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  1. Thanks for the info. Unless I can find a decent low-slung credenza, they're staying on the floor.
  2. Thanks. It's good to be back. I've been attempting to get this clock working since June. I'm really glad it finally came together.
  3. I thinks these are actually Libbey. The backwards "L" mold mark is pretty damning.
  4. Budek's appears to be a proper Swedish art-glass vase. *Mine* however was misidentified, and was probably used for iced tea sixty years ago. The "L" mold impression gave it away. It's probably a knock...
  5. Well, a sad end to my story. I just discovered my piece is actually a tumbler made by Libbey. It is the "Ripple" pattern, which was made from 1950-1957. A pitcher was made in the same design. So, a be...
  6. Here's a better shot of mine.
  7. Addendum: the designer is Ellis BergH. Now that I look harder, our pieces seem to be slightly different. With mine, the base starts at dark amber, and graduates to a very light yellow at the top. Also...
  8. Thanks for the heads up. The proportions look skewed in the picture, as I didn't have a bulb in the lamp; I just put them together on the floor. Once a bulb was added, it raised the shade over the wo...
  9. I did some further research, and the name of 1930s designer Ellis Berg of Kosta appeared. I also found a mold impression on mine. Below are some images of my vase:
  10. Did you ever get an identification on this? On Wednesday, I found the twin to it mixed in with some Scandinavian glass. It was IDed as a "pilsner" glass, ha ha.
  11. It's ~5X17", plus the wiring. I found another one from googling "Mondrian Light": The shop claims it is 1960s Italy.
  12. Thanks. It looks as if it borrowed from multiple styles. I especially like the squared off knobs. The only image I found so far lists it as Mondrian Pendant.
  13. No, just an EB in cursive script.
  14. Many thanks for the feedback. I'm pretty much in love with these lamps myself. I'm lucky they didn't burn up at the store during testing, as the bulb sockets were both stuffed with ancient pine duff. ...
  15. Updated. The Steltons are all marked- there was some sticker goo on the fourth.
  16. I just checked the smaller box lid, and can see a stylized EB- Erik Bagger perhaps?
  17. Odd, one of each size has NO markings on the bottom, but are identical to their box mates.
  18. No, they do not. I'm basing the identification from other ones I've seen. the bottoms state: Denmark, 18/8, Stainless.
  19. Thanks. The bigger box originally contained candles as well.
  20. What I like best about it is that it has a dab of gloss paint on the bottom contact points, so it doesn't scratch when you set it down. Clever Danes. Nice gallery...looks like I'll be raiding more Lu...
  21. Scandinavian import stores have them. I'm in Minnesota, which makes finding them a bit easier.
  22. Thanks for the reply. It was really a good weekend for rummaging. I also found matched shades for the two DM lamps you commented on.
  23. Nice. Which LA venue hosted that Dead Kennedys show, The Palladium?
  24. Thanks. Now I need to find either shade's twin.
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Swedish Modern Optic Vase in Yellow~Age? or maker? Anarchy Tour poster 1976