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Salem, OR

Love and collect the 50's, Mid centurty modern, & art deco. But I'll pick up anything that catches my eye and reminds me of the past. Also collect classic cars, petLove and collect the 50's, Mid centurty modern, & art deco. But I'll pick up anything that catches my eye and reminds me of the past. Also collect classic cars, petroliana, & juke boxes w/ the records to fill them! (Read more)


  1. LazyBoy, Hey Thanks! And it does sound like a dream job, I grew up in a "Buick family", everybody drove Buicks from the 40's to the 80's so it was only natural for me to fond a classic Buick, customiz...
  2. Roycroftbooksfromme1, sorry I didn't see you earlier (8 years ago) comment, Love the story of your 68....sounds like a blast o drive...if you're man enough...LOL! Thanks again for the comment
  3. I believe mine is all complete too, it has what looks like all the internal parts and in quite nice condition. I really don't know current value, but my guess would be somewhere between $400-$700...ma...
  4. mcheconi; I too saw these when I was a kid and always wanted one. I've passed up two of them over the years because they seemed too expensive at the time, this one was very inexpensive ($50) and the c...
  5. Thanks for the interesting comments!
  6. Thanks for all the input on this cool little Cadillac. I think I will restore, maybe even embellish to make it a cooler custom than it already is. Not too gaudy but just take it to the next level. If ...
  7. Great find! And yes it is a 50's Kidillac made by Gorton. I have one very similar to yours in fair restored condition.
  8. Ford5window, I would recommend trying Weber's Pump www.weberspump.com They have just about everything you will need.
  9. @ coke.trevor.cola, Thanks so much for the info! At this sale there was one more just like this one, but had the "Grilled Cheese and Coke" channel card in an identical frame. I think I really missed...
  10. Thanks dirtydavve! Any info is very much appreciated
  11. ...by the way, mine is a 1953 model
  12. Love to see these Black Phantoms. I have one too that has also been restored and is mostly original (few replaced parts) Thanks for doing such a great job on your restoration and for sharing it with...
  13. Thanks, thnman, for the info on this set. I didn't know much about it other than it is one of the best REAL Deco sets I've ever seen. I fell in love with it and just had to buy it, even though it wasn...
  14. ....also, I know that my dad paid a lot more than 2.5k for his in fully restored condition
  15. @jimmythekid55 I'm no expert, and of course the condition has everything to do with the price,..but I would say that price sounds good. They are a real classic and an icon when it comes to the use of...
  16. WOW! You just don't find these in this condition often....LOVE IT!
  17. What a great piece! Absolutely love it!
  18. No, I was thinking probably more the hand held coping type saw. I had an uncle who did some of this kind of work with the small coping saw, but not to this scale or size. The size is a little deceivi...
  19. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there was, and that is what I should do with it again. We had a antique photo in it for awhile, which worked OK, but probably not what it was originally designed to have.
  20. Thanks MysticIndian! I really had no idea what I had. All I knew is that it came from my grandmother, who grew up in SD, handed down from my dad. And the story that went with it that she bought it at...
  21. Thanks, Bellin68, for the link....very interesting. I knew nothing of this maker when I found this set, but it was obvious to us that this was quality made and had wonderful design elements. It was ju...
  22. Oh yeah....sorry about that. It's made by Manning Bowman & Co USA "M Means B Best" TM
  23. Wonderful mid-century table! You should be applauded for bringing this jewel back to life.
  24. Love the colors with the turquoise boarder! Wonderful sign in fabulous condition!
  25. Love your Stoner! I've got one that I need to get working. I'm not sure of the model no. but I believe it has pulls for 9 different candy selections, but not the 'mint wheel'. That is so cool! Makes m...
  26. cricketoo78, I might consider it, can't do it here I guess, but I can give you a way to contact me if you'ld like
  27. Thanks Mike, Actually it's not porcelian, but the lettering is raised or embossed. Gives it a more 3D look
  28. Thanks for all the nice comments....just wish I could play you a tune on it
  29. Thanks to both jameyrd & mikielikesigns2 for your comments. And thank you for the history lesson about this neat little flange sign. I've had it for probably close to thirty years, and really like bu...
  30. At the bottom it reads "3-48-10-G So I would guess the "3-48" is the date
  31. Thanks for sharing! Love it!!!
  32. Ray, I'll keep that in mind! You wouldn't believe what renters will leave behind sometimes, but this is one of the best finds. @ coke.trevor.cola, I believe this one is complete, or at least as far ...
  33. Found the serial no. It's J98313o,which according the link you sent me dates it to 05/05/1953 Thanks so much for the help, toolate2..... I only hoped it would be from the early 50's and now I know ...
  34. Wondefful find!
  35. Thanks, toolate2! I'm anxious to check it out now. I'll post what I find
  36. Really nice soda fountian stools....great find! My wife feels the same way about me.....I bought 12 similar stools from a diner that closed in our area. Not sure what I'll do with them, but heck they...
  37. Great stove! I just picked one up today....almost idential in really nice condition. I usually don't get this lucky, but it was free! @gkite, As far as the value, in great condition like this one, ...
  38. Thanks officialfuel....how stupid is that? I was in too big of a hurry Correction made!
  39. What a beautiful guitar! And the story that goes with it is where the REAL value is. Thanks for sharing the photos and story.
  40. What a wonderful find! Some guys have all the luck.... Congrats chevy59
  41. Really love these flange signs! Nice condition too!
  42. What a great find! Hard to find these cut outs in good shape....they wern't ment to last for more than a season, let alone decades...
  43. Great box! One of my favorite designs. That ladies house is what all antique collectors and pickers dream of
  44. Really nice....hard to find in that condition!
  45. Thanks for the info coke.trevor.cola! I guess I did pretty good, I paid about half that. It was just one of those things that I knew I had to pick up because I might not see another one.
  46. Thanks officialfuel....WOW $8,000! That's crazy, I didn't pay even 10% of that, and I thought it was alot.
  47. Love that design! My uncle had a '59 El Camino in red & white. My dad's cousin was on the Chevrolet design team in those days and he supposedly had a lot to do with the design of this car. Very COOL!
  48. Like I died and went to heaven!....very cool!
  49. Who could NOT love it!?
  50. actually I want hang on to it...it's in pretty good shape and we just enjoy having it hang in the kitchen....and when will I find another one at a garage sale?...lol
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