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I enjoy vintage watch collecting and repair.


  1. Note the 62 ink mark which indicates the case back dates to 1962. A common occurrence to see Timex cross over from one year to another. The very nature of the engineering was to keep retooling of the...
  2. The model name is "Sprite" featuring a #25 movement and was made in 1979.
  3. Ran a serach and found a genuine Cartier Jump Watch. One feature that is different is the crown on the genuine is hex shaped and does not have the jeweled cap. so I now lean more towards copy......b...
  4. Digital or Jump watches have been around since the 1950's. they became very popular in the early 1970's and could be found with many makers names. having an automatic movement plus the name Cartie...
  5. I also agree with all above as being spot on. That is a cool Mickey. I've worked on many of them and have kept one in the collection. Great that it runs because the main issue they have is a worn bal...
  6. Timex began using a 2 postion alphanumeric code stamped into the case back in 1985. This system is still in use. You will see the #39 on the one pictures. That dates your watch to March 1988.
  7. I have worked on a few of these recently. Those with US Time are mid 1950's and are powered by a #21 movement. Those with Timex were 1960's and are powered by #24 movement. The one shown has the or...
  8. Timex began using a dial code printed base or top of the dial in 1963. The code breaks down into model, features, movement year. Given this your watch is a 1978 "Sprite". It features a #25 movement.
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