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Selection of round ball-shaped hatpins - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Sterling overlay and sterling deposit hatpins  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Hatpins!   - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
More of my favorites... - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Silver deposit hatpins - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Sterling overlay hatpin holders and sterling overlay hatpins. - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. "Blued metal pinstems" are pinstems that have been "japanned". These are pinstems that have been dipped in a by-product of coal tmines darken the steel. Usually the japanned pinstems are found on bl...
  2. The coral beaded crown may have been originally a Chinese hat button. These were commonly fashioned into other items for western export; bells made from these (the more ornate glass or gem balls with...
  3. Anyone every see these sterling overlay hatpin holders in the maroon, orange or Royal blue! I'm hoping to find them one day!
  4. Pretty escutcheon hatpin, most likely brass with a rolled told escutcheon plate. These are one of the more common hatpins found. Most sell on eBay now for around $20-$25. Prices have really dropped o...
  5. I have to disagree with Enzee on one point...prices have really gone down except for the more rare and desirable hatpins and holders. Great time to collect if you can afford to, not a good time to sel...
  6. Just an example of how prices have gone down, a hatpin with large colored stones accented with clear or colored rhinestones would have sold for $275. to $375. a few years ago and now can be easily had...
  7. I'm a long time collector and the prices of most hatpins have really dropped over the last three years. The exception are the more hard-to-find hatpins as the vanity hatpins, enameled, hookers, and th...
  8. Pretty, but they are modern rather than vintage hatpins. The hatpin holder is also a reproduction. Still pretty!
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Hat pins, a whole bunch display. My hat pin collection (partial) my pride and joy


Wizard of Oz bookends from 1970s