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Hobby is a part of human life, all began with collecting different colorful stones for my fish aquarium tank when i was 10 years old, Thanks.


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Vintage Very Old India Tribal Women Handmade Rare Locket Pendant Necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Original 100 % Natural Islamic Crescent Moon and Star on Rare Agate Chalcedony Stone in a Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Ancient Mysterious Termite or Ant Hole Fossils Rock Stone - Animalsin Animals
Vintage Ancient Hand Carved Hindu Temple Art Type Two Head in Single Wood Slab Pole Sculpture Figure - Asianin Asian
Vintage Antique Tibetan Sacred Amulet Brass and Coral Locket Pendant Necklace - Asianin Asian
Vintage Ancient Mughal Broken Silver Relic Taweez Locket Pendant - Asianin Asian
Vintage Antique Deer Face Wood Carved Walking Cane Stick - Accessoriesin Accessories
Vintage Old Ancient Indian Tying Thread Scriptures Type Blank Book with Dried Leaf - Booksin Books
Vintage Antique Ancient lost - wax technique Rare Dhokra Dokra Jewelry Relic Locket Pendant - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. I saw a Personal Collection of Some of Rare Watches Posted in a forum. So, here they are, even in Alphabetical Order, there is no way I can put them in Chronological Order...: A Accutron 100t...
  2. Cheese Cube Shape Rock :-) Thank you for your Comments and Love.
  3. flashlarue, I cheked with Stone Structures and i got some information regardin Stone Structures of Northeastern United States Native American Symbolism Shapes, Colors, Number, & Quartz, is it helpful ...
  4. Thank you flashlarue for your information
  5. It must be 2645 BC.
  6. Thank you Gun .... Happy New Year
  7. Thank you Gillian, Yes, it is in my Possession but unfortunately i don't know how it works ? I also want know how it works.
  8. Thanks SpiritBear, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information, Best Regards.
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walking stick sword carved wood walking stick?