Militarist. I hope you follow his suggestion to have it verified and pass along to us the results.
    I understand "Snap" responses to comments and have been at fault myself of jumping the gun per-say. Hope this does turn out to be a "Goodie" and will be watching for future results as to it beening a error or what.
  13. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    Thanks much, you really understand. I will have the coin checked out by a professional. Thinking of joining PCGS because their are quite a few silver coins; no gold in the collection/ darn. Oh well be thankful for all we have. Maybe PCGS has an error verifying system. Will keep you guys posted and will see if you all are correct about the mud on a stamp idea, I'm not sure how they do the staming process? They use mud? Excuse my ignorance but its great to learn ! Thanks again, Cliff
  14. kerry10456 kerry10456, 5 years ago
    I believe the "mud" to be term used when a piece of the blank sticks to the die while stamping, the the next blank would not be stamped, because of the left over piece stuck on the die.
  15. pops52 pops52, 5 years ago
    I would say that this coin is one heck of a conversation piece!
  16. Cliff2012 Cliff2012, 5 years ago
    That's funny! Glad you threw a some humor in the mix! Thanks Cliff

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