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i buy clocks that arent running and rebuild them and if the case needs to be restored i do that,was going to sell what i fix,but i cant give any of them up


  1. thank you so much for the information.
  2. thank you for the information, it helps a lot.
  3. took the movement out and checked it real close for a stamp mark but didn't find one any where.
  4. thank you for the information, i bought this through craigslist about 4 years ago for $25.00. i will look on the inside plates and see if i can find a stamp. the movement fits very well into the dial.
  5. that would be great, it is zayus1@cascadeaccess.com
  6. i dont know the name, haven't looked for it yet.
  7. yes, the french ones are hard to trace , i have around 5 that i can't find out the dates on, but i keep trying, never know when one shows up and its the same as i have.
  8. it is a waterbury.
  9. the 3rd picture is seth thomas , that's the only one that i know what it is, i will have to look at the movements on the other ones. thanks for the information.
  10. It is a paper dial glued on, thanks for the information appreciate it.
  11. yes, i have a lot of the free swinging german clocks, on the back of the clock it says carl miller uhren-gold-und siberwaren- geschaft schwandorf. i am trying to find out what year it is or any o...
  12. thank you for the information, the clock i have has a metal dial, so someone must of replaced it.
  13. i think that the FBS stands for Ferdinand bing & company, might be a place to check.
  14. it is going to be gorgeous when you get it restored, i love it when someone gets something old and brings it back to life.
  15. beautiful,i have about 6 pieces of murano glass,they do make beautiful pieces.i have never seen such a nice piece.
  16. well i received the clock,the box had no damage but the dial on the clock broke and is in pieces, just the numbers are left, one side with the ram head broke off of the clock, weird that the glass in ...
  17. thanks, hope to get more, they do take up a lot of room, had to get rid of misc. nicknacks to make room.
  18. it does look like a cartel, just looked at some on line from sweden and the french ones, thanks for the info.
  19. the clock is a 1882 ansonia Rosalind it is missing the side ornaments. i have one that is complete that i bought last year.
  20. i should get the clock by the end of the week, i will look for for marks ,if i don't see any on the outside i will take the movement out, hopefully the movement will be stamped.
  21. it looks exactly like the ansonia boston extra made in 1904.
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