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Bunnykins Collection  - Figurinesin Figurines
In Old Barnhurst - Gamesin Games
An Old-World Homestead (Cottage & Garden) - Gamesin Games
The Inn by Kingsbridge Puzzles - Gamesin Games
The Way Westward - Gamesin Games
Bigwigs? - Gamesin Games
On the Plains  - Gamesin Games
Mouse door jam - Animalsin Animals
Sleepy Cat from the 30's - Animalsin Animals
Dutch Interior Pastime Antique Puzzle - Gamesin Games


  1. Thank you kermikos!
  2. Thanks for your well wishes, keramikos. Things have not been well, nor do they continue to be well, thus my abesence. Also, I discovered that some of these messages are discoverable via internet sear...
  3. Hi kerimikos, I'm driving down on Friday, and I will check the advertizing sign with the Jester to see what's going on (and check the bottom as well).
  4. I'm on it!
  5. Thanks for your consideration keramikos. Indeed, I’ll handle milkman carefully! I’ll make time for the proper photos this week. Thank you for the new link.
  6. Hi keramikos, unfortunately my visit to my mothers last week was all consuming with pressing issues, which distract led me from the collection. However, I’m returning this weekend to hopefully better...
  7. Thanks PhilDMorris, for the guidance. Keramikos, I will be visiting my mom tonight and tomorrow, so I will have an opportunity to answer your questions and take clearer pictures. Thanks again. Frank
  8. Thanks again, keramikos, for consolidating all into a single post. I'll go delete the previous ones to clean up. I appreciate your help.
  9. By the way, just read your comment about the numbering and photo editing...I think someone close to you is going to be mad at me for posting so many figurines, resulting in monopolizing of your time! ...
  10. To confirm, I’ll take a close-up picture when I visit her next week.
  11. I think that figurine behind the clarinet player if a bunny playing a standing bass.
  12. You’re a tireless collector investigator, keramikos!
  13. Thanks so much! How do you find them so easily on that replacements site?
  14. Wow, keramikos, some of those pieces are being offered for quite a price...I never knew.
  15. Thank you KinkiPlz. I can't take any credit for it, as it was my mom's efforts and love of these figurines that created the collection. But I'll pass on your comment to her!
  16. Hi Kerimikos, I wrote a reply to your first response, but somehow it didn't record, but I was thanking you for your insights, guidance and efforts to enlighten me regarding the pieces, including the w...
  17. Thanks for the feedback, Newfld. Glad you like them.
  18. Thanks for the reply, Watchsearcher. I was fortunate that the missing piece was in an inconspicuous location, hidden amongst the flowers. I see you have a good border of flowers on your
  19. Thanks Keramikos! And you are totally right...nothing worse than spending time searching pile of loose pieces for ones which are not there at all. :oD
  20. Hey Brunswick, that's what my sister says every time she sees the completed puzzle, that she wants to frame it. I didn't think it was feasible, but now I know I was wrong. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Thanks for the kind words, Mrstyndall.
  22. Twixt was one of my favorite games...for some reason, I nearly always won...just came naturally to see multiple plays ahead and was always able to block my opponent while skirting around their 'wall'....
  23. Thanks jscotto! Did exactly what you suggested and indeed, the images are now correctly aligned. Many thanks.
  24. Sorry again..uploaded the images from my computer, in which they all had the correct profile. Took the pictures in 'photo' setting on my iphone. Not sure why my last three postings are all going lan...
  25. Can never have too much peace and love.
  26. Watchsearcher, fhrjr2 and Newfld, thanks for your kind comments. Regarding orientation, I took picture with iphone, but had setting to 'square' rather than 'photo'. I uploaded from my computer, but i...
  27. Sorry, regardless how I rotate these pictures, they always end up in this profile.
  28. Sorry, regardless how I rotate these pictures, they always end up in this profile.
  29. Sounds good (my wife tells me I have too many hot sauces in the fridge, and she's correct, so I know how that goes). Love your other stuff as gives me some ideas of items I'm going to post/...
  30. Hi JScott, My mom is considering liquidating her huge bunnykin's collection. Do you have any interest? I could take a picture of them (they are all on display shelves) for you to see. Not trying to...
  31. Thank you keramikos for the kind feedback, and especially for the links to the Bedford Hours. I enjoyed reviewing that information. Best, Frank
  32. Thanks for the correction, junkbuddy, and I realize Royalcroftbooksfromme1 never said Rockwell....It was my mistake and incorrect identification. Thanks for the insights.
  33. MsCrystalShip, I'll post a picture of a size view of the wooden pieces next puzzle I do, so you can see how thick these are. They feel like you are actually building/assembling something. Tons of fun...
  34. Ms.ChrystalShip, As Roycroftbooksfromme1 noted, indeed a Rockwell which was also featured on cover of Saturday Evening Post (see his link in comments above). Thanks for commenting.
  35. Ms.ChrystalShip, yes, they are all very old, most are wooden and thick. This one wasn't wooden, but very thick cardboard. Putting one together is a totally different feeling that a modern puzzle. Hard...
  36. Thanks Ms.CrystalShip...One of the prettiest for sure.
  37. Thanks Billretirecoll and Ms.CrytalShip for your kind feedback. Glad you like it!
  38. MsCrystalShip (from the Doors?), thanks for the kind comments. I'd estimate there were about 400 pieces. And you're right...very challenging w/no picture and crazy shapes, but that keeps me sharp! ...
  39. Thanks Roy for the reference to Saturday Evening Post. Thanks for your feedback jscotto and inky!
  40. So many cool things to see in the store pictures. Thanks for sharing (from another (2nd gen immigrant). Mom’s side also came to Minnesota - they were strong and tough individuals.
  41. Hi Toyrebel, unfortunately it was in an unmarked box, so no date to be found. However, I see from the picture I took of the completed put that there is something underneath the NRA on the puzzle itsel...
  42. Thanks for the comment and the chuckle from your story, Roycroftbooksfromme1. Yeah, those old wooden ones are very cool. I’ve obtained a dozen more...just awaiting the time to assemble. Cheers!
  43. I think you are correct Watchsearcher. When I googled under images, I find one that is that exact picture. Thank you for helping out.
  44. Sorry, my mistake: said 550 but it was 500 pieces instead.
  45. I found your ship puzzle posting! Very cool indeed. Same squiggly edges, although yours has much larger pieces. Thanks for sharing.
  46. Forgot to mention this was a wooden puzzle.
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