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Spong Bean Slicer Vintage Retro 60s - 70's in Blue, normally Green boxed never used. - KitchenLoved by Trey
Poole Pottery - PotteryLoved by Trey
Another wounded bird... - Fine JewelryLoved by Trey
Museum PC  for East Germany's Trabant…. - Classic CarsLoved by Trey
KAJ FRANCK 1911-1989  - Mid-Century ModernLoved by Trey
Louisiana plantation pure cane syrup canco tin 1800s - AdvertisingLoved by blunderb…
1981 Perthshire Paperweight Aquarium - Art GlassLoved by Trey
Odd Fellows Banner - Rugs and TextilesLoved by blunderb…
Whitefriars 1976 Christmas Paperweight 3 Wise Men - Art GlassLoved by Trey
St Louis Paperweight 1981 Double Overlay Millefiori Mushroom - Art GlassLoved by Trey
St Louis Paperweight 1981 Pink Clichy Type Roses - Art GlassLoved by Trey
USS ARIZONA SAILORS. - Military and WartimeLoved by blunderb…
old money for military - Military and WartimeLoved by Trey
elegance by syracuse china - China and DinnerwareLoved by Trey
Reuven satin glass goblets - Art GlassLoved by Trey
macbeth evans opalescent glass - GlasswareLoved by Trey
Russian Ceramic Vase or Not ??? - PotteryLoved by Trey
Horn of Plenty  - Made in Canada  - PotteryLoved by Trey
ROYAL LEIGHTON WARE *CHINTZ* Cup -- England -- Circa 1946-1954 - China and DinnerwareLoved by Trey
JEANNETTE Covered Powder Dish / Trinket Dish -- SCOTTIE DOG - GlasswareLoved by Trey
Japanese glass vase - maker unknown - Art GlassTrey says Beautiful colors:)
My oldest piece of Japanese glass - KitchenLoved by Trey
Fripperies in Japanese glass - Art GlassLoved by Trey
My cool dotty vase from Japan - Art GlassLoved by Trey
Hoya cut crystal vase - Art GlassLoved by Trey
Dewey Bob - the furriest button collector of all! - SewingNew Item by bobs
Little Red Murano Bowl ! - Art GlassLoved by Deano
Red Glassware- WHAT IS IT? - GlasswareLoved by Deano
Koshida Glass vasa AKA Big Red - Art GlassLoved by Deano
Lovely red glass ! Murano ! - Art GlassLoved by Deano
The most perfect little vase from Goodwill - PotteryLoved by Trey
Robert Maxwell [?] Piggy Bank, maybe? - PotteryLoved by Trey
My favorite saint - Saint Martin de Porres - the original Dog Whisperer! - Posters and PrintsLoved by Trey
1920 Home Supplies Furnished by the Farm - PaperLoved by Trey
Photo of some relatives in their Baptism Ruffles - PhotographsLoved by Trey
a simple, unmarked cup with a beautiful image and colors. - PotteryLoved by Trey
a little ruffled nut dish or something - Shelley, England - China and DinnerwareLoved by Trey
Chawan?  - AsianLoved by Trey
Mexican Panduro Figure ? - FigurinesLoved by Trey
Another Panduro Figure from Mexico - PotteryLoved by Trey
Photo-gravures of Paintings of the West by Julian Rix - PhotographsLoved by Trey
James McNeil Whistler in The Studio Magazine - Fine ArtLoved by Trey
German Chromolithograph of Interesting Fungi - Fine ArtLoved by Trey
Some interesting pictures of artwork from early 'The Studio' magazines - PaperLoved by Trey
French Chromolithograph from a Board Game - PaperLoved by Trey
1898 Map of Fresno, California - PaperLoved by Trey
Very Early Tootsie Roll Advertisement - AdvertisingLoved by Trey
Notice to Visitors by Henry Miller - PaperLoved by Trey
78864-78911 of 178,901