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Brass & Wood/Nut Articulated Cat Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Bronze Cherub lamp base? - Lampsin Lamps
Art Deco Pink Squirrel Spring Box??????? - Animalsin Animals
Pewter? Candle Holder by SP - Kitchenin Kitchen
Italian Pewter Candle Holder - Kitchenin Kitchen
Hallstatt Cultural 6th Century Reproduction - Silverin Silver
Blenko like double spout pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Fiestaware "Like" Mug - Kitchenin Kitchen
Porcelain Bird Figurine - Animalsin Animals
Modern abstract digital lamps Italy - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Great!!! Thanks for everyone's thoughts on this! I do believe this is what it is and the benign seeming pink cute squirrel must just be a distraction to the impending surprise cap explosion. Yes, tim...
  2. Squirrel is mounted and decorative only. Box must be pushed manually.
  3. Good thought on the coin, but no it wouldn't work that way, plus the round depressed area is smaller than a dime. I really think it is a detonator for a cap for a prank. On amazon they currently sell ...
  4. I put a pic of the other metal flap opened.
  5. I think I'm getting closer to figuring it out. There is another metal flap that opens and it looks like a place to put a cap (like an old cap gun cap) and the spring loaded piece would slam into it on...
  6. Cool, thanks for the site info!
  7. Okay, I think I found the maker for sure, but unsure of the age. It appears to be German and by Hochst. Anyone familiar if this is 18th century or after they started manufacturing again in 1947? I'm a...
  8. That was quick! Awesome, thank you! This made my weekend now!!!
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Cast Brass Eagle Pipe Tool? Japanese Ceramic Brooch Pin