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What MODEL vintage RCA is this? - Radiosin Radios
Seeking more info on discovered Vintage Courtroom Dictacord - Electronicsin Electronics
What type of Motorola Headset??? - Electronicsin Electronics
Vintage Singer Speakers?? - Electronicsin Electronics
Help finding more info on this item - Electronicsin Electronics
Unknown Action Figures - Toysin Toys
Who, When made this Bayonet?? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Cast Iron Ford Tractor Toy - Tractorsin Tractors
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Vintage Milk Dairy Cans with American Eagle - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Thank you all for the great feedback & comments.
  2. Thank you for the comments but this would be a headset since it is headphones & a flexible microphone. Trying to determine the model for this SET.
  3. Thank you! Those are exactly them. Wish I had found the suitcase turntable as well.
  4. 1st and 2nd action figures had no markings. At first I thought they might be a character from He-Man or She-Ra because the lot I came across is filled with action figures from the MOTU series. the ...
  5. Chrisnp. That would simply add more awesomeness for me. Again I am of Portuguese decent and proud of my heritage. So finding a 1937 Portuguese bayonet made by Germany is awesome, especially since I ha...
  6. So the appraisal guy felt that the bayonet was an Ersatz bayonet that was probably made towards the end of WWII. He did feel it was probably German made as well. However, this bayonet still seems to f...
  7. Chrisnp Thank you for your comment. That was one of the other models I came across as well. If it is Portuguese I'd be excited too since that is where my parents came from! I am at Ken Farmer A...
  8. Looks like the K98 on that same page is another possiblity.
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posted 4 years ago