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  1. Yeah I was wondering if 77 was really for the year - my first thought because it said Have A Happy New Year I assumed it was a year but the Have A Happy New Year is hand written and the 77 is part of ...
  2. Yeah I figure knowing what SJC standards for would help figuring this out but I haven’t found anything on Google for SJC that seems to make sense - but not joking the timeframe of this piece hurts try...
  3. Hi thanks interesting ideas - I looked at it a lot but the idea of a mermaid didn’t come to mind but looking at it now that kind of makes sense. Yeah I have no idea what ahe is holding. Yeah i hope so...
  4. Yeah definitely looks like the same kind of buckle wish it had more info in the listing as to exactly what this is
  5. Thank you for the name
  6. Thanks for the info
  7. Wow Tallcakes nice find - how did you find that lol - thanks
  8. Thanks Watchsearcher - never thought of that - definitely a possibility- don’t quite understand the stone at the top but who knows maybe it was a tourist item or something
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