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  1. thank you Dizzydave and racer4four for you comments
  2. thanks Efesgirl could be either but its very small, sometimes I look at it and looks like Dumbo from Disney :)
  3. Thank you so much Efesgirl I didn’t see any name on it, i check to your link.
  4. thank you Caperkid,
  5. hello, kyratango, thank you for your comment i wasn’t sure if it was rouge or even vintage shoe polish as it has a very odd plasticky smell to it, it would of been applied with a brush that would ...
  6. hi h02cultcha, Thats a lovely l have never seen that design before , I have a case made from purple recycled bottle lids
  7. Hi Kudur, sorry for the very late reply , haven't been on for a while and you have solved the identify of items , thank you so much and everyone how has kindly add comments and helped amanda jane
  8. thank you, Kydur, ho2cultcha, for your messages on my unknown item and Happy Christmas
  9. thank you to CindB, austrohungaro and TallCakes for your kind comments on helping me to identify my item possible vintage office equipment within the UK Post Office , I will go back and hunt around...
  10. thank you CindB, I thought that or a leather/ paper hole maker , Amandajean
  11. Dear Riply206, thank you so much for replying , i believe it to be some sought of document press the more research i done more it leading that way , have a lovely evening Amandajane
  12. thank you Phil, no luck as yet on my green vase , just love CW
  13. thank you
  14. Thank you
  15. Yes your right the scissors go in the bow at the side, see one showing this on Ebay
  16. Hi Amber Rose, can't remember seeing any scissors only the string , sorry i can't be more helpfully
  17. Wow , I have just the same it belonged to my mother and i used to pull all the string out as a child , lovely find
  18. Hi Phil, thank you again for all your help i will make some enquires amandajean
  19. Good evening mikelv85,Phil I had a look at Peters and Reed link and other images and there are similarities regarding the vase with the leaves, also the inside of my vase has a matt finish and what e...
  20. Dear mikelv85, brilliant, I will check it after work thank youuuuuuuu
  21. thanks mikelv85, any help would be greatly appreciated
  22. Dear Phil, No when i received it there wasn't one , i don't know a lot the vase apart from it being Art Deco which you kindly inform me of in a earlier post, its very cold in the UK
  23. thank you for you comment and help,with the lead thats its Art Deco and i checked stoneware could it be a French Keramis Green Nude Stoneware ? i f
  24. thank you for you comment, and Im a little nearer discovering more about the vase
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posted 27 days ago