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Houston, Texas

I am a collector of bottles primarily, but I enjoy pretty much anything of historical interest.


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Clarke and Son  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Russell’s Arrow  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
G. Schrade’s  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Coffee Cannister  - Bottlesin Bottles
Galveston soda  - Bottlesin Bottles
Galveston Hutch  - Bottlesin Bottles
 Vapo Cresolene  - Bottlesin Bottles
Unmarked reject medicine  - Bottlesin Bottles
Mount Vernon Pure Rye Whiskey  - Bottlesin Bottles
Geo E. Likerinfurth Dispensing Chemist  6th Ave 49th St N.Y.  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Thank you. Sounds like it’s nothing too special then. I picked it up an an estate sale for about $20. Probably overpaid, but I liked the handle. You are right. In terms of quality, I have many that ar...
  2. Thank you! I wil say that it’s one of the heaviest duty folding knives I’ve ever had. Super tough construction.
  3. SpiritBear, I’ve uploaded some new pictures trying to show the measuring lines. There is a seam running dead center and evenly spaced horizontal lines that intersect it. I’ve also included a picture ...
  4. Very unusual indeed. I have added a photo of a “normal” colored one.
  5. Yes, that is likely a more accurate description. It’s always fun ( and frustrating) when I look at bottles on eBay and the seller’s description is often far from what I’d call it. I’m guessing that a...
  6. SpiritBear.... This bottle is as it was dug. Based on another comment you posted, perhaps this batch of glass had a lot of manganese in it. However, as they are almost always found in amber, it seem...
  7. SpiritBear..... Thank you for that information. I honestly didn’t know it was possible to happen while the bottle was still underground. This bottle is almost always found in amber, so even a clear...
  8. Keramikos, I admire and appreciate the encyclopedic research you are so generous to provide.
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