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Besides collecting these tins, I work as a Telecom Tech, I am an avid WW2 Re-enactor and a collector of WW2 Militaria, and a model railroader ("N" scale, the best)Besides collecting these tins, I work as a Telecom Tech, I am an avid WW2 Re-enactor and a collector of WW2 Militaria, and a model railroader ("N" scale, the best) (Read more)


  1. Forgot the year, the original LS brand was owned by The Patterson Tobacco Co. All the tins I listed here are from the American Tobacco Co, which purchased the brand early 1900's. I think they intro...
  2. dd, the information is where the factory where the tobacco was processed into cigarettes and packaged or just packaged. The 50, probably stands for the ammout of cigarettes it contains, hence, flat 5...
  3. If you are referring to this one here at this link: I paid $45 for it a few years back. To me I would consider this as a White version of thei...
  4. I do have lots of knowledge on the Prince Albert Tobacco Pocket Tins but I do not claim to be an expert. The 1&5/8oz I was comparing to were the earlier Prince Albert such as the ones with the Series...
  5. the 3rd design should have been linked to this:
  6. Velvet is probably the 2nd most common brand of tobacco second only to Prince Albert. There were a few types of designs used over the years and your can AKA "Knob Top" due to the lid design. 1st d...
  7. The 1 & 5/8 were the latter ones. Old manufacturing ploy. You keep the price the same but you cut down on the quantity. The result is that you raise the price of a product without raising the price...
  8. The early Half & Half were a blend of Lucky Strikes and Buckingham brands. See Below:
  9. that's a nice collection. Here is an obsession:
  10. The green Lucky's are all pre-WWII. During WWII they went white also to support the war effort due to, I think, the need of copper to make green dye. Not sure.
  11. check out:
  12. this one is in my collection: and:
  13. Actually there is a 4th, a shorter sample. See here: the 3 variations are labeled in small print across the front as "ESTABLISHED _~- OVER 8...
  14. the green Lucky's are all pre-WWII. During WWII they went white. If you can find out when The American Tobacco Co." bought the brand from "The Patterson Tobacco Co." you can get an idea. See thes...
  15. in that condition? maybe $10. This is what it looks like:
  16. see mine's at: and check out:
  17. Actually this brand came in with and without the coupon but also with variations of the big English clock. check these links:
  18. if you want to see more check out my site at: or more of these at:
  19. he sure is, this is in my colection
  20. check these in my collection
  21. If no tax stamp is on the tin it’s not easy. Prior to 1930 there would be an actual ink stamped date on the tax stamp. In 1930 the tax stamps started with a “Series 100” Tax Stamp. 1931 would have ...
  22. It's a flat pocket tobacco tin. Mail Pouch is the tobacco brand name. All the lithograph is gone so probably not worth much..
  23. Too bad the tax stamp is incomplete. If you had more of the tax stamp and could see what series it was it would help. A Series 100 would be year 1930, 101 would be 1931 and so on till Series 125 wou...
  24. Reproducing these would be like counterfeiting one dollar bills. The cost to reproduce them would cost more that its value. I still see these sold for under $5 in flea markets and antique shops.
  25. OK the Union Leader pocke tin page is up on my website at: more tins at:
  26. David; This sonds like it is a mistake tin. Made by mistake and you probably should have taken the $20. It's all I would have offered.
  27. Ok Union Leader pages are up go to: or:
  28. wanna trade it?? LOL..
  29. The earlier “Union Leader” have “Uncle Sam” before the “Eagle” type. The Uncle Sam variation should not to be confused with the actual “Uncle Sam Brand” see link:
  30. This is the last version of the Union Leader. The earlier ones have an “Uncle Sam” variation not to be confused with the actual “Uncle Sam Brand” see link:
  31. This Target tin was part of a kit of “Roll your Own” cigarettes and after you made a bunch it would hold 20 of them. Other brands were Bugler, Ripple, Bounty, Buckhorn and many more. If you wish to ...
  32. What I meant by “Some of tins that are paper label might even have a different brand of the same manufacture that was packaged at the same factory”; was that they would place a different brand over on...
  33. I do have one of the same sizes as the one you posted. The metal is color beige but the label on it is also red but it’s torn and I have misplaced the label. The reason for paper labels was due to f...
  34. Ok i posted it at this link too bad i can't post the photo here
  35. BTW I also have that same reproduction. When I get a chance I'll take photos of both and post them.
  36. If you want to see the actual curved pocket tin thats featured on your tns check out
  37. Just to add, the brand of the tin is not an uncommon one. It is not as common ad your Prince Alberts, Half & Half or Velvets you see at flea markets and antique shops but it is also not a rare brand.
  38. well here is a pocket tin verision in my collection and I also have a paper lable and a small version of your tin in red. I will take some p...
  39. I have a very similar one and mine works. I tryed to add a photo. I was told this type of liter were used during the time of World war One and known as Trench Lighters but don't quote me.
  40. See more


"Velvet" Tobacco Can half and half cigar   tin Prince Albert Tobacco Tins  Cigarette Tins Tobacco tin with John Q. Adams strap and 2 stamps on the bottom Finally found one!!! Vintage Target Cigarette Case Antique Lighter


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