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Belchertown, MA


  1. Thanks for sharing! Love local history.
  2. Sorry I never posted back but thank you for the help in identifying this maker.
  3. Looks to be someones home-made creation. Could be made by anyone. But certainly by the looks of it made from various parts of cans and such and the person was crafty.
  4. Most certainly looks like it was a piece of something to me. The opening in the picture marked "2" is a slot where a clasp of some sort would be inserted is my best guess.
  5. Thanks so much Bellin68!
  6. One other thing I can say is that there are a ton of fakes/replicas made of these types of coins which are struck so well they are hard to spot. Not saying yours is a fake but beware.
  7. Coin is most certainly Roman. All I know for now.
  8. Hello, Very nice pin. May I ask what your grandmother's initials are? Thanks, Jason
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