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Hand Carved wooden bench. - Furniturein Furniture
Navajo Blanket? - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Some kind of farm tool? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
South American clay pots - Potteryin Pottery
Grandma Olives occasional ? table. - Furniturein Furniture
Grandma Olives chair - Furniturein Furniture
Identity of artist Grandmas Gravure orig print. 
Vintage Oil Lamp with a Red Glass lamp shade - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Now you have my curiosity up.
  2. Found it. This guy answered my email / years ago / don't know if his ucsb.edu is current , the Asian coin links work. You should be able to figger it out from here / good luck. http://www.history.u...
  3. I have a few I found in my garden / Did some research + found the name of a guy who has knowledge in Asian coins. I will dig that info up /stored somewhere on my puter. Will check back on this post...
  4. Thanks for your knowledge Canyonroad , is there any way to date the mini blanket I have? I was gonna guess if not Navajo maybe Mexican + I had my smartass answer all ready. "Well I like Mexico that...
  5. Any clue on ORIGIN?
  6. Still looking any help appreciated.
  7. fhrjr2 , Pictures posted not familiar with dovetail key way , I would call this dowel + nail. picture from inside shows the dowel glued into the bottom of the drawer housing . picture from bot...
  8. How about fresh eyes on how it's spelled? JiuroSott Jiuro Sotp Jiuio Sott Jiuio Sotp LiuroSott Liuro Sotp Liuio Sott Liuio Sotp Livio ? Appears as a name on google. Any idea what the s...
  9. Anybody aware of a website that identifies artists by region and name?
  10. I think Flints Fine Furniture was the retailer .
  11. So no one has an idea of where these pots with the donuts on the handles came from?
  12. Are you sure that's not Taylor Swifts mother ?? HA !
  13. Still attempting to find out name of artist. Search by title has not brought results. Thanks for any help
  14. fhrjr2, Will take some better pictures + get back to you. Thanks for the info.
  15. An old mosque in Varna (Bulgaria) French trnslation " Une vieille mosquee à Varna (Bulgarie)"
  16. PatSea Thanks for that The title may help in uncovering the mystery.
  17. rocker-sd You are absolutely right , my misinterpretation as I didn't know what the gravure process was -- do now. What is meant by Gravure orig as shown in bottom right corner of the picture? D...
  18. Hi , Still trying to identify artist , name of watercolor. Thanks, Jim
  19. The round device ,depending on diameter looks like a pineapple corer.
  20. I have a vague memory of someone using a tool like this for Tooling leather crafts.
  21. It say's ozonater - a form of which is in common use today in industry + Swimming pools. It creates an ozone gas by way of the bulb + kills bacteria. Common use is to remove tobacco or fire smoke ...
  22. That clock is a kick in the behind! Very cool.
  23. Thanks icollectglass through your link to Susan's page, with a little detective work I found she has the same piece + a link to Hoffmanns catalog. I have been looking for the answer for some time ,I ...
  24. Mystery solved: This website is great Thanks all. I will edit my post . Named - HEINRICH HOFFMANN SMALL MEDITATION Mine is # 456 Original Catalog page http://www.glas-musterbuch.de/Hoffmann-19...
  25. Susan, I got it, mine is either 456 or 244. You can see my size description on my post. Did you determine which yours is? Just curious. Is there a page in the Hoffmann catalog that has descriptions ...
  26. Susan, I have a piece just like this but they say the mint mark ( Is that what it's called re/art glass?) is a butterfly ,mine looks more like a crown. Can you tell me where this is listed in the ...
  27. Thanks icollectglass just noticed the reply. Very similar piece but my mint mark seems more like a Crown to me. I will have to figure a way to get a legible image of it.
  28. Oh and another question comes to mind. The mint mark in the last picture (if that's what it is I'm guessing) looks a though it was pressed in the bottom. Not being familiar , wouldn't work on molte...
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WOODEN STATUE Identity of artist Grandmas Gravure orig print. mystery tin 1934 Popeye Alarm Clock