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Richmond, Virginia - USA

Eclectic collector who is currently amassing a personal collection of brooches. Love Art Deco and Mid Century styles, and high end glitz on a budget. Spent many yeaEclectic collector who is currently amassing a personal collection of brooches. Love Art Deco and Mid Century styles, and high end glitz on a budget. Spent many years working at a law firm (now looking for a job), and have been writing historical articles as well as building structure histories the past 4 years. Love doing research. (Read more)


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  1. "EGYPT" was released in 1973
  2. I own and run the largest Facebook groups for Sarah Coventry jewelry history and identification as well as buy and sell. Yes, this is an authentic piece from the last years the original company exis...
  3. Sorry that a month has passed and you may already know the name by now? This was a men's jewelry offering by Sarah Coventry called "PHOENIX" and released in 1978.
  4. Still have not received a reply to this mystery Givenchy piece?
  5. I am sure this is 1959 or before since it lacks the copyright symbol.
  6. When you do post, please also include close-ups as you id above of the logo. Thanks!
  7. Rose, Sarah Coventry in their last years, went through several ownership and reinvention changes. This particular logo with the stylized butterfly was not used until after 2002. Please post more b...
  8. I have the pin in hand and there are no marks on it. But the soldering of the pieces is micro. Looks like they only touch but there is a microscopic weld, even of the pin attachment on the back - we...
  9. This was identified through Emmons books... unimaginatively called "Twin Pins", it came as a set of two and is from 1965.
  10. A couple of people on another board looked it up for me in the books that I mentioned. "White Olive" from 1964 by Emmons (model pin 1512 / earrings 2512). The catalog listing mentioned wearing it...
  11. Dang, thanks nutsabotas6 (Ken). Maybe Deborah Robinson or Kay Oshel will see this? :-)
  12. Calling Ken... whoever that is? Can you please help :-) Thank You!!!
  13. rhwill10, I wonder if D&E would have used the non 2-piece hinge and hook versus the bar pin back on pieces they made for others? This is still unidentified. I did run across a company selling jewe...
  14. Since, I have edited the description because it has been verified as "not" being Juliana. Now, what is it? It is a high end set. Any ideas?
  15. Ms.CrystalShip, I know it would be much more simpler if it has a lot of small chaton cups which shows a clear 8 but, this set uses so few except for the earrings. The brooch has those large stones an...
  16. Kiwitaia, I wondered if it may be a Czech piece but do you think the pin is 1910 or more 1930s due to the hinge type? I have heard varying information. Thanks! :-)
  17. Hoping again someone may be able to tell me the name and year for this Trifari brooch? Thanks.
  18. Ms.CrystalShip, I just realized you said that you saw this same exact brooch made in fruit salad colors? Do you still have that link for me to see? D&E did make some other jewelry for Sarah Coventry...
  19. Can post backs of earrings if it helps?
  20. I can't afford a nice real piece of Juliana but, if someone would like to donate a piece to me for my personal collection, please PM me for my address :-) i will be glad to accept it.
  21. Gillian... I did not call it Julian but Juliana-style which a lot of people name fancy design high end rhinestone jewelry. :-) But thanks for the link.
  22. Mystery Solved... I have been duped! This is not Victorian. It is not even Edwardian. It is a post 1930s brooch which is most likely mid-century per the size of the "fake" stone. The pin hinge was...
  23. Bumping this up in hopes to stir up more interest in helping identify this piece? Thanks!
  24. Just bumping this up to see if anyone has anything new to add to help identify this brooch? Thanks!
  25. Efesgirl, that is good to know. I could have sworn that I had purchased items years ago that had lobster hooks back in the 1980s? Guess not and must have been closer to 1990.
  26. Efesgirl, true... even companies like Srah Coventry or Monet made some great sets that held up well over the years. There is a lot of mass produced, cheaply made, pot metal and glued in Chinese cryst...
  27. nutsabotas6, to me it adds both validity and character to know the name of a piece and year made. There are so many guesstimates, many way off and so priced wrong as well.
  28. I find the unusual aspect is that the stone mountings in the center are tilted up to a point in the middle where they all meet, and the petals are also curl upward a bit on the outer ends so the piece...
  29. I like open back pieces but it is a moot point when they use foiled back stones with open back mountings. :-)
  30. I see many listed as a boomerang shape.
  31. Possibly a chevron shape?
  32. I own the pin but the photos are not mine. Here though is the back photo from one online (added above). This person listed theirs as a "comet shape".
  33. Bringing this back up hoping someone can help identify this? Thanks.
  34. Ran across where this is an unsigned piece made by ORA (Ralph Singer) and also done at least for the Shriners. There was also a non fraternal version using blue stones. Now, to try and date the pie...
  35. Gillian, I believe most signed pieces have a designated catalog name for their designs and the year made. That is what I am seeking for this piece and know there are books on Trifari pieces. I purch...
  36. Added another photo of a brooch that looks like it may had been an early production and the reason for the "bluish" color marquise stones seen in ads. Look like they were AB but possibly changed beca...
  37. Any ideas of who the maker is of this brooch? Thanks.
  38. antiquerose, do you also like Emmons? I am seeking an elusive piece by them.
  39. Gillian, t is definately a SC piece and all are made just like mine with the purple stones, not bluish as in the printed materials.
  40. Bumping this back up to see if anyone recognizes it? Thanks.
  41. katherinescollections, I would have thought this would be the place to ask. Any idea where the costume jewelry aficionados who are hard core collectors that may have collected brand and general books...
  42. Efesgirl, I know who made it (Regency). My request was hoping people with jewelry book libraries or vintage catalogs, may be able to tell me the style model name for this brooch and when made? But I...
  43. Any background on this one?
  44. Bumping back up again in hopes someone will recognize the piece, maker, or the frosted stones. Thanks.
  45. The base is a bright silver and the stones lighter than what is seen here, taken in bright light. In room light the stones look almost clear white. It is 1-7/8 inches long.
  46. Suggestion? I see many sites saying to store them in bags. Some say in mylar plastic bags. Many say storing them in cardboard or wood is a no-no because of the moisture and fumes issues with them. ...
  47. Just bringing this back up to see if anything new has surfaced?
  48. "The Diamond Look" by Kramer, I may even have some of these in a bag of clear rhinestone necklaces and earrings - need to find it and take a look.
  49. Sorry about all of that "looking" in my last post. I just got up and I am not "looking" that great right now :-)
  50. Ms.CrystalShip, Thanks for the research and looking forward to your pieces. Looking around, I ran across another piece that screamed that it was made by the same company which also had cabochon stone...
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