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  1. It reminds me of some of the Dogon statues I’ve seen. They all look like this with slight differences.
  2. It’s made by Carl Harry Stålhane a Swedish artist. His more simple pieces are around $1000 to $1200. I would be curious myself to see a value on this piece. Hope that helps
  3. Republic Tackle Co. Demon vibrating minnow
  4. I believe the reason the sink was commissioned was because at the time you could have a small water closet with only a toilet and during either construction or just before a code was passed that there...
  5. Twyfords Barbican Basin, 1960’s designed for tight spaced water closets in England I believe.
  6. Thanks dav2no1 I bought a 1000lb Victor safe that has local history to the town I was born in for a little over $100 last year and it was open but no combo. I opened the lock and in about 5 minutes ha...
  7. I know this is an old thread but if anyone is still here and interested The Hall Safe company was handed to Joseph Hall’s son (Edward I believe) after his death and a few years later sold to a group o...
  8. Look up 1930’s Poole Pottery, they are in England I believe and the bird reminds of one of their pieces
  9. That piece is titled “A Woman’s Grace” by Wayan Rendah.
  10. It is West Point
  11. Try the British Coldstream Guards. They had CG stamped but I’m not sure if it was in a circle or not.
  12. Your knife is made by Armando Beltrane.
  13. And for that I thank you!!! I typed in Horace Waters reed organ and a video popped up of a guy playing that exact one. That’s not a sound I’m fond of. Thanks for the comment.
  14. It’s a naval optic. I’m not sure what it would have been mounted on but it was probably pretty tough. MEOB is Marine electronics and optics Bedrijf.
  15. Okay...... I believe I found them or at least some of them. There are some tokens from the 70’s with the exact same images. They were called sex tokens or erotic sex tokens. I assure you I will have m...
  16. I agree with zodiac theory, I’d bet the rest of them fall in with this. Curious to see the others
  17. It is Navy, if you search Raymold & Whitlock anchor and stars you should find a similar button. They are rare with the stars and could be civil war era
  18. The scissors are German and the twins design has been around since the 1700’s I believe but the design on those didn’t start until 1900.
  19. It’s an old loan bond or mortgage bond, the contract would be on the larger paper and the smaller ones would be like your payment book. Each would have a monthly payment on them.
  20. They are most likely brass, copper would be too soft to hold the form for that long. Brass is an alloy made from copper and zinc which is heavier more sturdy and being made of copper will get the same...
  21. I don’t know. I just enjoy the search. I can spend hours looking for one of these mysteries
  22. I found a drawing of a man standing in front of an enormous furnace with a long set of tongs and he had a chain hanging with the pivot of the tongs setting in the hook. Wish I knew what he was doing
  23. Quarters are 75% copper and 25% nickel.
  24. The one with the button is the puppy water play Barbie. She had a seahorse in her hand and would squirt water.
  25. It is and there was a lot more. I just posted what I thought were the best. I’m not really a collector of coke stuff but I inherited my father in law’s collection when he passed, and now with this kin...
  26. You are right, that is a Disston. I have a few like it but the handle on that one is really nice. Looks comfortable to hold for longer periods. Nice set
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