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I love the small old wood tube radios from the early to mid 1930's - four tubes, two knobs and a speaker!


  1. I've got one of these that works! It is a beautiful prize!
  2. I know you went with the Peter Pan model 34 but it looks to me that the Packard-Bell would be closest to the original. It's the only one with the dial light circuit that would have gone with the spea...
  3. I love all the bullets! Excellent job, Classicoldradios!
  4. If you list the tubes in the set online you can sometimes find out a similar model if not that one.
  5. I can't quite read the tag. Where was this set made?
  6. I would guess the "A" is a designation for a set made of export. Other companies used similar marking to tell which set went where. Just a guess.
  7. The other two wood sets don't look too bad, either! Even without the chassis in the Cathedral.
  8. Cool! I knew about the microphone set but not about the refrigerator.
  9. Please don't plug it in anymore. It could burn up some of the tubes. The capacitors on sets this old, and original, are made of paper and wax. As they heat up, the wax melts and changes the capacit...
  10. Wow! Just, Wow!
  11. The second set is a Continental but I don't know the year or manufacturer. I've looked everywhere. The third is made by DeWald which was once Pierce Aero. It is a Cub set. The forth is a nice litt...
  12. Great little set! This is nearly the type I collect. Mine only have the speaker and the two knobs. This one probably from around 1936 when they started putting dials on them. How many tubes does i...
  13. This style was usually called a Troubadour. Yours looks very much like the 1942 Warwick model 2-533 at this website:
  14. Thank you, Phil! Arisellon, I don't know about professionally but this set had been redone. It's hard to tell in this picture because of the poor lighting. It looks much better in person.
  15. Radio-Tony, I have one, too. Excellent shape but mine has a little different view in the back but basically the same. Mine also had a back with the schematic on the bottom. It says it is a model 4...
  16. You have a Silvertone 6494 made in 1941. The label on the inside says Silvertone which is by Sears Roebuck & Company.
  17. It is a Silvertone IV (4).
  18. Is this the set from the earlier post or is it another one? What do you use on the cabinet to clean them if you don't think they need redone?
  19. I believe it was 1939...
  20. 1948
  21. Your Grandmother's set was probably made in 1933 or 1934. I love this style of radio and have collected them for years but the only reference to Silver Bell I've ever found is a label on a set from a...
  22. The radio is made by Grigsby Grunow and is called the Sherwood. The chassis is a model 15 from 1931. As for the value, that depends on who you ...
  23. So Cool! My dad had one of these in the mid to late 1960s!
  24. 1962 - 1963 This link shows where you can get a schematic if you try to get it fixed.
  25. Have you taken it apart to see if there are any other labels inside?
  26. You have an extremely beautiful piece of history! Thank you for sharing!
  27. There should be a label in the back that shows what the model number is. It will say something light Zenith 9-S-244. This model is similar but not exact as yours. You can see more about it at this ...
  28. I don't know about its value but here is a link to tell you a little more about it:
  29. Very nice little set! Have you tried to power it up?
  30. There should be a number on the metal chassis in the back that could give a clue. I think the angle of the dial rules out this being a television. You'd have to watch it standing up. I've never see...
  31. I'd put my money on them being Irish Setters. They were one of the top hunting breeds of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Plus I'm partial to the big red dogs!
  32. Excellent work! The beer is excellent, too!
  33. I think it's closer to the late 1920s but it's a great piece! I've never seen a serial number on an escutcheon before!
  34. A real class act!
  35. This is probably one of those sets that was made for a number of other companies who simply put their label on them and sold them as theirs. Here's an example
  36. Excellent set! I wish I knew just ONE old school radio pro!
  37. Here's a site that sells tubes at a reasonable price: You may have a 9-S-367 made in 1939 ( If this is it then the t...
  38. It has been some time since I went to his site and missed that fact entirely. He will be missed by many.
  39. Now you just need the Frankart statue to go with it!
  40. Almost forgot...
  41. Some of Sears Roebuck & Company's best work!
  42. I've always loved their octagon dials!
  43. It looks like Philco 65 Lowboy. ( To me, these are always worth restoring - especially if it works already!
  44. I like the "Mercedes Benz" front! Try contacting Mr. James U. Steele from the website He has a VERY extensive collection. Good Luck!
  45. I believe you have a beautiful mantle set from 1933. It is worth whatever you can get someone to pay you for it. I've seen this model go on eBay for anywhere from $40.00 to $140.00. Timing is every...
  46. Beautiful! I thought this was the 1937 version? I've got the 1938 Emerald with the square dial.
  47. I had one of these but it was longer ago than 1968! As it played, a scene would move past a little window above the knob. Thanks for the memories!
  48. You have an Emerson 350AW from 1933. Do the doors still work?
  49. Any idea of the model number?
  50. I guess I forgot to add the site!
  51. See more


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