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My Staff Home Economist's Culinary Arts Institute Cookbooks and a few others. - Booksin Books
Composition Doll? - Dollsin Dolls
dolls - Dollsin Dolls
OLD Camera late 1800's? - Camerasin Cameras
Bottle music box????  I have no clue! - Bottlesin Bottles
Philco Tube Tester Model 066? - Radiosin Radios


  1. I love diggin for them!
  2. Thanks. :)
  3. Thanks Vesta!!!
  4. Oh, i'm sorry. I was kind of waiting to see if anyone else commented on the thread, which no one has in awhile. Hey Vesta, how difficult/costly would it be to have her restored?
  5. Yes, I actually exchanged emails with Ron from the site. He couldn't provide me with anything. :(
  6. anytime.
  7. - this is for the amber bottle but it does not say what it was used for.
  8. Its sooooo cute!
  9. Or very similar
  10. its alittle hard to see but I think this person has the same one as you.
  11. The little flying saucer looking symbol I believe is the Duraglas trademark symbol. Someone on ebay has one up for 65.00 but they are saying it 14in.
  12. Is it Hira Walker or Hiram Walker?
  13. Below pertains to your items. "in 1880, a menstrual relief product, Dr. McELREE'S Wine of Cardui was introduced. It was said that Cardui was cr...
  14. xxmrtnzxx, This site may help you. BTW- I love it!
  15. Thanks Rrniederman! My Husband has opened it before it has a kodak lens inside. It does not appear to be original to the camera. The bellows are unfortunately ripped as well. The home this camera c...
  16. you should be able to select 'edit this page' and then add image.
  17. i've seen similar ones on ebay $5-$10.
  18. I found out it is a Eastman Clinical Camera, however I am still trying to find out the exact model and year it was made. Any help is always appreciated. Thanks, L
  19. Check out: I am new to insulators so I can't help out too much...I have 2 brookfield ones I am still trying to figure out the CD# on.
  20. Looks like an old hutchinson soda bottle....anything else embossed on it besides Louisiana?
  21. Awww...Thank you! I just posted it a few minutes ago. I will let you know what happens either way! :)
  22. Thank you so much! I love your enthusiasm!!! Is the back of the head the only place there would be a mark? Is this an item that I should have a professional appraisal done? This doll was in the sa...
  23. Thanks Vesta! :)
  24. Thanks Dave!! :)
  25. I am still really perplexed by this one.....anything, anyone could give me would be appreciated. Thanks, L
  26. Its beautiful, does it have any markings? engravings...etc?
  27. Carol, your pig marble is called a sulphide marble. I have seen some antique sulphide's sell for in the high hundreds range. It depends on age and grading.
  28. Sooooooo Pretty......... -=o)
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~~~Old Schnapps Bottle~~~ Table top desk secretary? Charlie Tuna Starkist Lamp Milky Aqua H.G.CO. * Standard * Antique "Moderne" Gas Range Kitchen Items In The Cupboard Antique padlock Dr.Craigs Cure Superior Confections CD168 Hemingray Orange Amber Lt. Iridescent  My Vaseline glass collection Color Sets... One of a kind Cash Register - Savings Bank Scotch Wiskey Man Dark Ride-Spook House-Fun House Prop


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