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  1. TY upstatenycollector and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris!!!
  2. Thanks for the loves........ Elisabethan, fortapache and aghcollect Appreciated!
  3. I have been told that sometimes the date this was made can be found under the paper inside the trunk. Is this true trunkman? Nice trunk hickadilly1. I agree it will look nice when restored.
  4. Beautiful!! But I'd hate to dust it...LOL
  5. That is a beautiful trunk! So much character.........The dog is sweet, just adds beauty to the first pic.
  6. I have a friend that restores old trunks. The paper inside is usually in bad shape and smelly so she does replace it. She has told me that 9 times out of 10 the date that this was made is usually stam...
  7. I have 3 of these. 2 still in the original boxes and they are in great condition and still works perfect. One probably just for parts. Got them from my fathers estate. He used to get them out when we...
  8. JayHow I'm going to check out you stuff. Excited about heading there to look especially to see the Fenton spooner. The more I collect the more excited I become. I always keep you in mind for questions...
  9. Thanks JayHow! Nice to know a little more about the value. Then you can feel you got a bit of a bargin.
  10. Thanks for the love guys have some good ideas going on. Would be nice if it did indeed come from a medicine show. We'll see if anyone else comes up with some info. Thanks again
  11. Thanks Paul that is some good information. Your very knowledgeable. So that would make them "fairly" old. I like them and intend to keep them and pass them on to my children. I'll have to look for a b...
  12. Thanks for the love mocean and trgrubaugh!!! Mocean....thanks....they are wonderful!
  13. I am thinking they may be part of a set of contemporary carnival glass miniature fluted water tumblers. Found this set on E-Bay. They are all red with many colors of iridescence. Does that also qualif...
  14. Beautiful!! Wouldn't mind having a set like those myself!!
  15. I'm not familar with any of them being made with any type of precious metal. They were more of a pewter, brass and steel. I still have some from my childhood from over 50 years ago. Here is an excerpt...
  16. These look like the church medals I used to get as a child from going to Sunday school classes. I was raised Catholic and when ever we would finish a topic we would get a card and it had a prayer and ...
  17. TY very much guy!
  18. Thanks again Paul! That's also a new word for me. I'll have to do more research on that name too.
  19. Outstanding piece!!!!!
  20. No I don't but plan on getting one in the near future! I knew I had some but have not seen them with the light yet.
  21. TY also Hedgewalker!
  22. I just posted a pic of a few of my pieces.
  23. TY Bellin!
  24. I am drooling........LOL Awesome collection. Hope mine looks just as nice someday.
  25. Sweet Ride!
  26. Thanks: Bellin, AmberRose & Hedgewalker. {:-)
  27. Thanks for the love Packrat!
  28. Wow that looks to be perfect. Nice restoration!!!
  29. Oh my!!! Lovely piece!!!!!!!
  30. Thanks Paul! I would not have known that. First time I have seen depression in that color. Learning more about glass all the time. Much appreciated!
  31. Awesome!! Been searching David Doty but have not hit on it yet. Thanks so very much for the info!!!
  32. BTW price I paid was $12
  33. Thanks so much Glen for letting me know what I have. That one I would have never guessed. Do you have any idea if it was early 1900's or later? Ballpark value? I have quite a few Carnival Glass p...
  34. I have a set of these as well. Candlestick holders. Fairly common but nice to own.
  35. At first I thought it was a tree trunk but I'm leaning more toward Rustic Fenton maybe....any ideas?
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