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Very early Steiff Pull Bear - Dollsin Dolls
Early Steiff Standing Bear  - Dollsin Dolls
Native American Indian Basket Help - Native Americanin Native American
Vintage European Etching/Engraving - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Father Buckley 23rd Fighter Group Letter - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Odyssey of the Fighting Two book signed by Mom Chung - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Today's Bear Rescue Steiff? - Animalsin Animals
1952 Francorchamps SPA-BEVERCE-MALMEDY-STAVELOT Race Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1952 European METTETMOTOS Motorcycle Race Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
1952 Belgian Grand Prix Race Poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Your quite welcome, glad I could help Fritz
  2. Nice bayonet, yes it is a ww2 Japanese Type 30 Arisaka bayonet, the Arsenal is Tokyo or Kokura. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks efsgirl! Any. Thoughts on era? Pre 21? With the very pronounced hump, could this be a very early Steiff?
  4. Thanks all for the help!!!
  5. Nice silver star, unfortunately without a name these are not traceable by the number.
  6. Fantastic decal, don't come any nicer. Congrats
  7. Thanks Vintagefran! Could be a tough one though. Fritz
  8. Thanks all! No thoughts on who may have drawn this? I tried to get a close up in the third picture of the signature.
  9. Scott, he talks alitte about being visited by the japanese during a service and bout being away and is asking his friend about being in the corp. they were pretty good friends from what it sounds like...
  10. Looks like a 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger grip, could be navy but looks more luft to me.
  11. Thanks Manikin!! I wish I could post a few more pics of him but unfortunately only limited to four. I look forward to hear if you find any info on him and if others might have any thoughts.
  12. Been doing a lot of reading, could this be a BING made bear?
  13. Now that's neat!!
  14. Any thoughts on who might have made this bear? Being as big as he is, could this have been a showroom window bear? Just a thought.
  15. Was just asking for info on the poster, no real mystery except I have not located another one for this race and these types of posters aren't my main collecting realm, bought them because they are nic...
  16. I added a couple more pictures
  17. It measures approx 24" X 16".
  18. Thanks guys! Anyone know where I could locate another example? I'll post threads on the other two later today. I suspect this one is a rather rare one. Thoughts? Fritz
  19. I looked pretty close with a loop and couldn't see a hole ore maybe where one might have been, but, and this may be stretching it, if he was an early 1946-47 bear when they restarted production, maybe...
  20. Looking at the name on the tag a bit closer, could it be "Boyle" ? Thought? I've done a lot of looking at pictures and references and I'm pretty sure he is a Stieff and comparing his construction to...
  21. Thanks for the info Manikin! He's a nice one, the tag is in the arm seam, hmmm. I look forward to hearing if there is any mention of the name "Doyle" in your book.
  22. That is one fantastic bullion patch!!! Great 1950s uniform!
  23. Thanks Gents!! Fritz
  24. Thanks Old Toy Collector! Fritz
  25. Thanks Old Toy Collector! Fritz
  26. Thanks again Old Toy Colector! Fritz
  27. Thanks Old Toy Collector! Fritz
  28. Thanks Manikin!! Rgds Fritz
  29. Genuineredd, thank you very much for the information!!! Fritz
  30. Thanks Vetraio50. Fritz
  31. SD is for "single decal". Sorry about the confusion with the abbreviation. Fritz
  32. No thoughts? I'm pretty sure he's a steiff but hard to say. Fritz
  33. Very nice SD Luft helmet, the decal is in really nice shape as well. Congrats on a great lid. Fritziii
  34. Thanks Vetraio50. Fritziii
  35. I do have his medals, less the silver star but I do have a reissue certificate for it detailing what he did to earn it, really amazing what he did to turn the tide on the engagement around the regimen...
  36. Thanks Scott, I acquired it indirectly from the vets family thru a friend who purchased it from them here locally, The Lt was born and raised in my area and lived here most of his life so it makes it ...
  37. Fantastic prototype!!
  38. This is a "War Merit Medal" and is the lowest grade of the War Merit Cross series of medals, these were given to civilians in Germany who assisted with the war effort, nice medal just missing the ribb...
  39. What a fantastic bear!! Thanks for posting him, outstanding!
  40. Thanks Moonstonelover21. Fritziii
  41. Bearchamp, his hair feels like silk, so I would go with an artificial silk. Fritz
  42. Thanks Scott!! I'll have to do some more research on the individuals and artist,!thanks for the help and pointing me in the right direction. Fritziii
  43. Very nice infantry officers visor!!
  44. Bearchamp, thank you, he is a wonderful little bear and one of my wife's favorites. He does have shoe button eyes on him. When ever I find a bear with a nice look I usually bring him home, we really...
  45. Come to think of it , his feet and paws look like worn felt, ya know how it looks when it's worn down, if ya know what I mean.
  46. Thanks Manikin! He is a neat little guy. His feet and paws are more of a cloth like cotton material, he does feel like straw filled.
  47. Thanks Manikin, she's a cute little cat with nice charecter. I'm thinking 1920s, what do you think?
  48. Thanks Manikin :). He's one of my wife's favorites.
  49. Thanks Manikin, yes if he could only talk. He has so much charecter , he's a very charming little fellow. My wife loves him. Steiff sure knows how to create these bears and give them a personality.
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