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My names is James love looking for hidden treasure jtw13132@gmail.com


  1. If it were bone wouldn't it of smelled from the hot pin? It had no smell or mark
  2. Thanks for the help so what would the red stamp on the back be?
  3. Thank you zilla
  4. Seems like you know your stuff could you take a look at the mug I posted with the studio pottery mark
  5. Thank you canyonroad I appreciate it
  6. Thanks vertraio50 always helpful I appreciate it
  7. Thanks for the comment I thought it was cool
  8. Thanks for the comment Davy
  9. Thank you for the info mp kunst
  10. Not really sure what it is made of some sort of chalk/ceramic
  11. Thanks art pottery
  12. ..........Lol
  13. Oh so it's individual items
  14. I read the Whole thing translated it and it still makes know sense to me...... I get a city was evacuated because a man died and a spice pirate took over Parma
  15. Let me ask question differently what is this paper trying to say
  16. spice pirate triumphs in parma ( of folco MASSEGLIA service) sarzanese lead reached on orbetello
  17. What is a spice pirate lol
  18. If that makes sense to anyone please let me know
  19. Yeah I put it there but it makes no sense still
  20. Not sure where it was found but it was given to me in Cleveland Ohio
  21. Anyone else find these depressing
  22. Can I ask why is it the colors that you see
  23. Depressing?
  24. I don't think it is signed
  25. The boats are strange looking to
  26. Lol that is pretty close
  27. It's all bronze
  28. Thank you Katherine unbelievable!!
  29. Paul Mathias Padua (born 15 November 1903 Salzburg ; † August 22, 1981 in Rottach-Egern ) was a German painter . He felt the tradition of Adolf Hitler highly valued realist Wilhelm Leibl committed and...
  30. Paul Mathias Padua was born in Salzburg , but grew up in poverty with his grandparents in Lower Bavaria Geiselhöring Straubing and on . At the age of nine he lost his father . Later it moved to Padua ...
  31. Thank you mpkunst..........what would it mean by style like a print style?
  32. Anyone know what that is
  33. Yeah I figured to try translating it........ High school of the Rhine
  34. Thank you for the info, so is the name on the front the person that made it
  35. I thought the samething it's done really well...... Thanks for the comment
  36. That is a awesome piece of art
  37. See more


1 inch tall metal figurine. Vacation find #3-My favorite piece found in Vermont :)~~~ Part 1 of 2 The Lamplighter Talk about spit shinning....


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