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Hobby is a part of human life, all began with collecting different colorful stones for my fish aquarium tank when i was 10 years old, Thanks.


  1. Thank you jinlimmy for sharing information
  2. I saw a Personal Collection of Some of Rare Watches Posted in a forum. So, here they are, even in Alphabetical Order, there is no way I can put them in Chronological Order...: A Accutron 100t...
  3. Cheese Cube Shape Rock :-) Thank you for your Comments and Love.
  4. flashlarue, I cheked with Stone Structures and i got some information regardin Stone Structures of Northeastern United States Native American Symbolism Shapes, Colors, Number, & Quartz, is it helpful ...
  5. Thank you flashlarue for your information
  6. It must be 2645 BC.
  7. Thank you Gun .... Happy New Year
  8. Thank you Gillian, Yes, it is in my Possession but unfortunately i don't know how it works ? I also want know how it works.
  9. Thanks SpiritBear, Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information, Best Regards.
  10. Thanks Again SpiritBear, Can i consult to Archaeology ?
  11. You mean it may be from dinosaur or any other long ancient time, i will surely find out what type of rock it is or may be some other person like you will help me further. Thanks SpiritBear.
  12. Thank you SpiritBear, good information, can you please help in identifying age.
  13. Thank you Pasha, I checked the details about DZI beads, it's very rare and hard to find ancient one but still you can try your luck in Dharamsala. Wish you all the best. With Best Regards.
  14. I got this Pendant in Dharamsala from a local himachali village person as i liked the Tibetan Design on this brass pendant and now it is difficult to find that person again. With Best Regards.
  15. You can find out on internet about Tibetan Brass Amulet Pendant and as i can see in your first comment you asked me " Where did you get this necklace? ".
  16. Yes, it's a Pendant and may be a tourist piece because i got this from Dharamsala, State : Himachal Pradesh, District : Kangra ( INDIA ) in 5 Days Package Tour to Himachal Pradesh but i want know more...
  17. Thank you Efesgirl, Yes, i got some information from internet and your information is also excellent but i want to know how old are these 2 pieces ? Thanks, Regards.
  18. Thanks Collectomaniac, i checked with show on the " El Dorado " Eldorado gold of the Mayans. Thank you for Providing This Information. Best Regards.
  19. Thanks Collectomaniac for your kind assumption.
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walking stick sword carved wood walking stick?