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Fort Worth, Tx.

Blues and rock musician for 40 years.


My 1954 Fender Bassman next to my 1968 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty - Guitarsin Guitars
My 1937 Gibson EH-150 Guitar Amp - Guitarsin Guitars


  1. Hey guys, I just noticed that this sight still has my old email address from 6 years ago. My email now is --- Gator
  2. Hey guys, since I last commented on this amp, Johnny Winter signed it. He and I were both at the SRV Commerative Concert in Fort Worth (along with Anson Funderburg and some other great guitarists). I...
  3. But you are right about the using the mic input. When I plug in my 335, it just has the nastiest and strongest natural distortion I've ever heard. There is a guy on youtube who demonstrates his and us...
  4. I'm not aware of a serial number on these amps. There is a metal tag attached to the amp console and the paper tag on the back amp cover. Both just say Gibson Kalamazoo but no model or serial number ...
  5. Do NOT do anyting yet, like try to restore the varnish. The more original it is, the more valuable. If you really want to eventually sell it, contact a good, knowledgeable guitar tech (like bill@studi...
  6. I saw one of these in a little boutique guitar shop in Albuquerque, NM last year. Very cool amp---great sound.
  7. Thanks, musikchoo. Yeah, Jimmie is really sounding great with his current set-up. He's a really nice guy and great (and often under-appreciated ) guitarist by people not into the blues.
  8. Robert, I don't have any plans to sell it right now. I love the amp and actually use it when I fly to Memphis and do a blues trip down Hwy 61 through Mississippi. It's the only really quality tube amp...
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Martin D-18 (148406), found