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future project of building an old Ford Hotrod - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. You're welcome, I love the old Fords and have more than my share, '62 Galaxie 500 XL, '67 Galaxie 500 2 door hardtop, '64, '66, '74, '77, '90 ford trucks and collecting parts to build a '28/'29 Model ...
  2. Sweet, I'm ready to go for a ride in it (in the back ). Such a beauty.
  3. '28/'29 for sure. same thing I'm collecting parts to build
  4. Model T Ford Coil, the cool thing with these is , you can remove them from the car while it's running and the car will run on as few as two cylinders. I've seen this with my own eyes by a guy in Albio...
  5. Every M/C guy needs an old rod to cruise in , in the rain, I'm no expert on putting a value on cars, but I've seen sell for 800-2500 $$. I have a '62 Galaxie 500 XL that I paid 800 $ for in as good of...
  6. do a title search on it to look up previous owners. sure is a sweet looking ride, a friend of mine has a '64 4 door Lincoln ,it's like riding in a cloud floating down the road.
  7. this picture makes me want to paint my '62 Ford Galaxie 500 XL like this. I'm no expert on tin cars , but in this shape I would say 80 to 100 dollars to a collector.
  8. So awesome to see the deer strapped to the hood, true rednck style, when my 14 year old son got his first deer this year, we strapped it to the hood of our '96 Ford Explorer, surprising it didn't hurt...
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Cutie Ford Dump Truck! Speaking of old cars Black Velvet ... if you please... 61 FORD FRICTION TIN CAR Two deer and a tank 1957 Ford Thunderbird TRUE BARN FIND UNKNOWN LOCATION My next project(in my next life)


License Plate Collecting and the King of Plates! full size road billboard of a ford fairlane.... 67 i believe ford morse code machine Vintage Mustang Magazines and Literature 1962 Ford AC Fuel Pump All original Part Mint in original box