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Vintage 50s/60s Playboy Doorman/Conductor Hat - Hatsin Hats
Antique Framed Photograph of Apple Orchard Workers - Photographsin Photographs
Original Charlie Chaplin Lobby Card for "Shoulder Arms" - 1918/1922 - Moviesin Movies
Vintage 1950's Professional Wrestling Poster - Feat. Gorgeous George  - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Lot of 11 Original Warner Brothers Publicity Photographs - Photographsin Photographs
Robert Taylor Signed Photograph w/ Small Personalized Signed Typed Note - Moviesin Movies
Michael Jordan President '84 - Bumper Sticker - NC Tar Heels Colors  - Basketballin Basketball
F.B. Radom 1933 Kbk.S.wz.31 Rifle - My Grandfather Brought Home From WWII - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
The Fox and the Hound - 1980 Sculpture - Made For Disneyland & Walt Disney World - Moviesin Movies
My Grandfather On Wagon Train Ride With Huge Walker's Deluxe Bourbon Bottle - Photographsin Photographs


  1. See if these links help any...
  2. Ok, I just added a closeup of the information we found. I know it says Lakeland, Fla on the bottom, but the top part I can't make up. Anyone care to give it a shot?
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Oh, and scottvez, good lord, I have no clue how I completely missed the photographer information. I won this item, took a picture focusing mainly on the image itself and ...
  4. PDAM, thanks!
  5. Thanks for the love guys!
  6. Thanks for the love so far everyone, and thanks for the comment PDAM. Check out my other items, I have posted various other photographs and the such I've found along the way, including one with studio...
  7. Thanks for the love!
  8. Thanks for the "like"!
  9. Thanks for the love!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the love!
  12. Thanks for the love and comments. You guys are really right on holding off on not restoring it. I still wouldn't mind find it just to "have" it though!
  13. Thanks for the love!
  14. Thanks for the love and comments guys. Thanks also to the admins here for moving it to another proper category as well!
  15. Thanks for the love!
  16. Anyone else out there got any ideas on this one?
  17. Thanks for the love and comments guys!
  18. Thanks for the love!
  19. I'm pretty sure that is a man made Langolier...
  20. Unless I'm a time traveler!!!
  21. You guys are something else, lol. Even if we can't nail what it is exactly, how old does it look to you?
  22. Yeah really, lol. It's about two and a half feet long.
  23. I thought it was Bob, not Rob. Also, any thoughts on the other one with writing on it? I can make out very little of it.
  24. Ha, that's the truth!
  25. Thanks for the love guys!
  26. Thanks for the love guys!
  27. Thanks for the love and comments guys!
  28. Thanks for the love guys!
  29. Thanks for the love guys!
  30. Thanks a lot for that TubAmp! I don't suppose you know of any online links that fully connects them or lists the other members of the band or any further information do you? Is it him in the image wit...
  31. Thank you very much!
  32. Thanks for the love guys!
  33. Thanks for the love mustangtony! I added a few more pictures as well.
  34. It is hard to really tell the dimensions of the one you have posted, but I am going to assume that it is a full sized one sheet which should be around 27 x 41. It is a really nice poster from 1941. Ha...
  35. Hey there, I am posting this only because I recently discovered this same sort of thing, I know you didn't request any information on it. It is by the artist Paul Gassenheimer out of Vienna and is one...
  36. I am sorry, I meant to link the eBay auction I mentioned...
  37. I just noticed this same book, or one very much like it, recently sold on eBay for just $1.26. I am thinking this is more of a case of the seller making an incredible boo boo by listing it in auction ...
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1981 Midway Bally Co. Ms. Pac-Man Advertising Front Video Game Display Hasbro Gremlins Gizmo Furby Ah-ha Take on Me pencil rotoscope drawing Bing Crosby Ice Cream Container The Ten Commandments Movie Book


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