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My grandmother's sterling flatware - Silverin Silver
Card or cigarette case from my grandfather - Silverin Silver
Tiffany serving plate from my grandmother - Silverin Silver
My grandmother's sterling spoons from her 6th birthday - Silverin Silver
grandmother's china - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
More pictures of grandmother's bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Stick pins from my grandmother or grandfather - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Mother's or grandmother's bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Grandmother's bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Grandmother's covered jar - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. Thank you. If it was made before 1840, it would have been from her mother or even her grandmother. It may have been brought from England when they immigrated. Now I am eager to learn even more.
  2. They are hallmarked with 4 small ovals on the back of the handle. One appears to be a horse, the other three are too small to tell. Sorry, my camera is not good enough to get closer. It is possible ...
  3. It is marked sterling. My grandfather was quite a wealthy man.
  4. Thank you. That makes sense. I forgot that hats were so important back then and she is wearing hats in almost all of the pictures I have of her.
  5. Thank you. I just saw some examples of vintage silver filigree jewelry that looks very similar to another piece I have.
  6. There are no markings which is why I believe it is costume jewelry. It has 9 lacey clover like "charms" with little links between. I have just taken more photos and will see if they give more detail.
  7. Thank you! You are all very helpful as I begin to learn more about all of these antiques.
  8. Thank you. Replacements has just let me know that they can not identify the pattern. I think my plate has a deeper blue and the edge of the dish is different. I will just call it Grandmother's Myst...
  9. Thank you. The lid does have sterling on the outside in the rim. There is a very small hallmark, a line with a circle on the top but it is very small. Later I will try to magnify it and see if I ca...
  10. Thank you all for your comments and help identifying the piece. I know my grandmother went on the Grand Tour of Europe around 1905 so she may have purchased the piece then. Or perhaps it was a wedd...
  11. It almost seems like an ashtray (makes me feel sick to think of that), could it have been used for that? Hopefully it was a candy dish!
  12. I have been researching these items for many reasons but one is to find out the value for insurance. I have just seen this item being sold for $12 on a website. I thought since it was so old it woul...
  13. I have not been able to find any words or markings but will keep looking.
  14. This piece is from my grandmother who would have bought it before 1914. She comes from a very wealthy family so it was probably purchased for her around 1905 when she was setting up her wedding chest...
  15. Can anyone tell me how to read the entire comment. I can only read up to the part that is posted but I believe there is more to read!
  16. Thank you for your comments and ideas. I will be posting these items on the Facebook Page for American Cut Glass Assn. I can not find any words on the bottom but will try to learn more from the we...
  17. Thank you for your help. I have the dimensions: 9 inches high, 8 in. diameter at the top and the base is 6 inches. Now, I am thinking that my grandmother may have received this from her mother sin...
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Great Grandmother's pearls