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Origional 1819 York Minster Engraved Print hand Colored by Edward Blake  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Japanese Meiji Vase in very nice condition. - Asianin Asian
RARE cup. `Stamped-in` `Johnson Bros England B`. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Looking?at the detail on the vase, if it is a recreated/deceptive version as you appear to indicate by the fact that there is no noticable makers mark, means either that;- (a) the maker did not need t...
  2. Did she use to hold a parasol?
  3. In 1975, My mums dog (Alsatian) jumped over that wall to try and catch a pigeon sat on it, but somersaulted into the river. It got a real fright. It was funny after it hobbled out near the fall. We us...
  4. My gran and grandad used to take us to all these old places in the sixties. Then my parents did occasionally when they eventually could afford a car. We swam in the freezing river by there, age 10.
  5. I`ve been on the Micklegate run a few times. Straight through the bar, you can see the first pub on the right. Only drink half a pint in each pub en route to town 1/2 mile away, or you will not make i...
  6. My favorite motorcycling territory as a younger man. Took the wife there on occasion, sometimes en-route to the Lake District (by car with the missus). The place does not look much on a card, but the ...
  7. That is probably the most famous view of York of any image ever drawn or photographed. Its very close to the train station, and I (at one point) had an apartment a couple of hundred meters behind the...
  8. I checked again, and the York Minster print I have is dated 1819 (almost 200 years). I put it here;- http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/118263-origional-1819-york-minster-engraved-pri?in=1081
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