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  1. Monteux conducted the premiere of RoS way back in 1913. We all know how that turned out. As great a recording as you'll hear.
  2. Low Spark a true classic. Winwood the only one still with us from that LP.
  3. Can't believe I missed this! I'll be getting myself a copy. thanks for posting!
  4. Easily my favorite Brubeck album. I believe Avedon shot the front photo too.
  5. Absolutely wonderful small club date from Miles, with great room ambience. CD box set presents the complete run of shows.
  6. Bonham's death was announced as we were driving to camp out for tickets to the Philadelphia JFK show in 1980. Their 1977 JFK show was cancelled after Plant's son's death. The band's last Philly show w...
  7. Levant was quite a character in the day. A brilliant pianist, wit, writer, and raconteur. Always played the "Oscar Levant" type character in movies.
  8. Always got a kick that actors James Coburn AND Christopher Lee appear on the front cover. Lee always seemed to be everywhere at once. Wonderful actor.
  9. I think you buy this just to have the spine facing out on your shelf. When the wine and cheese crowd rolls into your pad it looks like you got it goin on.
  10. Core classic Yes. Always on play here in Zingoville.
  11. Saw them on this tour at the old Philly Spectrum in 1979, and bought this program at the show. My first show at the old building and it was loud! Being staged in the round didn't help the sound which ...
  12. Really like this vehicle! I have about thirty or so Danbury and Franklin Mint autos in storage; most I bought direct, but a few second hand off eBay. I really need to get these out, clean them up, and...
  13. Excellent reference on these guns:
  14. Listening to Mountain's Woodstock 1969 set right now. Killer. There's an an entire series of official "bootlegs" concerts available via iTunes and elsewhere from Mountain and West's entire career. So...
  15. Saw a Yes post earlier and made me recall that the band opened their 1977-79 concerts with the actual opening music to this album. Prior to that they opened their shows with the finale to Stravinsky's...
  16. Though Howe appears on the cover of "Time and a Word" he does not play on it. Guitarist was still Peter Banks.
  17. Interesting about this film is that it was rated X when it came out, however, it was nominated and won the Best Picture Oscar that year! X rated Clockwork Orange was nominated for Best Picture a a few...
  18. "Les Brers in A Minor" is one of the greatest instrumental Allman tunes of all time. Though Duane is not on it the spirit is there. Classic LP.
  19. I was at the DiMeola Tour de Force show where this album was recorded; Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA just west of Philadelphia. I think the date was Feb. 4, 1982. Jan Hammer trio opened the show, t...
  20. 1973. Here's a boot of the show:
  21. Note Jimi Hendrix in the front row at far right. That's actually him, not a cut out! Zappa's wife Gail is to JH's left.
  22. The drawing at right is a less than accurate rendering of the WWII German fighter aircraft the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9. The Ace of Spades was the unit insignia of the German WWII fighter unit "Jagdgeschw...
  23. The Yardbirds LP is also knows as "Roger the Engineer." A true classic, and the beginning of Jeff Beck's huge influence on guitarists.
  24. Thanks Brunswick!
  25. Great album from a great era! Quite a few big prog groups played their complete new albums from beginning to end in concert during this time: Yes, Tull, Pink Floyd, Genesis. True classics!
  26. The 1972 Ft. Worth shows ended up in their concert film "Ladies & Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones."
  27. Skull and Crossbones is the insignia of the Imperial German Brunswick 17th Hussars.
  28. Duesenberg museum in Auburn, IN is also worth a visit. The original '30s deco-era showroom for Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg!
  29. A7V top right? Great work on these!
  30. RFC = Royal Flying Corps - predecessor to the RAF.
  31. 10" shellac! Love it. I've been buying a few of these RCA and Columbia jazz sets off ebay recently. Swing, bebop, solo piano - great stuff!
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 Four Album covers. Miller High Life Mirror with girl on the moon WWII Army Style Bicycle