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Mysterious Ivory Utensil - Victorian Erain Victorian Era


  1. Dear Shakemeredith, Wow, that makes sense, and especially with your having seen these before. In all these years I have not, so they must be rare. They are a pair with one broken with all pieces pr...
  2. Zowie, You've been a big help. I think we're getting close. Mt. Vernon was at a loss. GPJ
  3. PastrimePro, No, it's a stand alone piece with its own handle and no means of attachment to a fan. I still like the hair slick. GPJ
  4. Zowie, Roger that. I'm not giving up on the ribbon. GPJ
  5. Pastime Pro, That is a new one! Will try to follow it up. Best, GPJ
  6. ATTWOOD, That seems feasible and might explain why there are two that are identical. There are also three pieces of a "wand" with the same carving and initials (one or more pieces missing), which is...
  7. ATTWOOD, That makes sense. Well worth following up here in Mennonite country! GPJ
  8. blunderbiss2. Another good clue. GPJ
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