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Just started. Trying to seel everything. Getting a little older so might as well sell and please both of us! My wife's baseball topps collection, including Mantle anJust started. Trying to seel everything. Getting a little older so might as well sell and please both of us! My wife's baseball topps collection, including Mantle and Marris. Huge old marble collection. Grandfather's coin collection., USAnd all over the world as a traveling Dr. ; and one other Gransfather left us a extemsive old leather collection making kit for purses, wallets, etc, while tryng to ID everything I am starting to fall in love with this tedious hard to find wondeful hobby!!! (Read more)


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Old sandstone head carving and has been put away for years?!  - Fine Artin Fine Art
1972D Ike Dollar AU 58 with strike thru mint error.  - US Coinsin US Coins
Primitive or old Carving( possibly sand stone) could be Native American? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Old toy vehicles one with rear wheel lever actuated drive - Model Carsin Model Cars
Possible coin erro - US Coinsin US Coins
Old pressed metal airplane 18" wing span. 12" long - Toysin Toys
Old Bulova? No model and unknown worth, gold plated or rolled? Says 10k? Thanks - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
4 Coins of mystery to me. Hoping the experience here can help  - World Coinsin World Coins
Unknown Ancient Greek or Roman coin plus one US/Phillipines? Coin - World Coinsin World Coins
1972 Dollar Coin, Franklin d mint VF + condition stamp error coin - US Coinsin US Coins


  1. Hi Folks! So far I think the best guess is a broken off head of an old Indian or Mexico/Central American Caddo bowl(s). Yes we've seen these bowels with head figured attached to the bowl?! Some are wo...
  2. Very nice! You must have the best collections of watches with your knowledge. Cliff2012
  3. Thanks!! It's been in her family before she remembers. We are 65. years young now! You could be right about Puru or Bolivia?! The family was pretty well off $$$$. So it must have been important for h...
  4. Lol! Thanks for the comments. It's a weird mystery for sure. I came from the wife's Morher's house and Grandfather before? Wife says its sandstone. It does have a shrunken head look? But it's still sa...
  5. Thanks much for the interest and I believe the idea that something got in between the blank coin and stamp which caused it! You guys are right I believe! It is funny to see a strike error that only af...
  6. Thank you much for the knowledgable and interested comments on this Ike$ I've seen several errors on Ike dollars; none to where a certain letter is missing? Appreciate it, Cliff 2012
  7. Thanks for your question. The material feels like sandstone but I've not seen the reddish color before? It's only about 7" high and 5-6 wide. Not a real string thru nose. I never noticed the line that...
  8. That's funny! Glad you threw a some humor in the mix! Thanks Cliff
  9. Thanks much, you really understand. I will have the coin checked out by a professional. Thinking of joining PCGS because their are quite a few silver coins; no gold in the collection/ darn. Oh well be...
  10. Wow, that's a good story for sure. Guess they're not watching your hose or something. At least you said no, most people would have freaked and gave it to them. I don't think the Dr. had the coin b...
  11. Thank you, I've guess you've seen quite a bit that I wouldn't get; thanks for your advice. If its worth checking out, I will do that and find a good place to get it viewed. Thanks for answer back with...
  12. Great! Thanks for the info! Silver is good .I hope someone can see that ancient coin and get some history, thanks much Cliff
  13. My apologies! I was wrong; I mistaken the altered comment as personal as I knew no one has touched it while in my wife and my possession as told. So I thought they meant it had been altered while I m...
  14. Hi thanks for looking; its a 1918s. It's a little blurry sorry. It's in really good condition, too. Both side are great? Really shocked as I had never seen a coin like this when it had the US side and...
  15. This site seems to have many naysayers! Jealous ness is a liberal problem. Don't care about much but their own stuff and actually hoping theirs is real and everyone else's is a fake ?! Realty strange ...
  16. Ok, now we're thinging. I looked at it through a ear scope for use on your family.since a comment about alteration came I looked as close a I could. You can see the finger prints on your hands and hai...
  17. My mistake, Right Eisenhower. I don't think deem meals were invented when the coin was put into a cloth, like old style cloth? There is a name for that type but can't remember at the moment. My wife's...
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Info greatly appreciated


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