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Lexington, Ky

I'm a collector/picker who's had an obsession--some call it a passion--for anything ancient, antique or whatever looks cool. I love a good garage sale or just rummagI'm a collector/picker who's had an obsession--some call it a passion--for anything ancient, antique or whatever looks cool. I love a good garage sale or just rummaging through some old barn. I love the fever of the hunt. (Read more)


  1. Hi Bruce--I've got 1 bottle left of my real clock oil. It's used when I'm sure things are going to run right. The grand father clock will get another "CHECK-UP" in about another month and the correct...
  2. I just bought a version of this unit at an estate sale recently but it's not as clean as yours. I'm about to post a pic of it in the general item section.
  3. When I started working on the clock the first thing I noticed was that one of the chains was somehow run through 2 on the winding wheels at the same time which lock the entire movement up. the other ...
  4. Sessions clocks are a breeze to work on and they like to let you know when they're running. "TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK" They run loud but are still loved.
  5. What you have is truly an amazing piece of clock history. You're a very lucky collector.
  6. It must of not been an interesting day in class. Looks like the student "DOODLED" a little bit.
  7. Just saw it's clone yesterday while out pick'n. I didn't get the model number but I did see the Westinghouse tag riveted on the back lower panel of it.
  8. When you have a place that you want to pick you find that sometimes that the owner of that pick works during the day. The only time that you're ever going to see them and or the pick is during the ni...
  9. Mine is just painted gold. There's no black on it anywhere.
  10. Thank you Mr Tucker.
  11. Thank you for viewing my pic Pickingadam.
  12. Hardcore biker dude. Rock The Rust man.
  13. Neat-o!
  14. Ask Frank from American Pickers.
  15. An awesome piece of history. Congrats!
  16. Soo sad to see it like this. I love the old Carryalls and Suburbans. I saw a '58 Model for sale just west of Centreville, Al. sitting on a hill. It was still sitt'n there a few weeks ago.
  17. I saw one of these games for sale at a roadside antique/rummage shop in Round Lake, Fl. on Hwy 231 just about 5 miles south of I-10. I don't know if the board inside worked or not but it looked like ...
  18. I know you're very proud of your grandfather. Tell him Thank You for serving and protecting our country. The M1 Carbine is a great shooter when serviced properly. Now you need to find a bayonet for...
  19. A great look'n Mauser you've got. Rare to find in 6.35 and not be beat to heck.
  20. That's what makes hunting the history fun.
  21. Looks like an old Victory Model. See if it still has "UNITED STATES PROPERTY" on the top strap above the cylinder. They were made in both .38 S&W and .38 Special. It's still a classic. The holster is...
  22. This is outstanding. It goes to show that Sam Colt wasn't the only game in town. This specimen sorta reminds me of an old Colt Root. It sorta has that stance to it. Diamonddave got it right. I've to...
  23. Don't knock an Arisaka. They shoot very well.
  24. Very nice find. It's also good to have a "LETTER" with it.
  25. I've got one of these T-Bird models buried somewhere in one of my closets. I clean forgot about it until I saw the picture of your box.
  26. I've got the twin to this bell but it's on a custom made stand. Outstanding! Thanks to all of you folks that helped TTOMTUCKER and me figure out exactly what we had. This is the only time that I'v...
  27. Super Winchester you got there. If you want a factory letter on this rifle you should get with the Cody Firearms Museum. I believe that they retain most of the old factory shipping and order spec mate...
  28. Super awesome Arisaka. These are soo hard to find with the "MUM" still intact. It looks as if it also still has the dust cover with it. Very nice.
  29. When you move it up to the living room you can throw the tv out and put it in its place. I would watch it for hours. LOL!
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.38 Smith & Wesson