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St. Louis


  1. toothpick holder?
  2. Sorry. I am referring to K. A. Rasmussen. MA
  3. Hi Came across this. I hope helps. MA
  4. rumtopf? MA
  5. Hi I just tried the link to the silvercollection and it doesn't work. You can try cutting and pasting it to the address bar and see if that works. MA
  6. In the second picture, the picture of the back, is that some kind of mark or writing on the bottom, to the left of the clasp? Also, looking at the hallmark from a different angle, could it be a p...
  7. Try this. It explains it better. MA
  8. I believe your pin was made in Italy. The 585 means it is 58.5% gold which is approxitmately 14K. MA
  9. See more


posted 1 month ago