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Indian Harbour Beach Florida

I’m an avid collector of antiques and collectibles.I enjoy going to all our local estate sales and flea markets looking for hidden treasures.Im the original Florida I’m an avid collector of antiques and collectibles.I enjoy going to all our local estate sales and flea markets looking for hidden treasures.Im the original Florida picker and have been collecting items for 50 years.I love it all including art, jewelry,silver,art glass and anything unique and unusual,I love talking about my finds mvlomneck@gmail.com (Read more)


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Hand made silver and copper pendant  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Ivory Icon 
Antique Silver Tazza - Silverin Silver
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  1. Thank you, I bundled the lot and was charged 25.00
  2. Thanks for the guess. Someone else said it was Olivia DeHavilland regardless she’s a beauty
  3. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. Down here Florida where I live we are required to wear masks when we go out.All of our estate sales and flea market require masks as well or you are not allowed in.
  4. Very beautiful thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Thanks I Have an update on one of the necklaces and will repost
  6. Thanks for the info and I did get a good deal 5.00 for the set
  7. Hi thank you for the great information on this item.I was able to find other examples of this on line and have been learning a lot on this screen thanks to you.
  8. I will post a picture of the bottom of the statue tomorrow.Regardless of the age I was thrilled to get her for 40.00
  9. Hey thanks. I was carrying it around the church run thrift shop and was getting all kinds of looks.The cashier wrapped the statue really quick for me so i took it to the car and resumed shopping
  10. That’s true!!!!
  11. Thank you!!! You have an amazing collection or Religious items as well
  12. Thank you. This is what happens when you are constantly out buying stuff.
  13. Thanks, I was thrilled.Besides the old Jewelry I ended up buying a lot of Boy Scout and College mugs a lot of old books some old mohair children’s toys and a Roseville pottery flower pot with underpla...
  14. Thanks I went to a high end gated beach community sale.They always have great items !!!
  15. Thanks to everybody for the loves I’m glad you like my rainy day finds
  16. Thanks for loves and comments.I found out from a dealer friend that bird pendant is actually an old Navajo pawn piece of a silver Thunderbird from the Fred Harvey era.They are said to bring good luck ...
  17. Hi Alan Thank you so much for the information. I saw this beautiful vase in the shop for 60.00 and just had to buy it.
  18. Hi thanks for the nice comment.They do diplay my art glass well.I was thrilled to find them.
  19. It looks to have a 4 or 5 letter name on an oval plaque but is very hard to decipher.Thank you for your information.
  20. Nice I think it’s great too . I’ve seen the bracelet listed as a sea serpent a fish and a koi fish I’m not sure which one it is
  21. Hey thanks for the nice comment.I thought it was a great find as well
  22. Hey thanks I was thrilled to find them as well
  23. It could be the box is stamped France in gold and the glassware is Baccarat.
  24. Thanks I appreciate the info
  25. Hey thanks that’s my favorite as well
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